Taurus: Your Gift and Life Path

Taureans, you and Cancer are the signs most grounded to our Mother Planet, so you are absolutely essential to the great transitional period now taking place. We all truly need your view of the lush gifts available here, and how to protect them for our future, our children. You also have the determination and insistence to make this happen.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess who rose from the oceans, a vision of beauty, to bring us joy, bliss and riches. Taurus is the “Earthy” version of the “goddess,” as opposed to Libra’s more “airy” view. People who visit your home visit a celebration of life on Earth. Venus knows that the riches available buried in the earth and blossoming in our lovely Spring-time in the Northern Hemisphere are all that we really need—Southern Hemisphere folks have the goddess of harvest, so you are part of this great celebration of abundance and joy.

Venus and her cycles have influenced cultures worldwide. Many, including the Mayans and Babylonians, considered the setting Venus as the harmonious aspect, the rising Venus as the “game-changer”—a time to pursue successful conquests. That would be you, Taurus. While the Babylonians gave all the other visible planets and the Moon a male identity, Venus was the female who could decide which of these powers would shine, and which would shrivel away. If you are male or female, you represent this rich power and balance of the masculine/feminine.

When Venus shone on (was close to) a planet, star or constellation, the star/constellation’s power was magnified and it greatly enhanced success for that energy’s expression on our planet. Taurus, unless you shine on, or bless a venture, it is not energized. This is an important reason why your vision of beauty and plenty are crucial to humanity’s survival—really!

Venus is very powerful next to the Sun—being an inner orbit from Earth’s, she doesn’t travel very far from the Sun from our point of view. Then again, she is fantastically powerful when she travels as far away from the Sun as she can, as she is at her most brilliant in the sky, and very powerful. Your ruler works wonderfully well when she is with male power, yet she is just as powerful when she travels to her furthest point from the Sun. If you are a Taurus (or have a Taurus partner), you must be able to express yourself in your own careful time. When this happens, you are truly a “goldmine,” a gift for partner, family, friends and everyone.

Early Taureans (April) will have the Royal Persian Star Fomalhaut as your Heliacal Rising Star. This is a star of enchantment and mysticism, and works with your Taurus Sun to create magical beauty. Your Heliacal Setting Star is Vindemiatrix in the Harvest Goddess Virgo, so you are all about creating and conveying the winemaker’s abundance and joy as your life path.

Those born in May will have a more political and alternative drive with Denebola—the tail of Leo and Zuben Elgenubi and Zuben Eschamali—the justice scales of Libra as your Heliacal Rising stars. You will want to preserve the planet and be fair to all, a challenging yet fulfilling goal of bringing people together. Your Heliacal Setting stars—Al Rescha,  the Sacred Knot that ties the Pisces Fishes together, and Diadem, the great “tiara in the sky”—represent your challenging, ultimate crown for your wonderful work.

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22 thoughts on “Taurus: Your Gift and Life Path

  1. eve

    Thank you so much for a thought provoking article. I am so fascinated by the interest that people are taking in themselves, the planet, astrology, psychic energy, and how everything fits together like a beautiful and intricate puzzle. I, too, am learning new things about myself, the planet, and how to integrate my talents and passions along with what I am learning in a positive, constructive, and creative way which will allow me to continue to learn and grow in all aspects of my life. I have great respect for astrologers, psychics, and empaths, as well as scientists, teachers, and myriad other professionals, however, I believe that true knowledge of ourselves and our life path can only be truly known through looking at ourselves honestly, and honoring who we are. A psychic can not tell us a truth we are unwilling to accept no matter how good they are. No one can change our attitude or circumstances for us. They can only guide us on our path to self discovery. I am very grateful to have such supportive guides who believe in me.

  2. Really

    Taurus. Lol, really well i know yes some taurus women and men are sweet and nice,when they need a favor,but lets be real they are all out for themselves and what they want how they want it,and wll be very nasty and cold hearted when they can’t get everything there way.I mean they can really give u the cold shoulder and whats sad is that they won’t apologize an if they do it still come off in a nasty way,no compassion an they really conveience themselves they have the right to be that cruel like,so what,i don’t care if i hurt you,im a taurus,im the shit.Very irogant people.Nice and Nasty.

  3. Nina

    Compassionate, Empathetic, Understanding, Spiritual and Highly Intuitive… This are the gifts I have received as a Taurus in this lifetime. I am truly blessed to share this Zodiac with you fellow Taureans… <3

  4. julie pettorini

    here is what I get from this excellent Taurus SUN profile, it fits my main core not all of me but not one person will fit it perfectly because were all individuals. I think the post is excellent in its information about what it is to be a Taurus SUN sign..

