What Do Nightmares Mean?

Sometimes you wake up sweating, or shaking. Lying frightened in the dark, you find yourself feeling an intensely negative emotion and you know you’ve just had a nightmare. You’re not alone. Most everyone, according to research, experiences a nightmare during their lifetime. These events cause an intense emotional response from the dreamer, described as either fear or horror. Let’s examine what they mean…

The word “nightmare” was originally used for the state of dreaming called “waking dreams,” which was associated with the REM part of sleep.

Some common nightmares contain elements of danger such as falling, drowning, becoming disabled, losing people’s loved ones, encountering strange and scary creatures, being murdered, caught or attacked, becoming frozen, trapped, or facing death in some awful way. An extremely common theme is that of being chased. Most adults dream of being chased by an unknown male figure, while children dream about being chased by an animal or scary fantasy person. Frequently nightmares play upon our fears, and act them out during sleep.

Sometimes, the cause of these types of dreams can be nothing more than what we ate before going to bed. Eating often causes an increase in the body’s metabolism and thus, brain activity, which can stimulate nightmares. Other times, the cause is post traumatic stress from an event that happened in waking life, such as being captured or tortured. The human body seems to use nightmares as a release for the pressures suffered by the dreamer. Meds, illness (such as high fever) and drugs are other causes for nightmares. Other common settings in which nightmares can occur are times of great insecurity, emotional turmoil, depression or guilt.

Science has proved that nightmares occur as often as once a month on average. However, children under the age of five, seem to be free of the occurrence. In other stages of life, nightmares occur as follows: they are most common in young children, occurring on average, once per week, very common in adolescents and less so in adults 25 and over.

Nightmares happen during REM sleep. This phase of sleep grows longer toward the later part of the dream cycle. So science says that the majority of nightmares occur from the middle of the night to waking.

Some excellent techniques for reducing the stress of nightmares are writing them down in detail, or creating a different, and happier ending. Others methods include talking to the major characters in the nightmare and asking them what they were attempting to do. The major idea is to calm yourself down, and to relax, so that you can better understand what your dreams were trying to tell you.

Sometimes nightmares occur when the psyche is trying to communicate something you should face up to in real life, but are just not “getting.” A reoccurring nightmare will try to present you with these “facts.”

Nightmares do not cause any physical harm other than disturbed sleep. However, if a nightmare is just “stuffed down” into our psyche without resolution, we may find ourselves being very moody, depressed or irritable the next day.

Surprisingly, many people are not disturbed at all by their nightmares, but rather find them very fascinating. These people tend to dismiss their nightmares as “just dreams.” This viewpoint, according to researchers, clearly illustrates that the way we view our nightmares is more important than the nightmares themselves.

So next time you find yourself with that awful feeling of fear in your stomach, after waking up in the middle of the night, get up, walk around and try to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Then sit down, record that dream and next day, consider what it might have been trying to tell you.

Has anyone had any nightmares they would like to share?

55 thoughts on “What Do Nightmares Mean?

  1. sofia

    So I keep having this nightmare like 3times already but it’s about that I’m in my bed unable to move and felling that I’m being pressure by something and making my breathing bad I don’t like having this dream at all

  2. isabel

    i had a dream were i lived in a old white house. i had a favorite doll, then one night the doll came to life and tried to kill me with a knife. next thing i know im in th the backyard of the old house at the corner of the fence. the knife the doll had was a couple of centimeters from my face. then i woke up with trembling with fear. i was also sweaty and breathing hard

  3. Susie

    i had a dream when a man and two children were driving through a tunnel at night. Then suddenly, a doll with brown eyes and curly brown hair jumped in front of the car and yelled “TA-DA!”. the childrens’ heads started to morph into a zombie’s head and eventually, their heads fell right off, leaving the man intact. I woke up cold and sweaty. weird.

  4. samantha

    i was in at an oprea and i was in the balconay seat and across the audotorium was a little boy he looked completely normal then all of a sudden his eyes lit up and bright yellow rays shot out and about the stage for some reason there was a small balcony and it had a little girl she looked about 7 or 8 and the rays from his eyes pulled her off the balcony and just dropped her to her death and nothing looked diffrent about her when she hit the ground except her left top corner of her face from the bottom of her eye up was dry and cracked and her eyes were wide open then i woke up and closed my eyes again and her whole face was like that but there was blood everywhere pouring out of the cracks….its been a whole day and im still creeped out.

