Venus Enters Aries

It’s going to be an interesting ride when Venus (the planet of love) enters impulsive and fiery Aries for an interrupted, but longer-than-usual stay from February 4 – April 11, 2009. Look for this to happen again from April 25 – June 7, 2009. This celestial activity is bound to bring us all one step closer to heaven, but when Venus goes retrograde, a little personal chaos may try to lead us astray.

The Venus path
Venus usually spends roughly three weeks at a time in each sign of the zodiac, softening the rough spots, and enhancing beauty as only Venus can do. However, in 2009, Venus will be in Aries from February 4 – April 11. Then it will pay Pisces a visit from April 12 – April 25, 2009, at which time Venus will come back to Aries and stay until June 7. On top of all this sign-changing energy, Venus is throwing us a bit of a curve-ball, because it will be in retrograde from March 6 – April 17.

Venus in Aries (February 4 – April 11)
Passion is the name of the game when the planet of love and beauty passes through the sign of the Ram, who is known to be stubborn and enthusiastic when it comes to life – and living it! The blending of these energies is bound to touch all of us, encouraging us to take risks or take charge of our lives in a manner that helps attract to us that which we seek. Venus has a way of drawing things near, creating openings or opportunities for us to receive what we seek, in a gentle and harmonious manner. Aries energy is known to leap before looking, and is no stranger to competition or aggression. With the blending of the two, if you strive to meet your goals, success is highly likely with Aries-tinged Venus on your side.

For those in love and looking to add some flames to the heat, this Valentine’s Day (February 14) may make your heart skip a beat. Venus showers her love like raindrops from the sky, and energetic Aries is itching for excitement. The combination of these two energies means things are bound to get downright steamy!

Venus in Retrograde (March 6 – April 17)
Venus will start its retrograde in Aries on March 6, then enter Pisces on April 12, in whose sign it will once again turn direct, and stay until it re-enters Aries full-steam ahead once more on April 25. While this retrograde energy will be influenced by the sign in which the planet resides, the specific purpose of a Venus retrograde is to help us discover what we truly value.

Retrograde energy has a tendency to shake things up, and a Venus retrograde is no different. When Venus is in retrograde, it is a time for soul-searching and reflection, not a time for action. Venus brings us closer to what we love. The retrograde energy pushes us to assess what we believe to be important, and to become more aware of ourselves and those around us.

Venus Retrograde in Aries (March 6 – April 11)
While Venus is in retrograde in Aries, we are more likely to give in to our tensions. Disagreements may be hard to avoid, but rather than fight, Venus wants us to look deeper and discover the core issues. Keep in mind… this is a “thinking time.” When Venus goes direct, opportunities to correct problems or problem areas will be presented.

Venus and Fire Signs
Venus tends to bring out the power in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Full of love and energy, people born under these signs would be wise to watch their budgets, or they may find they have to recover from one or more shopping sprees. When it comes to love, the bonds can reach new depths, as long as those born under Fire remember partnership is about “we” not “me.”

Venus and Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are likely to find their spirits lifted high. Happiness gives these energetic people an extra adrenaline push, so they may struggle restraining their impulsive side. In matters of the heart, they may reassess where they stand. If things aren’t the way these Earth signs desire, manifesting change is the focus at hand.

Venus and the Air Signs
The thinking crowd of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are likely to step outside of the box. Always looking to improve upon things, their magnetic charm will pull to them the people and things they need. Any fears they have about falling short will softly be set aside, as they open themselves up to new people and things, it’s bound to be a productively exciting ride.

Venus and the Water Signs
Those ruled by emotion, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are definitely going to be in tune. While they may encounter some emotional times, they won’t let this hold them down. Opportunities and ideas will flock to them, and love may have to share priority. For these watery three will find success in work and creativity.

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