Turn Ons by the Stars

Use the Stars to Seduce Them

Like everything else, the sexual and sensual secrets that turn us on are highly individual. Use the zodiac to give you a little insight into your love life. Use this guide to turn your partner on according to their Sun sign!


The more athletic (and varied) your exploits, the happier (and more satisfied) the Ram. Make Aries chase you (perhaps more literally than figuratively), and they’ll be excited to have their way with you! Want to know more about your partner’s chart? Talk to Psychic William ext. 5131 who can delve deeper into their chart and yours.


This Earth sign takes divine pleasure in indulging their senses. Incorporate smell, taste, touch, sight and sound into your routine (candles, massage, sexy music and perhaps a little something edible) and you’ll find your Bull is enthralled. 


Wanna see a happy set of Twins? You’ll need to keep Gemini guessing. A little public play or a surprise seduction in an unexpected locale will go a long way to keeping this sign excited!


The crab is an emotional creature. Get them swept up in the moment, passionate kisses and intimate massage, and you may be able to crack their hard exterior—which will unleash a highly sexual creature!


Praise and singular focus (on the lion of course), go a long way in rousing Leo’s libido. Make them feel like the star of the show sexually speaking, and your lion will be raring to roar!


Surprisingly kinky for such a famously clean sign, Virgo finds appeal in expertise. Set an elaborate stage for seduction or execute a single act flawlessly and you’ll find that Virgo is anything but virginal.


Beautiful things go a long way with Libra—give a woman exquisite lingerie, or get into it for your Libran man, and the fans will be flamed for the sign of the scales.


The sexual stinger of the zodiac, Scorpio wants to be desired and is particularly excited by decisiveness in a mate. Know what you want—and demand it. This is the one sign whose pleasure is most enhanced by enhancing yours.


Do something physical before you do the deed and it’ll get the Archer’s blood boiling. Whether you work up a sweat together on a run or sway dangerously close on the dance floor, things will heat up even more once you get home!


Like their fellow Earth Signs, the goat is a sensual lover—one particularly turned on by sight and touch. Watch (or if you’re embarrassed, perhaps read) something sexy together and you’ll be surprised (or maybe not) by what it may inspire! What else will your partner enjoy? Talk with Psychic Robin ext. 5492 who can look more deeply at your charts to find out!


A little strip tease goes a long way for racy Aquarians. Whether it’s taking in a burlesque show or putting on one of your own, tease the Water Bearer into submission, then see what happens. This is a sign who’s not afraid to let go.


Traditional romance is a turn on for sweet, natured Pisces. But once you woo them, you’ll be surprised by the level of kink the Fishes can convey. From sappy romances to intricate sex toys, this sign loves it all—so long as you love them.

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