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  6. Chris Rouse

    I have been having the same nightmare periodical for several years. In this dream I wake up in a strange place and I’m unable to move’ I’m naked on something cold and hard and I’m covered in a blanket. Even though my head is covered I become aware that there are dead bodies near me I can hear mumbled voices near me but I can’t understand what they are saying. The air smells like ammonia and ether. I realize I’m on a stainless steel table just as two men pull away the sheet the’re both chuckling about something I realize the other bodies are in different stages of examination. I can see a small saw in one of their hands, it looks like a dental tool the man is standing behind my head but I can see the saw just above my eyebrows I keep trying to scream or move but I can’t finally I feel the blade cutting into my forehead then I wake up.

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  8. Kiara

    The other night, I dreamt that I was in New York city and it began to collapse, not ever being to the big city, i just got on this motorcycle and drove, i have children, but i felt in my mind at that time that I would never see them again and that for some reason they were ok, the city was falling in my rearview as i drove past falling buildings, but funny how i was the only one running or the only person in whole city for that matter. I was alone, but not to mention the zombie like people that were everywhere and out to get me, this is not the first time that i have had these types of dreams, i often wake trembling and rapidly breathing, i will stay awake for about an hour revisiting my dream as if trying to tear it apart for answers to my life…what does it all mean????did not watch a scary movie before bedtime, FYI…

  9. maddox111

    well, i need someone to interpret my dreams. I had a dream about 2 snakes mating one is black and the other is lighter.also two healthy horses.

  10. Ann

    I have a reoccuring nightmare that I am to with someone and somehow we get separate. I have no idea where I am and how to return to where I was. I also get lost while trying to get to a destination I have been to and it is always in a city I used to live it.
    I am always losing someone and cannot find them.

  11. Lisa C.

    I feel strange doing this, but in need of answers. About last month i had a dream that my boyfriend had a baby with this lady his brother were dating, in the dream i feel hurt and i couldnt understand why he would go behind my back and do such a thing and what hurt the most is, he wanted to be with the lady that had his baby. Now usually i would be mad and argue but in stead i cried, woke up in tears couldnt go back to sleep immediatley called him and told him. I feel silly asking this but is it that i have trust issues or my dream telling me that something may be going on? NOTE:the lady and his brother are not dating anymore. Ive tried reading other comments but nobody seem to have a similar dream THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE.

  12. Emily Burnett

    There is something you desperately desire in your life that you are withholding from yourself. Write down your deepest desires, whatever you want. It could be that you are the apartment and there is something that you have left unfulfilled in your life. Love, children, marriage, romance. Business ventures and college life left unexplored because of female sacrifices. I highly urge you to read the book called Jesus’ Lost Teaching On Women. It helps you explore the lost teaching of Jesus Christ, The divine feminine, Jesus lost teachings on Women, and his message on the feminine potential and inner beauty for eternal peace and happiness of self. As time goes by in life Women can start to feel more like furniture with arms. Being submissive to their men weather they really feel like it. Caring for their children and never themselves. Not caring for their appearance because there is no time. But if the canvas is cared for the canvas will not crack and wither away. Love yourself. You are a beautiful person

  13. Tammy

    What does it mean when you dream of beautiful, all colors, sunflowers smiling and waiving at you as they drive off? It is not a nightmare, which I usually dream .. But the sunflowers were very nice.

  14. steelmagnolia

    Tuesday nite I had a nightmare about my sister inlaw. I call it a nightmare because she is not the most pleasant person to be around.She lives with my mom inlaw.The dream was her calling me and leaving me a message on my cell, for me to call her back.(we don’t ever talk on the phone) The voice was so loud in my dream it woke me up. I told my husband of my dream and he said ” lucky you!” 2 days later I got a panic-stricken, uncontrolled crying phone call from my sister inlaw saying mom inlaw had a heart attack and was in the hospital.

  15. Elizabeth Davidson

    I have these dreams that I don’t think are nightmares, but I am searching franticly to find this one apartment that I just can’t run across again. I’ve had it for at least 40 years, at least once a week. It haunts me all the time wondering where this place is, and why I am constantly searching for it. It really makes me feel crazy when I wake up from another one of those dreams. Don’t get it. What could that dream mean? I keep trying to figure it out.

