Mantras for Meditation: July 28 – August 3

Mantras for Meditation: July 28 - August 3

The Power of Mantras

Here we are at the end of July! This summer is moving swiftly but there is still more to enjoy, according to your mantras for meditation! This week’s moon will begin to tumble toward the hidden side. As our lunar friend wanes in the direction of the new moon, a time of reflection and examined perceptions is at hand. You may find yourself feeling somewhat more “quiet” as this week progresses. As a result, it’s the perfect time to start a dream journal or simply spend some time delving into your personal goals.

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A progress report of your life is being developed this week and it’s a great time to consider where you began and what you have become. You have thrived in situations that seemed impossible. You have encouraged others when you didn’t know anyone was paying attention. And, you still have a destiny that is forming around you and revealing possibilities you may not have considered. This is a magical time in your life!

July 28
“I will not live anyone’s life but my own. My ethics and directions are created by my spirit and they are good.”

Eleanor Roosevelt is credited as saying, “You wouldn’t spend so much time wondering what people think of you if you realized how rarely they actually do.” At the end of the day, there is no voice more important than your own. If you receive ideas from others, be sure to sift through their opinions. If their viewpoints fail to lift your spirit, walk away from them. Your mantras for meditation want to remind you that you have a strong and clear heart and it’s just as worthy as anyone else’s.

July 29
“Today I will see the light in others and I will encourage and inspire those I meet.”

In our life’s journey, we have two choices: We can either be a wonderful example or we can be a terrible warning. The choice is always ours! The goal is to be an example that makes others strive to do better in their lives, just as you are striving to continually do better in yours.

July 30
“My life is my message to the world. My life is an inspiration to myself and to others.”

Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone demonstrated real empathy for one another? How involved would you be if you could feel the hunger or the fear in your fellow humans? Would we be so quick to dismiss the plight of others if we could feel what they are going through? What if the stranger at the gate was really someone you loved from your past? Life is a tough examination. You will only fail if you’re trying to make your answers match someone else’s. Your mantras for meditation remind you that we all have different questions and we all have different tests to take too.

July 31
“Today I will lift up someone’s spirit. By doing so, I also am lifted.”

As July closes, other possibilities are opening. You can use the foundation you have been creating over the past few months to springboard you into August. You certainly have many gifts to share with your fellow human beings and someone needs to hear from you today.

August 1
“I will embrace this ancient day of harvest and I will show gratitude for my bounty.”

Today is Lammas. In ancient times this was a day to celebrate the first harvest of wheat. It’s the midsummer point directly between the beginning of summer and the autumn equinox. It’s also a wonderful time to reflect on all that you’ve achieved and all that you have acquired in recent years. Therefore, share a meal with a friend and focus on the positive. Your mantras for meditation remind you to spend the entire time speaking of the good in life and see how much better the food tastes!

August 2
“I will not compare my life to others. The sun and the moon both shine but are remarkably different. They each bring light in their own time.”

If you compare yourself to others you will certainly find yourself waging war inside your heart and head. Such a comparison is an act of violence you are committing against your true and authentic self. Such behavior has no place in the rich and wonderful beauty that is within you.

August 3
“I will no longer battle with myself. I will approach this day with kindness and gratitude and it will all begin with me.”

You can admire the successes of others without diminishing your own accomplishments. Your dreams and goals are just as valuable and just as possible as those of anyone else. Truthfully, you’ve had many milestones in your life and you’ll achieve many more before your journey ends. You are a gift to so many! Therefore, your mantras for meditation say you should never forget to treat yourself as if you were the only gift someone will have today.

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