Tarot Astrology: Aquarius and the Star

In the Tarot, each of the Major Arcana or Trump cards is assigned the qualities of either one of the five Western elements, one of the seven classical planets, or one of the twelve zodiacal signs. The Star card is the trump of the sign of Aquarius.

The Star represents a very special potential of the energy of Aquarius. It represents the energy of dreams and culture. The energy of the Star is such that when it’s participating in your life, things feel electric. More than that, there is a sense of being guided by something larger than you. When a person is under the influence of the Star, they think big, they dream big, and people will comment on how alive they are.

As we enter the sign of Aquarius, the energy of the Star becomes more accessible to all of us, but especially those born under that sign. For those of you who have been stuck in a rut, or are decompressing from all the business of the holidays, the power of the Star is there to help you bring the spark of creativity and fun back into your life. All you have to do is call upon this energy by being as childlike and creative as possible.

Remember that Aquarius is the water bearer, and the symbol of flowing water is one that is evocative of both the sign and the card. So in order to get in touch with the essence of this energy, we will work with the essence of water. This project is fun, and all of the supplies needed are easy to lay your hands on (I will include a complete list of supplies at the end of the article). Write out your creative aspirations for this month and this year on either watercolor paper or a similar heave weight paper. Then take about ½ cup of water and dump it out on the paper. (It’s best to do this outside or in a water friendly environment, both to get the feel of this card and to keep from making a mess!)

Take an inexpensive round brush (I prefer #4) and some watercolor pigment, and start making swirls of all sorts of colors on the paper. As you do this, visualize the creative power of the Star coming into your life, splashing about and being joyful, unlocking all that has grown stagnant and allowing YOUR true star potential to come out! This is one of many ways to connect to this card in a positive way. However, there is a negative side to this card, and that’s that it can be so darn dreamy that it doesn’t get things done! If you find yourself  having too many ideas and not enough action in your life, perhaps this little guided visualization will help you focus.

Close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye see a thousand fireflies (or faeries, or energy balls, etc.) all floating in the sky around you. They’re so pretty, and you feel certain that you could stand here forever and look at them. You can’t, though. You’re here with a purpose, and that’s to borrow some of the radiant energy for your own lamp. This lamp is your aspiration and focus, and you can imagine it however you like. The one thing that’s certain is that it needs energy to run. Now imagine all of these fireflies spiraling gently in the sky, coming down towards you. As they get close to you, a little bit of their luminescence fills your lamp.

When you feel like your aspiration lamp is full, bid the fireflies farewell and open your eyes.

By using these techniques whenever you need to pizzazz up your life or your creative process, I’m certain that you’ll be feeling the effects of your own inner star before you know it!

All supplies needed can be found pretty easily either in a specialty store or a big box retailer.

• Heavy weight paper. Paper is measured in poundage (#); at least 70# is recommended.

• A round paintbrush. I recommend anything from a number four to a number eight.

• Student watercolor set. These are inexpensive and easy to find. The colors come in dry disks, and most standard colors are included.

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25 thoughts on “Tarot Astrology: Aquarius and the Star

  1. doris

    we are about to make a move He wants to go furgher north i like it too but our health is not so great and our Doctors are here how can I convince him to look here for a house. not much money for a down payment and want to keep my morgage low as my rent is too high here.

  2. james croskey

    can you help me to find. money. or do you wont money to help. me like the rest. if you have that gilft that god gave you. use it to help .one. or do you wont to fell your posket to.

  3. Lisa

    I would like to take a water color class. Right now money is not my best friend. Have none. I want to work from home on the internet. I enjoyed this reading very much. My DOB – 2-4-64

  4. Mary

    Thank you for the suggestion with the watercolor. It is amazing what design (color flow) happens. I am working on positive energy and hoping for good things to happen (like selling our house).

  5. patti

    I.m about to be divorcd soon nd I have a big crush on a male he’s pisece nd I’m aquarius 1-30, will anything come about do I have a chance with him

  6. Abrahaml Uhriq

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  7. neyda

    Being an Aquarius person truly made me feel good after all this reading; i;ll thank u all now i visualizing today as i enjoyed what my sing is prepared for me, thanks, will follow with the creative comment.

  8. Nehla Zikria

    This site is interesting. I will be taking a class in watercolor. And this exercise
    I think will unleash my hidden creativity. Thank you for some of the interesting

  9. Palesa

    I met this guy about three months back, something about him is so different in an overwhelming kind of way. Never thought I still had it in me to feel this way about someone. The only issue is the people in his life, none of them seem to like me. They have said all sorts of negative things about his involvement with me. We have both tried ignoring this but it is only getting worse, they are doing all they can to find some sort of dirt on me. I am scared that he might take sides, he’s known them longer than he has me anyway.
    I am so in love and I know he is too.

  10. peggy

    I think I met my soulmate. I felt a love connection like never before from the first day I saw him. We are friends and it is hard for me to focus when I am around him. He is a capricorn and everything I ever wanted in a man. I am an aquarius. How can I tell if my feeling are true or just infatuation.

  11. Hitomi

    I would like to know I will divorce my husband and be able to find a job become an independent woman. And I can be with this gentleman whom I love. He is virgo.

  12. Nevenka

    What stars have in mind for me this month?
    Is money magic will improve,is my family start helping each other in right direction with out bad influances ?
    Thank you for being here to help clear some qwestions .
    My birth day 02-02-49

  13. Anjie

    I enjoyed this reading, and I am feeling this energy right now. This time last year I was stuck, my job became stagnant. Everthing around me felt wrong, but a door opened and I went through it. I needed a push from a friend, but now my energy is positively attracting people and the joy in life. My life is so different from last year. Never give up, you never know what a difference a year can make!

  14. dave

    im having this thought that me and my ole girlfriend will rekindle our relationship but im not sure.im also wondering if there is a new job in store for me soon

  15. hector

    wife and i separated but still find time to be togeather she says she loves me but not in love with me trying to get her back love her dearly married over 35 years is it possable to find back our love love her soooooo…

  16. michelle

    In a fire-fly space with a beautiful Capricorn who mellows
    me out so I can think constructivly. Hoping something magic happens.
    beliving in spontinaity sometimes works against one, you ca only hope.
    & I do

  17. blaise Rudolf Duarte

    i would like to know if i will get a job in this month of jan 2012 and what would be my future?
    i have a plane to start a bussiness this year i want o know if i will be sussesful

  18. laura

    i need to know how my life going to be in 2012 is it going to bring me a new job and is my arm and shoulder going to be fixed soon.

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