Sexual Pitfalls by Sign

Could your sex life use some pizzazz? A little more passion, intimacy, variety or frequency? Each astrological sign has its talents and pitfalls in the bedroom. Your Sun (individuality) and Mars (sexual needs/desires) reveal not only how you can achieve sexual fulfillment, but potential stumbling blocks as well. So if you’d like to put some sizzle into your sex life, read your Sun and Mars signs below.

Aries: With lusty Mars as your ruler, your passion burns brightly, but it may burn out too quickly if you don’t take your time in bed. Also, achieving true intimacy may require you to ignore the thrill of the chase with someone new. Being sensitive to your partner’s needs by tuning into their responses will heighten your enjoyment as well.

Taurus: You have a deep well of sensuality, but still waters will stagnate unless stirred by new energy. That’s a nice way of saying you can be lazy in bed. Sameness can be comfortable to a Bull, but boring to their partner. Strive to energize your sex life by trying new techniques and locales on occasion, and initiating some spontaneous romps.

Gemini: As a mutable Air sign, you’re the master of sexual versatility. But you’ll need to get out of your brain and into your body to enjoy a deeper level of sexuality. Being too visually oriented can also block your instincts. Turning off the flow of thoughts will awaken your body’s responses and connect you with your partner.

Cancer: For you, sex and nurturing are joined together, which makes you an exceptionally caring lover. This may cast you in the role of mother or father, however, which will give you control but hinder your enjoyment in bed. Releasing control and letting your lusty side out to play will help you achieve sexual equality and satisfaction.

Leo: Your fire brings out the passion in nearly everyone you touch. You like to show off your pleasuring skills, much to the delight of your partner. However, your strong will, flair for the dramatic and need for attention can be overwhelming to quieter souls. Enjoying the subtler elements of foreplay will deepen the intimacy in your relationship.

Virgo: Because you notice every detail, you’re adept at knowing what pleases your partner. But you may need to ignore the less-than-perfect circumstances surrounding some bedroom romps. It’s okay to enjoy a sexy tryst if the dishes aren’t done or your e-mails aren’t answered. Over analyzing your sexual needs and desires will cut off your feelings as well.

Libra: As a thoughtful lover who’s willing to please, you enjoy satisfying your partner as much as you like being pleasured. But your need to be balanced and ladylike (or gentlemanly) at all times may make it difficult for you to let your instincts take over. Quieting your mind and giving yourself permission to get naughty will awaken your sexuality.

Scorpio: Getting naughty isn’t a problem for you because you’re naturally attuned to sexual desire and attraction. Your intensity makes you hard to resist, but this same intensity can scare you away from true intimacy. Feeling vulnerable and out of control are difficult for you, but letting go of emotional boundaries will deepen the intimacy in your relationship.

Sagittarius: As a fun-loving Fire sign, you’re game for just about anything. Your humor, high energy and playfulness heighten the enjoyment between you and your lover. However, staying sexually interested during the quieter, intimate moments of daily life can be challenging. Focusing on the deeper emotional/sexual connection in your relationship is your mission.

Capricorn: As a sensual Earth sign ruled by Saturn, your staying power between the sheets is legendary. However, your natural sense of responsibility and need for control can make it difficult to fully enjoy yourself, at least until you’re older. Then all inhibitions will fall away, and you’ll enjoy sex well past the time your peers were carousing in bed.

Aquarius: Your willingness to experiment in the boudoir means your sex life will never be boring. Expressing your deeper needs and desires to your lover is your challenge. With Uranus as your ruler, you can appear detached sexually, which means you may attract an emotionally superficial relationship. Coming from the heart will help you manifest a deeper connection.

Pisces: Your exceptional intuition attunes you to the sexual needs of your lover. You’re not adverse to a bit of fantasy, either. However, your passive nature may find it difficult to initiate sex. And your otherworldliness can make you out of touch with your body. Focusing on the physical, which includes eating, touching and exercise, will strengthen your sensuality.

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