There’s A Wild Thing In All of Us

The hipsters have taken over the Wild Things, and the new film adaptation – out today! – of Maurice Sendak’s classic book looks to be nothing short of epic.

So what makes a Wild Thing? Well, if we take an astro peek at the visionaries behind the new movie, there are definitely some recurring themes. Maurice Sendak and Spike Jonze (the director) both have Uranus placements. Dave Eggers (the writer) and Max Records (the film’s young star) both have Pluto afflictions. Uranus means rebellion for Sendak and Jonze, while Pluto spells volatility for Eggers and Records. In fact, Max’s character is confused about why he says and does things so spontaneously – blame the Moon conjunct Pluto, which makes emotions volcanic!

The entire wild rumpus was directed by Spike Jonze, with Dave Eggers writing the screenplay and Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) composing the movie soundtrack.

Dave Eggers (one of my favorite humans) wrote an accompanying novel based on the screenplay. It is beautiful and very well written – you can order it here.

I’m beyond excited for this movie. It is one of my all-time favorite books… watching the trailer makes me teary – they’ve really captured the innocence and confusion of childhood, and that song (“Wake Up,” by The Arcade Fire), is so powerful and uplifting. Watch below:

What are your thoughts on this film adaptation…and what is your “wild thing?!” Tell us here.

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