  16. Martine Peiffer

    every night i dream about the same things,always about my parents,who are dead in real life,but every night they appear in my dream,every night.in my dream they come back from death and they always build up a new life but sometimes it gets worse,a lot of blood,creatures,me being murdererd,chased,you name it…its al inthere,the amount of blood is enormish every time,i had a good childhood and i don t understand why they come back all the time,sometimes i am afraid to go to sleep and every night its the same.because my dreams might begin nicely to see them again and asking them where they have been but when after the horror begins ways a lot and i am sick of it,martinexxx

  17. jaime

    I had a nightmare. (other than the regular (exciting) ones about floods, earthquakes and such.

    This one was a male human. who shook and vibbrated and shook shook sooo fast and hard that his boddy started liquifying and seperating into what i can only can describe is like a cross section of his body, in all ways, the figure was still all there, but like floating in agony, there was screaming and buzzing. flesh and pain and pressure. disgusting

    I dream alot, but this one, a few yrs ago (ithink) was just so diffrent to any other dream. I felt it. but it wasnt about me,

    i dream that i need a pee, when i need to pee and wake up, or sexy times or normal things.

    I woke up in a sweat. heart beating, scared.
    the only time…and i couldnt wake myself…

    anyone got anything similar/. advice? meaning?

  18. Brandy916

    I had a dream a few nights ago where I was at someones house with a woman I dont know.She was caucasian, around 5’4 -@165lbs,She had very blonde almost platinum colored shoulder length layed hair(I dont know why I felt I had to be so detailed)we were in this house were I believe someone had just passed and we came accross this very old book that had been hidden in a sheet. It was a rather big heavy looking brown, more long than square with a sort of lifted almost like a frame with a young blonde girl with platinum eyes standing to the side ofthis area that appeard to be framed.for an instance I wanted to grab the book but the woman snatched and opened it.For a momment I could see what she was thinking a book of spells, magic this was sumthing old and suddenly it started to suck her into the book the girls eyes on the cover started to glow the woman started to mutate almost skin moving falling off it was like something right off the movie Evil Dead 2 where the mother was locked in the seller and the way she moved was just like the possessed pple in the movie. The book kinda resembled that of the book in the movie. Back to the dream; okay so the woman is now sucked into this Book of the dead and as I look down I see her threw the little window on the cover being ripped apart skin melted insects worms bugs than as if it reversed, the worms, snakes, bugs began to seep back into her body.crawling back in to he mouth stomach seeping back in to he privite area. This is where I woke up. It was disgusting and disturbing. I rarely watch TV I havent seen a movie in I dont know how long or even disscussed anything closely remoted to this to even trigger this sort of dream. I am in a troubled part of my life right now and in a relationship w a man who I care about that I now question if he is even able to love?he continuously hurts me mentaly and refuses to let me go dragging out this mean torture for aver two years now. ignoring, lying deceate. He cheats than calls me crazy always denying. And now Im pregnant. he just turned himself into jail. Guess he rather be in jail then out here to face the situation for a cpl months.I am 32yrs old a single mom with a 6 and 9 yr old. this would be my last chance to have another child but in reality its not in my best interest to raise a child linking this man to me and my family for ever. he has children 3 maybe 4 with 2 maybe 3 other woman. hes a charmer, with no goals ambition or job.I see it and still its hard for me not to go to him when he needs me. I am getting farther along growing it seems by the day? I made an apt to go over other options and hope I still have time to even take these options into consideration. I had this dream after finding out I was with child. If you have any info 4 me please any insite would be apprecieated. Thanks, A Strong independent Scorpio Woman whom has fallen a little of track.

  19. SUGE

    I have these nightmare of me dieing.Some time I wakeing up running and all of the time I am begging for my life.And after this happen some one dies. allways family member . the more intense the dream the closer the person is to me .I had a short one two night ago. learn this morning a cousin died.this has been going on for years,Can any one help me ?

  20. dan

    I had a nightmare last night that I couldn’t wake up from. I kept thinking i’d woke myself up only to be still in the nightmare. The nightmare kept repeating, I was being tortured, I was tied and somebody was stapling my body with a staple gun. I didn’t feel any fear, just anger.

    Few weeks before I had another nightmare where I was trying to break into a building to reclaim something I had lost, my phone and coat. Everytime I tried I was ambushed.

    I think my subconcious mind is trying to tell me something.

    Anyway I’m watching my back now and avoiding going out to bars on my own, might sound strange, but I’m not someone who has nightmares, ever.

