The Summer Solstice and Your Sun Sign

The Foundation of Your Future

The summer solstice on June 20 or 21 (depending on your location) is the perfect time to create the foundation for your future life. This date is one of the four cornerstone events of astrology—solstices (greatest and least light) and equinoxes (equal light) that occur yearly. These points begin the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

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Powerful Times and Influential People

These are powerful times and many influential people are born during eclipses and solstices. For example, Prince William was born during an eclipse on the summer solstice and Duchess Catherine was born on the lunar eclipse that happened adjacent to the prior winter solstice. These are power points.

Your Life Will Change

This summer we have the total solar eclipse across the U.S. This means your life will change this year and you can organize it to create what you want on the solstice. The summer solstice is the most powerful time to set the stage for these openings for change. It offers opportunities for idealistic thoughts, conversations and interactions. Anything can happen.


Nothing is very predictable in your life these days—particularly your own actions. You’re feeling edgy but stay true to your spiritual pursuits, and you’ll prevail. You know major changes are coming, and as you sense them you speak your truth. The world around you will catch up.


You are feeling intensely sexy these days, whether it’s in your love life or your creative efforts. Use that energy to pursue your deepest passions. Late summer will be unsettling and thrilling at the same time. Your instincts are correct so hold on for the ride and move forward.


The challenges you’ve been experiencing to your new ideas and communication skills are actually going to serve you in a few months. Therefore, listen to the criticism knowing that you’re going to incorporate it into an amazing offering. You’re collaborating with the world.


This is the day that the sun enters your sign, and it’s quite an exciting time for you over the next month. Therefore, you should use your loving nature and spiritual awareness to guide you through this summer. Your energy is high, but take care not to physically overdo it. Balance in your life will certainly make your finances grow over the summer.


This is your time of soul-searching before you embark on your new life this summer. Work will be a bit demanding as you’re completing a major creative effort. Stick with your efforts in the midst of financial demands, because breakthroughs are just around the corner.


You love creating beauty through planning, organizing and watching the natural results unfold. This year you keep surprising yourself with the soulful intensity of your love life and your talents. You’re finding a new spiritual “you” and enjoying the benefits. Therefore, be sure to use self-contemplation to enrich your life.


You’ve come into your own this past year and aren’t afraid to upset your old image of security to move ahead. However, your career will demand your attention, so be ready to use that energy reserve to grow your dreams. You’re building toward a new future this summer.


Your partner is enchanting and emotional at the same time. Therefore, you should use that combination to bring new romantic ideals into your life—both at home and in your career. Travel and education opportunities also serve you well. Surprises in your career over the summer will be demanding, but will offer huge opportunities.


You are seriously considering a balance between your personal investments and finances and completing your work commitments. You are itching to explore new ideas and places and those opportunities will be arising over the next several months. Use your charms at work to buy some future freedom.


The energy you need to reach your goals requires partnering with others. Your revolutionary ideas are certainly met with high energy when you communicate with your earthy grace and love for the planet. Your career is also growing in unexpected areas. Surprises happen with your investments that can serve you if you plan well.


Your work and health efforts are intense, but they will have fruitful results. Your home life is also beautiful and challenging at the same time. Therefore, you should take care with the emotions of parents and those who live with you. You’ll also find surprising, new openings in your career later this summer.


You’re feeling energized and ready to take on career challenges. Your naturally inspired communications work well these days, especially when you include a practical, yet appealing point of view. You also naturally create beauty. Use that to make your busy work life this summer interesting and fun.

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