Sexy Head-to-Toe Sun Sign Secrets

Are you a Pisces with a shoe fetish, a Leo who can’t resist being pampered, or an Aquarius with a curious amount of ankle bracelets? Wouldn’t you like to know the key to unlocking your mate’s inner passion? Understanding the Sun sign-body relationship can lead you both into unexplored intimate territory.

Imagine the zodiac wheel, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. Now picture a person’s body, or your own, from the top of the head to the tip of the toes. This is the map of the Sun sign-body relationship. Now let’s explore.

Aries – Head and Face

Kissing them passionately and whispering something sexy in their ear will not only get their attention, but will keep you on their mind long after the moment has passed.

Taurus – Neck and Throat

Throw your arms around the bull and profess your love and loyalty or plant your lips on their neck and seal your romantic future with a kiss.

Gemini – Shoulders and Arms

Keep your busy Gemini relaxed and happy with a gentle shoulder massage. Feel their thrill and excitement at your touch.

Cancer – Breast and Stomach

The center of the body is the center of Cancer’s sexual universe. Sensuous and touch-loving Cancer will be all too happy to reciprocate.

Leo – Back, Spine and Heart

Leo loves to be loved. Whether touching their heart through small thoughtful gestures or massaging their backs with attentive strokes, you’ll surely make them purr.

Virgo – Stomach and Nervous System

One look at a well-kept body, like theirs, and Virgo’s stomach will start to rumble. It’s a signal they should get to know you better. Relax their nerves as much as you excite their body and you’ll have an attentive lover.

Libra – Kidneys, Lower Back and Buttocks

What’s so sexy about kidneys you ask? Well, not much, unless you consider that they’re located near the lower back. Give extra attention to their body’s lower half, and pull them closer, then you’ll see what makes Libra the partnership sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio – Sex Organs

Having the reputation of being the “sign of sex” in the zodiac, it’s no wonder that Scorpio rules the sexual organs. Stroke Scorpio with steamy hot affection and attention, and you’ll have them chasing after you morning, noon and especially night.

Sagittarius – Hips and Thighs

Massage their inner and outer thighs, grab their hips and hold on tight, and the Archer’s affections will aim straight for your heart.

Capricorn – Knees, Bones and Skin

To anticipation-loving Capricorn every touch is innuendo and invitation. A simple hand on the knee or stroke of their skin will awaken a world of hidden delights they’ll wish to share.

Aquarius – Ankles, Shin and Circulation

Massaging Aquarian’s ankles or adorning them with eye catching baubles appeals to their desire to be different and can alight the kinky corners of their mind.

Pisces – Feet

Pampering pedicures and sexy, strappy sandals appeal to Pisces’ fantasy-loving nature. Wrap those feet around your lover like a second pair of hands, they’ll love you head to toe.

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