  21. lisa020469

    Last night I had a bad nightmare. I actually woke up and thought about it and started crying and thought I saw a dark shadow on the wall. My boyfriend was driving on a dark, empty, run down street in a bad neighborhood. There was noone in sight but you could feel something wasnt right. I was in the passenger seat, a frined of ours in the back. My boyfrined was driving (he does not have a license) when the guy in the back seat jumped out and somehow had a rope attached to him and my bf drug him for a ways very fast and then all of a sudden he flew back into the car like nothing ever happened. We came up on a dead end street. My bf got out (he was drunk too) and walked up to this place and I said “dont go in their come on lets go) he wouldnt listen so I got out of the car-I begged him to not go through the gates. It was very quiet and still. We walked through and their were men around–the next thing I know was I was in what seemed like a basement with hallways, dirt floors, concrete walls and very little lighting. It seemed like a vision of hell. There were men and women everywhere but they seemed like people of low income and they were all silent and just walked around-I could see them talking to each other but heard no voices. Then a guy grabbed me and raped me and some girl said “just lay there and act like you like it”. My bf and other friend had ran off. After the rape was over-a girl took me with her to another room and a guy came up and put what looked like a small part of an incense stick on the underneath of my wrist and it was green about a 1/2 inch long. All of a sudden i was calm-then I just leisurely walked around and couldnt speak-I felt high. I kept looking for a way out and there wasnt one but plenty of people around. Then I heard my 17 year old son crying and saying “Mom” It looked at him and I said how do you get in here–where is Bill (my bf). He had ran into this place looking for me because bill left me-bill was at home. I looked past my son and there were all these kids running towards him. I said get out of here and call the cops. He turned around to leave and started running–All of these kids started chasing him-He was so scard. I tried to go after him–but a shitload of weired looking guys stopped me making angry weried faces. I couldnt see my son anymore. Within a minute my bf was there. I said “did my son make it home” he shook his head no–I looked at him and said this is all your fault and shook my head and walked away-my heart was breaking for my son. Please give me some insight to this nightmare. It was like living down below the earth in hell. When I woke up I started crying and Im crying as I type this. It scared me something terrible. I have never ever had a dream like this before and I am 40 years old.

  22. Origcyn2

    I had a dream I was walking and walking. for miles all I could see was dead and dying people. Soldiers shooting people, but I didnt feel scared or like I would be harmed. I helped others as I went until I was exhaused and had to sleep. There were others out there like me, just helping the dying and hurt. I was not scared, only felt very alone with no family or friends around me unsure of where they were or what had become of them. Then I slept in this place with long hall ways like a hospital, except that it had double beds and you had to share one. I dont know who I was sharing the bed with, but I woke up to the sounds of shooting down the hallway. I crawled under the bed and the person I was sleeping with got shot. I woke up. Not upset, or scared, just perplexed.

  23. Jade

    Countless times as a child and young teenager, I had the same dream. I entered a big house of nondescript brown and there was a young woman in the foyer who said nothing but only pointed to the stairway, which I dutifully but in great terror climbed. On each successive landing there was another woman pointing to yet another flight of stairs and she was older than the one below. Finally, there was only a door left. I opened it with a thundering heart and there on a table lay a very old woman with white hair in a bun and her clothing too was nondescript and brown. I realized that she was dead and each time I dreamed it and realized it, I woke in a terror. The last time I had the dream, I woke to a woman standing in my room, and she said in the sweetest voice, Death is nothing to fear. It is only the next step. I never had the dream again.

  24. cherrelle

    i have had nightmares now for 4 years, i am 20 years of age, my nightmares are about me being tied up, trapped or stuck or paraysed, alot of times i am tied up on my bed in my bedroom in my nightmare,and there is some guy, meduim built always in black clothing who tries ti kill me or he just watches me, and alot of times it feels like im living the nightmare eve though i am not, i usually have to move my head in the nightmare in order to get out of it, some nightmares about my family being killed, chpped up or drwoned or even set on fire and i m forced to sit there by the ‘guy’ and watch my family suffer a horrible death, sometimes its me being murdered… i have them nearly everynight 2 or 3 trimes a night they repeat there selfs, and ast about 20 mins per nightmare usually at the same time aswell… at the moment my nightmares have changed to where i am being thrown over a cliff or being stabbed, unfortuanlly ni can do alot about the nightmares, i have tried my best to get rid of them but they just get wrse, easpecially when i talk about them to someone, i have once found my best mates mum dead about 4 and half years ago i did think it was to do with that but not sure now, if anyone ever need to talk then find me on facebook under cherrelle witts

  25. Jo

    My brother and I have shared the same nightmare. Don’t know what that means. I also have reoccuring dreams of driving and not been able to see, I’m not blind just can’t open my eyes, I bet a psychologist would enjoy interpreting that!

