Your Numerology Forecast: Energy Sinkholes

May 2-8, 2011

The week begins with a powerful shift in energy since, as of May 1, we’ve moved into a deeply spiritual, globally-oriented and visionary Universal 9 Month.

Along with the spiritual calling of 9, we also have the last of an unusual 6-week series of lengthy energy sink-holes/inner journey opportunities known as Void of Course (V/C) Moons. Briefly, V/C Moons present a challenge when you’re trying to operate in the everyday world, and an opportunity when you use those times to go deep within yourself, or to look outside normal time-space reality to get a new perspective. This one begins at the New Moon in Taurus just before midnight tonight, and lasts through mid-morning Wednesday, so plan accordingly.

A 9 Month makes it possible for each of us to call upon the wisdom and spiritual power our own Inner World Leader or Visionary, Artist or Activist, and to bring those qualities out in the open where they can make a real difference in our lives. 9 operates from the place of compassion, or unconditional, Universal love, and it is that which gives 9 its unusual perspective and expanded abilities. 9’s wisdom also comes from the fact that it is the last of the cycle, and has learned from the accumulated experiences of 1 through 8.

Monday – Introspective, sensitive and diplomatic 2 rules the day, setting a quiet tone that leads nicely into the V/C Moon which begins at 11:51 pm PDT tonight and lasts all through tomorrow, up to 10:09 am PDT Wednesday, 5/4. Read the introduction for how to adjust your tempo and expectations.

Tuesday – As with earlier Universal 3 Day-V/C Moon combinations, the best use of today’s creative and inner-directed energy is to either declare an office-wide holiday and head for the beach, or devote the day to brainstorming (and only brainstorming) new goals and objectives, systems, structures, brands, pathways, and collective visions. Wait till after noon tomorrow to bring them to earth.

Wednesday – You may be inspired by this Universal 4 Day and wake up ready to knuckle down and get to work, but delay big moves till after 10:09 am PDT (see intro). Then cut loose and start taking care of prospects that have been hanging fire for weeks.

Thursday – This climb-out-of-the-box Universal 5 Day is an ideal time to start creating new possibilities out of Tuesday’s brainstorms.

Friday – 6 Days are often good news days, partly because of the number’s friendly, inclusive inclinations. Take care of contracts and purchases before the short V/C beginning 1:12 to 7:32 pm PDT.

Saturday – Too much going on this occasionally cranky 7 Day could cause tension, but the nurturing Cancer Moon should still inspire you to go all out for Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Sunday – The influence of achievement-oriented 8 today could distract you from family and friends briefly, but with the Moon in motherly Cancer, you’ll ultimately submit to Mother’s Day with a sigh of relief.

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