    I love that about me, THANKYOU for posting this and reminding me of what my true desires are.

    and of course they reside within.

    if I was looking for my chart I would have one done, like I have. shop local and its not a game of the psychic guessing your past to see how correct or predicting your future…its about different paths we all take and which road to take on our journey. which road we take because we all have free will is up to us and will dictate which lessons to learn while on that path that our soul needs to learn.
    me? my soul has chosen a difficult one that I can look back in retrospect and say..yep, I screwed up and HELLO then KARMA comes in to bite your ass. then you learn. that is HOW we learn…
    and we are all ignorant until we learn how to love and not judge.
    can I get an AMEN
    peace people.

  5. julie pettorini

    to the gracious lady below this comment:

    I to am a TaureanSUN/ScorpioMOON/sagitarriusACSENDING obviously there is much to ones ZODIAC…

    like I could go further and tell you my rising is in ARIES.

    on and on…much SO very much study has to go into ones ‘simple’ personal zodiac.

    so to answer your question, many people have different IQs..
    like people with autism or downs syndrome or many other ‘malfunctions’ for lack of a better
    term to explain this to such a bright FEMALE as yourself.

    my IQ happens to be 122.

    my best friend another TaurusSUN sign early april though…is far more intelligent than I.
    his brother is a may TaurusSUN sign and is very profoundly mentally impaired.
    THIS is a birth defect not a SIMPLE SUN SIGN IN TAURUS is he now ?
    were all different, intellect and wisdom do not always go hand in hand..
    like you I was very simple minded about the universe until I actually started to study which is
    now into its 6th year and still…I know I know nothing.

    another TaureanSUN sign trait is the gift of kindness and peace globally, were peace makers.

  6. shymarie

    Ok, reading all these questions in the (COMMENT) post is agravating as hell! I am a Taurus strong very gifted female and when I see other women that share my zodiac and don’t have enough common sense to know what the word comment means it’s embarassing…. If it was a site that answered life questions it would say leave a question… UMMM nowhere do i see that we are women of the Earth, strong willed, SMART,elegant, gracefull and very intuitive. You already know what is wrong with your life, fix it… You already know if he is cheating or not if he is dump him… I dont see that he is atleast not at that time, but I wouldn’t be suprised at how nagging you were to him about the situation he probably has now because he felt sufacated by you…if your money isn’t right its your fault go back to school and get a better trade education and all of you look deep inside only you control your life noone else, go to a (safe) wooded area find a big oak tree sit there awhile by yourself and not on the phone and just talk to God and the mother earth open up your senses to your suroundings, breath and clear your thoughts for awhile. After your done talking to our parents (God/Mother Earth) you will recieve your answer within yourself…. Please for the love of GOD, stop being so ignorant. We are not an inorant sign these post are embarassing to any strong, grounded, proud taurus male or female…..

  7. Kathie

    Persian astrology is brand new to me. Can you recommend further studies? I appreciate
    knowing how to enhance our own Western astrology. I am an archetypal Taurus woman.

  8. connie

    All this is asking is for a comment on what you read, Not giving psychic advise. You need to call for that. Look inside yourself for who you are, I am a taurean and fit the profile perfect.

  9. connie

    All this is asking is a comment on what you read here about taureans. They will not respond to anyone wanting to know what is happening and give predictions. You have to call a psychic on this network for that. I am a taurean, and I do fit what this says. But in order for it to fit you you have to look inside yourself and find who you truly are. All these characteristics are there for you, it up to you to be strong enough to pursue it.

  10. Venus May

    I am a Taurus born on the month May.

    In the Gift and Life Path, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess who rose from the oceans, a vision of beauty, to bring us joy, bliss and riches. Taurus is the “Earthy” version of the “Goddess”.

    How can this come true in me?

  11. Kathryn

    How bad is my husbands gambling debt? His Birthday is January 4, 1972, mine is October 20, 1967. Also is he honestly faithful to me & our marriage???

  12. Erika

    I was told I was born to be a leader and to be rich, well that’ not even close to what I have.
    I would like to know what’s waiting for me or what different I should expect in my future, how about my finances?, because so far nothing is good and I don’t see the end of it.
    I’ve been asking for help and typing my questions here and there but I never get any answer back.
    I would really appreciate an answer.
    Thank you.

  13. migdalia maldonado

    I just want to know what does my future holds for me will i get married to the man that im living with is he the one for me or not,. Please i need to know.

  14. Juanita

    I will like to know what is ahead of me in health,finances ,relationship and love . and with which horoscope sign I would be more comparable.

  15. paula

    There´s two Taurus I care about in my life, and this has made the most sense out of all the astrology articles I´ve read about the sign. Its wonderfully explained, and being a Libra, it definitely helped to see how my relationship is or may be with them.
    Excellent article!

  16. fred

    am really overwhelmed and i feel satisfied with all u have let me know..well i would love to know what the future has for me ,financially,politically,love life and what bussiness will be prosperous for me..thanks a great deal and i will be glad to read from you always…..


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