  26. Robin

    My mother used to tell of a reoccuring nightmare she had years ago. The strangest thing about it was everyone involved in the dream also had the exact same dream. And now all but one have passed away.

  27. Happymamaof 2

    I am living a bit of a nightmare myself…My soon to be ex husband is a drug addict who abandoned my two sons and I. I often feel lost and out of control and wonder if life is ever going to get easier for me and my sons. I just want them to have a better childhood and better life than I did…I always thought that would be easy…Now I don’t know…

  28. ellen

    I live my nightmare everyday…I’m afaid to lose my good paying job and being homeless(again). Because I have already lost a good paying job due to a layoff and lost my home and everything else. I lived with people who DID NOT want me in their home and made that very clear to me. I stayed on 4 different couches and one futon in my homeless era. This was one the most dreadful time in my life 2nd to my best friend dying. So needless to say I hold on my job with a tight grip, so afaid to every let myself get into a situation like I was in before. I beg God not to allow this to happen again I truly do not think I could withstand that again. Ellen

  29. C Moore

    There is nothing you can do to fear of death ,but to accept it as it is part of living –Live each day and have fun -do wild things —

  30. Jenny

    I have over and over again same dreams and they make me feel so bad and i have headache next day. Im back in school (its 8 years since high school), i havent learned math and i cant do exams or i dont know history and im always late to school and I dont have any marks, everybody else does and im ashamed and feel bad. I wish i could stop these dreams, they are so negative.

  31. Sarah

    I fear that the image of heaven that every one has in their heads is false, but what if it’s not? What if I don’t want to live in eternity in a city with golden cobblestone streets? And what if I can’t let go of this world when I die, what if I become trapped here? What if this God that I’ve been holding on to for so long has been the wrong one all along? How am I supposed to know?
    I fear death, some times, more than any thing else.

  32. Name Elizabeth

    Death always was and continues to be the worst nightmare. There are antidotes to just about any other bad condition on earth, but that one.

  33. Crystal

    I have extreme nightmares, mostly about horrible events taking place to people I care about and family. In real life I try to help them manage their responsibilities, but when I sleep, the worst possible events take form and keep me from feeling rested or focusing on my own goals. In an escence, I fear that by following my own dreams and goals that I have cursed my family to horrible ends.

  34. Judy Stanford

    My Dad died of a heart attack at the age of 56. Whenever I dream about him, he “walks me through” or shows me something that later actually happens in real life. I have learned to pay attention to the dreams my Dad appears in, because he is trying to tell me something or show me something that is about to happen, and to prepare me.The dreams in which he appears, “walking me through” something or showing me something are always accurate as he has shown them to be in my dream(s) when the event(s) actually do happen. He is still “with me” , but he died in 1966 .

  35. Kim

    I have had night mares re: running into the people who used to Bully me quite severly(now a days kids like that would be charged as well as their parents).
    I have had night mares about ending up alone & being a single mom & carrying the load solely by myself forever.
    I have night mares re:losing my parents AND
    My most scariest nightmare is of losing one ro both of my children to some tragedy & in truth not even wanting to go on without them(I am even teary eyed telling you about it.
    I am a christian though so I really do hang (For Dear Life) to God’s promise that he doesn’t even allow us to go through thing s that he knows we cannot handle(HE WILL CATCH US WHEN WE FALL AND NO MATER HOW DEEP WE SINK& NO MATTER WHO?WHAT IS AT FAULT).He has proven this to me in my life a time or two(even when the wounds/consequences were self inflicted).And NO!! I cannot prove 100% that he exists but you/I gotta take the risk & have faith.

