Spotlight on Libra

It’s time for love! If you’re suddenly in the mood for more romance in your life, it’s because we’re entering the time of Libra (September 22-October 21), when romance is everywhere. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libra and partnership go hand-in-hand. Libra is a sociable Air sign, so sharing and relating with others is a priority.

The key phrase for a Libra is “I balance.” The scales of justice provide the symbol for this fair-minded sign, so Libra strives for a balanced perspective that incorporates equality and cooperation. They’re the peacemakers of the zodiac who endeavor to find harmony in everything they do.

But let’s not forget about beauty, the other domain of Venus. Whether it’s through art or eloquent words, part of Libra’s destiny is to make the world a more beautiful place. And it goes without saying that Libra appreciates the finer things in life.

Here’s a closer look into the heart and mind of this artsy, ardent Air sign.

Libra personality
Libra is the epitome of graciousness. A Libra can charm even the most boorish of adversaries. Conversely, they can be powerful opponents to those who violate their keen sense of justice.

One of the most sociable signs of the zodiac, Libra thrives on one-on-one exchanges with a wide circle of friends and colleagues. They desire to be liked, and have an accommodating nature – often to a fault. As an Air sign, they are intellectually oriented, and they love to learn. Because they weigh and balance every idea that comes their way, they can have trouble making decisions – and they may even talk themselves out of a decision, once it’s reached. On the positive side, they endeavor to understand all points of view.

Libra has an artistic eye and a unique sense of style that others strive to emulate (think of Libra bombshell Bridget Bardot, who popularized the bikini). They love fine things, including clothing, and even their weekend slouchery has a touch of chic. Mainly, Libra is about sharing, so they are usually generous with their feelings, ideas and possessions.

Libra in love
Libra loves to be in love. They are most content when in a relationship. If you’re involved with a Libra, they’ll be the most thoughtful of lovers. They’re always thinking of you. On the downside, they can be so accommodating that their needs aren’t met, which can lead to resentment. And they’ll try to hide their annoyance because negative feelings, especially anger, make them acutely uncomfortable. They are the peacemakers, after all, so they’ll often give in just to keep the peace. Knowing when your Libra is irritated requires a keen eye and some intuition. Oh, they’ll let you know in subtle ways – can we say passive aggressive? On the positive side, they have a talent for analysis and fair-play that can help resolve differences quickly and reasonably.

Most important, your Libra will let you know you’re loved through words and deeds – in and out of the bedroom. Yes, they are passionate, but they are seldom over-the-top lusty (unless there’s a Scorpio planet in their chart). It’s that balance thing again – lust and balance don’t intermingle very well. Plus, being an Air sign means they’re most comfortable in their head. But if your Libra can get out of their intellect and into their body, you’ll have a sizzling sexual connection that’s based on love.

Libra at work
With their love of beauty, Libras can excel in artistic professions as interior decorators, architects, graphic artists or website designers, fine artists, musicians, entertainers, actors or set designers. Because of their talent for relating, they also make excellent therapists, marriage counselors, mediators, public relations specialists, wedding planners and media consultants. Their sense of justice can prompt them to enter the field of law or community advocacy. With such a strong intellect, Libra endeavors to learn new things throughout life.

So during this time of Libra, bring out the bubbly, candles and music to rev up the romance between you and your sweetie. If you’re solo, open your heart to the magic of Libra and watch as love comes walking through the door. Either way, Libra is all about expressing your heart.

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