Your Spiritual Horoscope for May 2013

Neptune: Inspiration, Connectivity, Receptivity

Ruler of Pisces, Neptune is associated with spirituality, intuition and compassion. Where Neptune is at any point will influence how inspired, connective and receptive you are. A poor placement can also leave you feeling hazy, disconnected and/or overly indulgent in substances… As most spiritual growth is gradual, it’s no surprise that Neptune is one of the slowest-moving planets. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. How is Neptune influencing you now?

Here’s your spiritual forecast for May 2013.


Healing is the order of the day. Whether through yoga and meditation or some form of creative expression, you’re able to find some form of peace.


Community is your conduit to connectivity—to the world and to yourself. Whether this is in a religious community or a cadre of kindred spirits is not important. Commonality is what behooves you.


Think of what you can do to better the world. This needn’t mean self-sacrifice (though it could), but rather, contribution. Art, music, healing and charity are all personally fulfilling pursuits at this time. Need guidance on which direction to head towards? Get an astrology reading with astrologer Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 and see what lies ahead for you.


Operate from a place of conviction. Stick to your ideals. You’ve discovered who you are, and by being true to your own highest good, you will reap rewards inside and out.


Don’t be surprised if your worldview is shifting. The question then is this: Is it transforming in a way that accepts personal responsibility, or are you digging yourself further into old ways of thinking?

“Your vision framed by your love has the power to influence and transform the present and create the future.” Psychic Kelli ext. 5130


Relationships, romantic and otherwise, offer opportunities for growth this month. Specifically, you’re questioning whether those closest to you are beneficial at this time. Be clear about your own intentions and feelings.


It doesn’t matter whether you act in small ways or expansive ones, what’s important right now for your personal evolution is giving of yourself to others. Be authentic and open.


Neptune encourages you to take informed risks this month. While your goals may seem impossible, with a clear eye, energy and effort, they’re attainable.


Your immediate surroundings are emphasized as a place for you to find peace and quiet. On the other hand, a change of locale can have you feeling chaotic. Find ways to create a calming atmosphere.


Who knew? You, practical Capricorn, are spreading your wings—and your awareness. If you find yourself interested in the metaphysical, delve in and explore. There’s a world that awaits your discovery! Not sure where to start your metaphysical journey? Find out with a life path reading from  astrologer Psychic Josie ext. 5520.


You may be asked to put yourself second to a person of importance. While this has value, be sure to be clear so that you don’t wind up inappropriately enmeshed. Connection should not be consuming.


As Neptune transits through your sign—its home—identity is the focus. Who are you, Pisces? Don’t allow others to lean on you so much that you lose yourself. Harness your imagination, but keep your feet firmly on the ground.

10 thoughts on “Your Spiritual Horoscope for May 2013

  1. Tina Buckingham-Yongo

    Thanks for the information you provide about Neptune and how slowly it moves and at the stage of my life, slow is good and letting people lean too much on me is one of my biggest fears learning to say no. I graduate next month I really pray to my almighty God to bless me; with a good job so that I can continue to take care of myself and give back to my parents.

  2. DarlissiaWise-Parker

    God is preparing me for greater. I had confirmation today at 5:00 service at Agape Worship Center.

  3. kathryn orman

    Iam so confused , Idont know what why to go in my life right now … Iam in love with a younger man sag ittarius, but Ifeel he is just using me , another , a leo, he is just for sex , where do Igo , ”lonely.”

  4. jomarie corpuz javier

    Threats well im ready im in the living room up front. Who ever you are. If you think that who ever set this up by destroying me to prove a point. I down.
    Im very ready. I dont have choice do you feel me? He’s mine to keep! Im tired of being treatened bullied through my children, and you certainly destroyed my marriage. I happy for you. So what are gaining from this. My childrens sadness or you loosing what you already have. Im not a homewrecker nor a boyfriend or fiance breaker. So get over it. Im an ugly duckling and I dont deserve anything great in my life but torture and unhappiness. Just it over with ok…jo.??

  5. Judith

    Why don’t you post about health for each sign? I am a Capricorn. I notice my health is deterioating. All i hear from Doctors is my illness is hereditary.

  6. daniel nsiah boakye



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