Jesse James Planning Infidelity

Infamous bad boy Jesse James, who made national attention during his much-publicized divorce with Sandra Bullock over infidelity issues (and who was later admitted to treatment for sexual addiction), has recently become engaged to LA Ink’s Kat Von D. In a rather honest public move of owning up to what he actually wants, James has also announced that he’s planning on sleeping with other women as soon as they’re married.

The Examiner reports:

In what some are calling the first real story of 2011, The Associated Press has reported that all-around bad boy-with-a-motorcycle Jesse James has decided that true love really can be found, again, around the corner-shop from his motorcycle garage, announcing that he is engaged to marry tattoo artist Kat Von D and then promptly sleep with other women once wed.

It’s a much needed victory for James’ image and comes after a surprisingly long, long time since last summer, where he endured a public backlashing for his infidelity towards wife of five years, Sandra Bullock. But James says that, “2010 was actually the best year of my life, because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs.” It’s these very people, including fiance Kat Von D, that James hopes will continue to turn their backs as he prepares to enter a sacred marriage and then render it completely meaningless with meaningless sex with other women. “It’s true,” James confirmed. No wedding date has been confirmed.

What do you think—bad behavior, or honest move, considering there’s no way at this point that Kat Von D doesn’t know what she’s getting into?

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5 thoughts on “Jesse James Planning Infidelity

  1. katiwampus

    This is a case of a blatantly evil person attempting to pervert evil actions into the appearance of good ones(i.e. at least I am honest so my actions are ok and people shouldn’t turn their backs on me regardless of the fact that I know what I am doing harms others). His girlfriend appears to have lost the meaning of “true love.” Love is based on trust and loyalty, in addition to respect. This woman will receive neither if she marries an entirely self absorbed man who takes no responsibility for his own actions which have materially harmed those who love him. He lied to his Wife for five years and will continue to lie at the expense of others. The best thing for everyone would be to let this prime example of evil live alone with no further media attention of any kind whatsoever. Let Mr. James lie in the bed his made without the income generated by public curiosity.

  2. misskrystal

    I forgot to add that this is going to make it way more easy for Sandra to move on and not want to look back…Talk about feeling like you had something that never really existed? Trust me, this makes it easier to move on…. Miss Krystal

  3. Carmen Hexe

    This is a joke, right? But then, I am not really shocked by this douche. Neither am I shocked that Kat is marrying him. I don’t want to be mean, but I DO hope that they don’t procriate 🙁


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