Use Astrology to Speak to a Deceased Loved One

Speak to Their Sun Sign

In October and November, the veil between the living and the dead is lifted. That makes this the perfect time to reach out to your deceased loved ones. Whether you just want to say hello, or are in need of some deep healing, astrology can help you make the connection. All you need to know is their birth month and day to figure out their Sun sign. Then read on for the best ways to connect to them.

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Your Ram loved high energy and enthusiasm. With joyous open arms, invite their presence into your space and encourage them to communicate with you. Wholehearted feelings of love resonate with them and help make your interaction real.


Go to a beautiful place that was familiar to them. It could be a comfortable spot in your home or theirs, or a garden (yours or theirs). Warmth and security will bring them forward. They respond to heartfelt displays of affection, so feel free to hug a piece of their clothing, jewelry or even a pillow to feel their presence.


Your Gemini loved your words (playing with them, hearing them, etc.). That’s the way to offer your love to them, and to hear their charming, unique responses if you listen carefully. Your Gemini’s voice can sometimes be elusive, so be sure to add a little shared humor.


If there was ever a person who wanted a hug, it’s your Cancer. Feeling warm, loving and supportive is what they lived for. If you remind them how much they contributed to the person you are today, and how much you thrive thanks to them, you’ll have a peaceful spirit in your presence.


Your Leo would love a little ceremony. Light some candles, put up some photos, and maybe even make it a little formal when you call on them to hear and feel your love from beyond the veil. They have a deep devotion to honoring ancestors and children, so bring the kids and let them have fun. Your Leo will enjoy it.


Honor your Virgo’s spirit by making the world a better place. Let them know what you’ve done to make that happen—recycling is actually good for starters. Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work as an expression of love for you. They’ll be pleased at what a great person you are just by seeing you doing so well.


Let your Libra know that they were always kind, gentle, loving and fair, and that you try, every day, to be the same. You were always the most beautiful person on the planet to them—even if you were sick, tired or had a bad attitude. Let them know how that helped make you into a healthy, whole person.


Your Scorpio has always been good at making their presence known, so why not take them to a Day of the Dead celebration. They were fearless, even when it came to death, and they’re comfortable speaking from the other side. So just reach out to them and they will receive you with joy.


Remember the fun and laughter you shared with your Sag? Use that to bring them forward. They want to know that you’ve moved on, learned a lot and loved without reservation. They’d also like a little entertainment, so recite their favorite poem or play their favorite song for them.


Your Capricorn wants to know you’re doing well more than anything else. They really want you to share your greatest aspirations with them and how you plan to get there. In fact, you’ll probably feel their presence encouraging you. They also, on a simpler level, just want you to enjoy this beautiful planet and their love.


Your Aquarius wants to know your unique vision for the future and where you are in the process of achieving it. Your achievements will make them proud and they will continually offer their psychic energy to support you and help you along the way.


Your Pisces always had a certain dwelling in that mystical realm through their creativity or their spiritual ways. So, connecting with you now that they’ve gone into that watery, hazy realm is a natural for them. Sing to them, paint for them, or just offer some generosity and you’ll sense their presence.

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