Venus in Pisces

Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, will orbit through the sign of Pisces from January 3 until February 1, 2009. During this time you may find yourself behaving in a fish-like manner. Meaning, you will be tuned in to the loving nature of what Pisces stands for. Therefore, you may feel enhanced sensitivity, more compassion for those in need, and a burgeoning appreciation for beauty and harmony.

Basically, you have the opportunity to be receptive to the spiritual love energy that flows through everything. “Venus in Pisces isn’t so much about dominating or fiery loving, but more about yielding, wooing, and sacrificing in order to create that magical, transcendent one-ness feeling in love,” explain Phyllis F. Mitz here, author of Astrology’s Secrets to Hot Romance. “As a matter of fact, Venus is considered exalted, or in it’s highest position because there she encourages us to choose being loving over all else.”

Venus also lends your personality allure and desirability, and reveals what kind of sex appeal you possess. By looking at the position of Venus in your birth chart, you can answer such questions as: what kind of lovers do you attract? Are you flirtatious? Do you find happiness in your love affairs, or are you often disappointed? Where do your creative talents lie? Incidentally, folks with Venus in Pisces natally are usually intuitive and compassionate.

With Pisces in Venus, there’s also a good chance you’ll feel the need to be with someone you love. If that person isn’t in your life just yet, don’t let it stop you. Show yourself some love and tenderness. Take yourself out for a massage or a facial. If you do have a lover, do something extravagant, go to the opera or bring a picnic to the beach at night.

On the flip side, things are not always as they seem when the veil of Pisces is near. So if you’re about to commit to a relationship, be careful, you may not be seeing that person for who they really are. Once Venus goes into Aries on February 2, 2009 things will slowly become clearer. Meanwhile, sudden upsets in relationships are also a possibility during this Venus in Pisces cycle.

On a global scale Venus in Pisces will also give everyone the power to send peace, compassion, love, and harmony to places on this earth that are in dire need of it. However, Venus in Pisces can make you feel too small to change anything at times, giving you a loss of your own personal power so don’t get caught up in this temporary vibration.

Instead, use this time and your natural gifts of love and compassion to overcome any fears you may have. During these four weeks, use everything positive about this aspect and know that we change the world one person at a time.

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