Use Astrology to Handle Holiday Stress

Use Astrology to Handle Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress – Demands and Expectations

Here it comes again! It’s the holiday season, otherwise known as the most wonderful (stressful) time of the year and it’s filled with holiday stress. Are you ready for the family get-togethers, the out-of-town guests, the endless party invitations, the crowded stores, and the insane traffic? A walk along a sandy, sunny beach probably sounds good right now, but you have so much to do that you probably don’t have much time to fantasize.

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What is holiday stress exactly? It’s the demands and expectations of others (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) that are your responsibility to meet and fulfill. And let’s be honest, you probably have a few demands and expectations of your own. But before you dive in, take a deep breath and look to astrology for assistance. Yes, your Sun sign has a lot to say about holiday stress. Your Sun sign can help you prepare for the holiday season, it can energize you when you’re feeling spent, and it can help you find your comfort zone amidst the chaos. Let’s take a look!


Your holiday stress revolves around a person who has made you feel uncomfortable. Maybe a coworker has been getting on your case? Perhaps things between you and a family member have become strained? Or maybe a friendship is feeling rocky? Whatever the challenge, it’s time to take a different approach for the sake of peace. This year, invite them to a get-together. Replace awkwardness and tension with inclusiveness and generosity. See if it changes the nature of your relationship.


You could use some alone time to combat holiday stress. If you’re hitting the road to visit friends and family, take the scenic route. Get a sense of your spirituality, be kind to yourself, and soak in the natural beauty that surrounds you. Feed your romantic soul with a special escape. In fact, you may want to hit the road with a good friend or lover later in the season.


You can’t combat holiday stress alone, Gemini, so turn to friends for support if commitments start to weigh too heavily on you. And you won’t be the only one with a lot on their plate, both literally and metaphorically. A lover or business partner may be dealing with some holiday stress of their own. If that’s the case, practice patience and understanding. You can certainly help someone else have a joyous season if you are there for them.


When faced with holiday stress, Cancer, call on your spiritual source for direction. You’ll certainly find tremendous comfort there. You and Spirit flow so well together, and your relationship inspires creativity and well-being. Know that when you go within, others will be drawn to you in a kind and loving way.


Leo, you can relieve your holiday stress with creative efforts. Therefore, carve out time to relax and explore your favorite art form. Your beautiful ideas can become real and dazzle others. And when it comes to love, know that things could get serious with your mate, leading to fun and even a new level of commitment.


There’s something about the holiday season, Virgo, that intensifies your passions and makes you feel protective of loved ones. That’s good! Just channel those feelings into positive actions. The holiday stress you experience may come from loved ones who seem difficult or unreliable. Your goal is to show them kindness and understanding so you can help them through difficult waters toward a lovely and warm holiday experience.


You’re feeling generous and full of energy this holiday season, and you’re the ultimate host! However, that doesn’t come without holiday stress. Everyone will love your graciousness, even if what you’re planning is simple and easy, so kick back and enjoy. If you have guests who disrupt the flow, you can easily reroute them with your gentle social guidance. It will certainly be appreciated!


Scorpio, holiday stress for you comes in the form of gift-giving. You want to give the perfect gift, and you can, without spending a lot of money. This year, give personal gifts that come from the heart. Consider a simple DIY gift that showcases your special talents. Not only will these gifts be enjoyed, but you can take the money you saved and invest it in your career.


You take the holidays seriously, Sagittarius, and that’s where the stress comes from. You have more of a “get down to business” attitude this year when it comes to your life and that’s okay. The good news is you have your friends who love to joke an entertain. You’ll enjoy their company and feel relaxed during a little bit of downtime in a heavy schedule.


Capricorn, holiday stress comes in the form of spending. The earlier part of the season can be a sexy time for you, and you’ll also receive generous gifts, holiday bonuses, and other surprises. You may want to reciprocate just as generously, but don’t worry about it. The gifts you receive are sincere thank-yous, meaning you certainly aren’t expected to reciprocate in kind.


You’ll be invited to more parties than you can attend, and this can create some holiday stress for you, Aquarius. Your energy is high, so just consider the invitations that seem the most interesting. Then graciously decline the others. There will be surprises and changes during the season, so be prepared to just adapt and enjoy.


Balancing your holiday enjoyment with work demands is stressful for Pisces. However, if you set aside time for both, you’ll deeply enjoy the season. Start any creative gifts or make romantic plans early and they’ll work out beautifully. Financial surprises abound if you invest well too.

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  1. Tammie Purnell

    I also feel if a person wants to be with you they will come see you and they would run to you and not away from you , so if you feel like someone is hiding from you is because they are , that’s why you don’t ever see them , that’s not love , they are tired of you bye .


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