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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aquarius and Scorpio

When Aquarius and Scorpio get together for a love match, it likely starts as friends or friends with benefits, which is exciting and intriguing for both. However, in a relationship, Scorpio’s more possessive side may begin to show, causing freedom-loving Aquarius to quickly find the nearest exit. These two have great chemistry, but they also have a lot of differences, and they’ll spend a lot of time trying to figure each other out. Aquarius is fascinated by Scorpio’s ability to be so passionate and emotional. Scorpio enjoys trying to get aloof Aquarius to open up.

These two Sun signs form a square angle on the zodiac wheel, making this relationship a bit of a challenge. It’s a good thing that Aquarius and Scorpio are both gifted problem solvers. In bed, Scorpio wants passion, and they may find Aquarius too cool and dispassionate. However, if they work at it and listen to one another about what they both want and need, they may find themselves pleasantly surprised. But it won’t come easy.

Love by Element:  Air and Water

When Water meets Air for a romantic match up, it may seem exciting at first, but whether it can last remains to be seen. No relationship is impossible without some adjustments, but there may be too many differences between Aquarius and Scorpio to stick it out. Air signs love change and variety, Water signs want to feel comfortable and secure. Water signs don’t trust easily and they like to stay within a close-knit group. Air signs are inherently social and they’re always looking to add new faces to the crowd. The Water sign might feel uneasy or even jealous by so many newcomers, while the Air sign will feel stifled and suffocated seeing the same old faces day after day. Compromise is key.

The Good Side of Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio don’t make an easy match at all, but there is still a bit of chemistry between them. At their core, these two are wildly different creatures. Aquarius is social and has plenty of acquaintances. Scorpio is private and enjoys fewer yet deeper relationships. As a couple, Scorpio and Aquarius may not make a super emotional pair, but they are both quite soulful, and it’s that level on which they connect, at least initially. Each possesses talents, interests, and affinities that are quite different, so it can be exciting as they both try to figure each other out. They spend a lot of time showing the other their view on life. Scorpio can show Aquarius that settling down doesn’t have to be boring, and Aquarius can help Scorpio open up to letting more people and experiences into their lives.

The Bad Side of Aquarius and Scorpio

Scorpio and Aquarius can both be controlling and jealous. It’s when they try to control one another that these two run into trouble. Scorpio can be possessive, and Aquarius is this poster child for independence. Restricting Aquarius’s freedom in any way will have disastrous results. In many ways, Aquarius considers their friends as family, so family-oriented Scorpio should think before complaining that Aquarius has too many friends. Alternatively, Scorpio has a flirtatious style that can send Aquarius over the edge. Jealousy could lead to accusations, and that will offend Scorpio to the point where they want to throw in the towel.

Keys to a Successful Union

Aquarius and Scorpio can enjoy excellent communication giving this relationship a natural flow. Born three signs apart, this relationship is one of challenge, yet somehow it’s their differences as well as similarities that attract them to one another. This is an intriguing connection that thrives on the passion between two vastly different and unlikely-compatible souls.

Here’s the key to success: One or both may be asked to give up something for the betterment of the relationship. In this relationship, there needs to be a distinct 50/50 split of sacrifice, responsibility and clarity around expectations. Take turns in the driver’s seat—–both have something to learn from one another as well as teach each other.

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