The Astrology Flirting Guide

Flirt by Sun Sign!

Flirting becomes an art form when you use it to develop a new and loving relationship. To get the best results from those “eye contact” moments—flirt by sun sign:

That buff Aries-type would like the direct approach. You can ask them where they work out to look so great and let them talk on about their favorite sport. There might always be an invitation to the next game or to their special athletic club. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Are you feeling especially rich or gorgeous today? Be sure to flirt with your Taurus “10.” It’s not that Taureans are shallow, but they are particularly attracted to beauty and opulence. If you get far enough to arrange a meeting, be certain to make the location as luscious as you are—from a sunset at the beach to that amazing looking new wine bar.

Invite your Gemini gem to talk with an interesting question. Then listen and they will tell you exactly what to do to take this flirtation to the next level. Keep that avid eye contact and respond enthusiastically to their great ideas, however fleeting they may be. But don’t hold them to the last idea. They’ve already moved on.

No matter how tough that Cancer man or woman may pretend to be to survive in the business/financial world, inside they are like a bon bon—all tender and sweet. The food references are deliberate. They love to explore culinary ideas, so this could be a common bond. Be gentle and respectful at all times.

“By knowing what your partner is made of astrologically, you can better gauge your relationship.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

If your flirtation interest is a Leo, they are probably already center stage with the lights on. They’re just a little less assured of their great leadership and creative abilities than they project. Getting your Leo’s attention requires admiring glances, admiring comments—really admiring anything—and they will suddenly notice you.

Are you trying to get that Virgo’s attention away from their workaholic ways toward more focus on you? Show them how supportive you are and how impeccable your work and dress is and you will catch their critical eye and their admiration. Virgos like “sexy” too!

Do you want that lovely Libra to look your way more often? Like Taureans, Libras “love loveliness” and are as focused on how polite you are and how sensitively and openly you treat others as they are to your great looks. But looking your best will likely get a special compliment from them.

Oh, that sexy Scorpio! Look into those eyes that show the depths of the oceans and the soul. Don’t melt AND don’t give any indication that you’ve seen their soul. They treasure their secrets as much as they treasure their deep passions. Let that gaze between the two of you turn into a passionate moment. Then smile a bit, look away and see what happens.

“An astrologer can see from several aspects in a chart compatibility between love and marriage partners.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

If your sensuous Sagittarian’s gaze stays buried in that book with their new philosophy or a travel magazine, notice what they’re reading and show interest in the subject or exotic location. When they pause amidst telling you the wonders of the idea or place, give them your most direct seductive look… they will probably chuckle and be totally intrigued.

Your Capricorn flirtation requires a bit of focus and thought to bring things to the next level. While they are finding you attractive, their thoughts are never far from their ultimate goals in life—whatever they are trying to build. Make your successes in life visible, but do it in a subtle way so that they may ask you more, or observe what their dreams are and start a chat.

Getting the attention of an Aquarian requires that you display something unique—the quirkier the better. You may wear something unusual or high tech. They are bound to comment or ask about it as long as they aren’t on the cell phone to their endless number of acquaintances. If so, maybe an accidental “bump” will work. They love surprises!

Your mystical Pisces interest will be like a sponge to your presence, whether you connect with them over music, film, other works of art or shared religious or mystical interests. They have probably already intuited your interest in them, but their insecurities keep telling them that they are wrong. Find a gentle way to show them you share their feelings.

While flirting can be fun in general, let’s be certain we do it effectively by learning to use the great tools of astrology to bring us the best fun of all—a great relationship.

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