Venus at Elongation

Venus at Elongation

The Goddess Makes an Appearance

August is a month filled with astrological and astronomical events that serve to remind us that we’re but a small part of an expansive universe. A solar eclipse, a meteor shower, and five planets making themselves visible in the night sky from west to east (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury later in the month) are just a sampling of these events. Venus, the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon, can be viewed around the world just after sunset, and beginning August 13, the planet will make her presence known. However, she’ll be at her peak on August 17, when she’s at her furthest elongation from the Sun.

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Like the Moon, Venus has phases. Venus entered the evening sky as a “full Venus” on January 9, 2018, and she’ll remain visible until October 26, 2018, when she becomes a “new Venus.” When the planet rises in the western sky it’s sometimes called the “evening star,” making it noticeable as the Sun sets. When it appears in the eastern sky during its full orbital journey, it’s called the “morning star,” most visible before the Sun rises.

North vs. South

According to, “The farther north you live, the earlier Venus sets after sunset; and the farther south you live, the later Venus sets after sunset.” In other words, those who live in the Southern hemisphere will be able to view the planet for a longer period of time in the evening than those in the Northern hemisphere. If you live in California or anywhere in the Northern hemisphere, just go out after dusk and look to the western sky to find the Moon and Venus will be quite near.

Beloved Venus in History

For as long as man has been keeping records, Venus has played an important part in human culture. And as far back as the second millennium BC, man has been plotting the planet’s course across the sky. The Mayan text, called the Dresden Codex, shows how their astronomers tracked the movement of the planets, including Venus. And according to Gerardo Aldana, a science historian at the University of California, “[The Mayan] were probably doing large-scale ritual activity connected to the different phases of Venus.”

“The Evening Star” was a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In it, he writes, “The evening star, the star of love and rest!” Edgar Allan Poe also wrote a poem called “Evening Star.” However, it was William Blake’s sonnet, “To the Evening Star” where he seems to address the planet Venus as if she were the goddess of love and beauty herself. In one translation on, Blake “is calling on her to protect all of us against the evils of night and inspire the oppressed force of daytime.”

Astrological View of Venus

In astrology, your Venus sign (found in your natal chart) reveals your style of dating and your social style too. For women, the planet accentuates what you bring to the table as far as attracting a mate. However, for men, the planet points to the type of mate you’re looking for.

Here’s how Venus presents herself in different signs:

Aries: Confident, assuredness, and adventurous. They’ll certainly get your attention if they want to.

Taurus: Indulgent in food and/or spirits and someone others can count on too. Loves to hug and cuddle.

Gemini: Excited about dating, going places, and also doing things. Perhaps even more fun is talking about it all later.

Cancer: Likes to make others feel comfortable. Loves good food and snuggling on the couch too.

Leo: Fun, exciting, and inviting. Wants to make sure everyone has a good time.

Virgo: Caring and protective. Likes knowing that others feel safe with them.

Libra: Romantic and a great conversationalist too. Desires equality in relationships.

Scorpio: Emotions as deep as the ocean. Committed. Sexual pleaser.

Sagittarius: Exciting and loves to try new things too. Love must include laughter.

Capricorn: Security conscious. Provides stability. Marriage-and family-minded.

Aquarius: Unique in every way, especially as a friend or lover. Free spirit. Not possessive.

Pisces: Loves people for their uniqueness. Has the ability to see the true you.

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