Take a Spiritual Vacation

Destinations That Speak to Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Have you ever been to a place that made time stand still? Or a place that made you think, “I could stay here forever”? The world is certainly a beautiful, spiritual place that holds many treasures. Some of these treasures are vast and untouched, and some come with five-star perks. No matter what you prefer, it shouldn’t be too hard to choose a spiritual vacation destination for your next trip. Just pack your bags and grab your passport (if needed)!

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Depending on your likes and desires, any of the following places can make all of the trials of daily life slip away. There are thousands of places to ponder in the U.S. I’m covering the North, East, South and West to help you find something that interests you. I’m also including a few international places, so let’s go!

North: Aztalan State Park, Wisconsin

Aztalan certainly holds some interesting spiritual energy. It’s also home to flat-top pyramids and burial mounds. One mound contains the remains of a young woman elaborately decorated in shells and beads. She is known as “The Princess.” The area also has dozens of springs considered by Native Americans to be sacred entrances to the underworld.

South: Linville Gorge, North Carolina

“Located in North Carolina, this mountain wilderness has some of the oldest growth forests in the world,” says psychic medium, Amanda Linette Meder. Cutting through the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s home to virgin forests, rich with natural crystals. It also holds incredible healing energy. Some people consider it to be as magical as the Grand Canyon.

Asheville, North Carolina

Not far from the Linville Gorge you can find the quaint town of Ashville, North Carolina. This area has one of the most powerful vortexes in the country thanks to quartz. This spiritual vacation spot is more like a country-style visit where you can also enjoy local fare, artists, psychics and a hippie vibe.

East: Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Brooks, Maine

If you’re looking for a spiritual retreat in the eastern part of the U.S., why not try a little yoga and meditation? The 100-acre Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation Retreat is a wooded getaway. However, if you prefer international retreats, Rolling Meadows also holds retreats in Sweden, Italy and Costa Rica. You can enjoy saunas, swimming, walks through fields and woods, or cross-country skiing.

East: Lily Dale, New York

A thriving community since the 1800s, more than a quarter of the residents of Lily Dale are psychic. So many people flock there to expand their psychic abilities. You can find a class or lecture on just about any spiritual or psychic subject you can think of.

West: Mount Shasta, California

“Believed by many to be a spiritual power point, Mount Shasta has the power to rejuvenate, revitalize, heal and also inspire those who visit her,” says Yogi Kanna. Other Western places of spiritual significance include Sedona, the Sierra Mountains, the Badlands, the Grand Canyon and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming. Each of these locations is certainly a spiritual adventure in its own right.

West: The White Lotus Foundation Yoga Retreat, Santa Barbara, California

The White Lotus Foundation is also one of the best places for a unique spiritual vacation. Located on a 40-acre property, it offers spectacular views of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean. You can camp outside, stay in a yurt, or stay indoors and enjoy more modern amenities. Enjoy yoga, breathing exercises, massage, meditation and also gourmet vegetarian meals. You can even explore swimming holes and “secluded places for isolation and reflection.” There are also many hiking trails.

Beyond the U.S. Borders:

Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh, located between the foothills of the great Himalayas and the banks of the Ganges, is a place to feed your body, mind and spirit. Many people have certainly flocked to this spot, and it’s a popular spiritual destination.

Newgrange, Ireland

This is the oldest megalithic site in Europe. As one writer put it, “… to venture inside is to have your spirit rekindled, whatever your faith.” It certainly sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Daintree National Park, Australia

Go on a spiritual journey where the rain forest meets the coral reefs. This is certainly the perfect destination to go to if you want to forget about time and space.

Have I left anything out? Share your favorite spiritual vacation destinations below. Let me know where you’ve been or where you’d like to go and why!

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