Spotlight on Gemini

Ahh, it’s Gemini time, when summer is just around the corner. From May 20 – June 20 romance will heat up, friends will gather for barbeques, and the urge to travel may send us traipsing across the globe, meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. Not surprising, since Gemini rules travel and communications. To take full advantage of this fun-loving energy, let’s take a closer look at the sign of the twins.

Gemini personality
Charming, brainy and fickle, Gemini is the most versatile sign of the zodiac. This adaptable air sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of brainpower, communications and travel. Gemini is the seeker and keeper of information. They’re restless and get bored easily, so they need plenty of activities that keep their minds stimulated. They can drive people around them nuts by jumping from one pursuit to the next, often without warning. That’s because they lead with their intellect and go where their interests take them. Which can be all over the place. As such, Gemini is curious about new locations and loves to travel. They’re also super sociable and enjoy meeting new people. They usually have an assortment of friends who they find fascinating in some way. And being glib, they can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. For Gemini, it’s all about variety.

Gemini in love
Gemini has flirting down to a science. Their witty repartee draws plenty of admirers. In fact, getting a Gemini to commit takes ingenuity. They can get your pulse racing from heartfelt (or naughty!) love letters, but it’s best to remember that their way with words may be a form of recreation – don’t take it seriously unless you hold your Gemini’s heart in your hand. However, getting beyond their brain to their deeper feelings is sometimes a challenge. If you’re after the heart of a Gemini, you’ll first need to engage them mentally. Gather information to share, whether it’s a scientific breakthrough, political blog or celebrity gossip, anything they’re interested in – or not interested in, yet. A mental connection is a must, which can carry over into the bedroom as well (think erotic stories and talking dirty). Suggesting some new positions – in new locations – will keep your Gemini enthralled as well.

But beware of the dark twin. Well, it’s not evil, really, it’s just that when a Gemini suddenly reveals the opposite side of their personality, it can stun people who don’t know them well. So if you appreciate consistency in a lover, remember that Gemini is exceedingly changeable. Still, they’re sooo charming that it’s usually easy to forgive their schizoidish personality.

Gemini at work
Being logical, smart, creative and expressive, plenty of careers are open to Gemini. A few options include engineering, computer programming, website building, law, journalism, publishing, television, communications, office work and the travel industry. Mainly, they need work that uses their mental acuity. Plus, they are the masters of multitasking, so the more projects they have going, the better.

One thing is certain, if you have a Gemini in your life, you’ll seldom be bored. If you’re stuck, depend on your Gemini to supply you with inventive suggestions on how to get your life back on track. They have all the info you need at their fingertips. If all else fails, they’ll charm and amuse you out of your slump. Now that’s an invaluable gift!

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