  36. Betty

    Stop wishing bad on people let go of the anger. Pity them and move on .Isn’t ur life better without them rather than greeting them each and letting them take charge of ur life? Leave then=m to their own misery. Concentrate on the most important life.YOURS

  37. Sebrina Lee Biscardi

    Wow!! You guys are spot-on about the fear of being alone!! I was so afraid of spending the rest of my life without my soul mate…things are currently looking up though. I’ve opened my heart and mind to the idea that there just might be “THE ONE” out there for me, somewhere, after all!! I may have even met him, although, it’s not physical it’s only an internet relationship. I am hopeful about this particular man…he has and says everything I’ve ever wanted and I feel like I’ve known him forever, he feels the same way about me. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that there would be someone for me and who loves me unconditionally!! I must admit the fear is starting to diminish but it’s taken so many years of being alone to realize I had to give up this power and just let it happen!! Good Times!! God bless and take care. I enjoy reading all of your articles and thank you again for writing about the most important thing in life…LOVE!
    Sebrina Lee Biscardi



  39. Cassandra

    I have had a recurring nightmare my entire life. It involved running on top of a train from people I grew up with who were horrible to me and finally me pushing them over the edge and watching them being sliced in half under the train. My only regret that it was never a reality. Unfortunately we cannot dissolve those that make our lives a living hell. We can only wish for horrible things to happen to them. That boomerang hasn’t occured yet. Cancer where are you?

  40. Connie

    I have very vivid dreams about being lost in building with hallways and elavetors, can’t find my way out. Sometimes it is on streets, can’t find right way back. repeated dreams like this very,very often. Sometimes I am in a car and sometimes walking?? What does this mean, I have had them for years! Connie

  41. Missy

    I often have very vivid dreams which I can’t help but to relive for days…years after they occour. They often put me into a very thoughtful/reflective state after I have them. One dream that still scares me to this day was about the house I live in (it’s very old). There was a storm outside, like a hurricaine. I looked out my front door and saw a womans hand. I had to help her. I went out side and pulled her in, she was hurt, unconcious, and had on a long goddess type dress. I called my kids from upstairs to call 9-11, and she snapped awake and grabbed my wrist. I felt this horror like I had let the very evil thing that I was struggling to keep out of my house/life in. Not only did it get in, but I helped it by trying to do the right thing.
    I felt such horror when I woke up, I couldn’t move until the morning.

  42. Quilla

    When I was 18 years old I had my first child. I had a couple of nightmares were she had died. Soon after, she did end up dying. She was only 3 months old. I am now 27 years old and her death still affects me greatly mostly because I seen it before it happened. Any insight on my experience?

  43. redhead5753

    i dreamed of snakes, and i was with my ex husband he was bit in the face and they were after my son and i was trying to get away from them as well as tryin g to pretect my son but they were every where,,,what was that about??

  44. Janet Shawl

    I have a recurring dream in which I’m in a big airport, trying to catch a flight. Last time 2 of my girlfriends were with me; they made the flight and I didn’t. So I tried for the next one, but I’d either get carried along in a horde of people or I’d find myself waking up from a nap in a waiting area chair. I never do catch the plane, and it’s always the same airport, tho’ it may look different. Maybe it’s not technically a nightmare, but it is to me.

  45. MikkiB

    I have dreams all the time that I am someone else doing different things….mostly reliving my death. Also, I have remembered thier names and looked them up that morning online and found some of the names but not all. How can I refine these dreams to get more details? Also, sometimes when I am asleep I feel as though I am being pushed out of my body but I cant move or wake up.

  46. Psychic Joseph est 9153

    Dear Lauren, That girl is you seeing yourself deal with issues of death and sexuality and the fear of losing yourself in passion and feminiinity and the miraculousness of transitory existence and temporal identity. Either that, or a love affair is just ahead.
    PS: Reading over the previous posts, I see that my earlier comments about nightmares revealing stuff and releasing stuff actually merely agreed with all of the previous psychics, only far more long-windedly than usual. Joseph @;oD

  47. Lauren

    Oooh, I had this one nightmare that made be wake up trmebling with fear, and I have never been that frightened before or since. It was quite short but very vivid.
    What had happened was that I was stand on a hill at night watching a girl in a long silk dress. With a mirror, I reflected the light from the moon to follow her. I knew she was fallling, but she seemed to be falling slow motion through the air or through water. I moved closer to see her, aware that I was leaning over a large pool of water and just as she got closer to the ground (or water, Im not sure)she leapt out of the pool I was leaning over! She through her arms around me and pulled me in, I was so shocked, how could she do that? I had been watching her fall!
    I woke up and found myself shivering with fear, my eyes staring straight open. I don’t know how, but I managed to get back to sleep that night.

  48. Ariel X9775

    Hi Cherilyn,
    I quite agree. Nightmares are telling us something hidden within our subconscious that we are overlooking. Nightmares get right “in our face” to help guide us in the right direction.
    Much luv & lite,


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