Sensitive and Powerful Men

Powerful men usually aren’t known for their sensitivity. Great ambition can override the subtler messages of the heart and soul. But there are some noteworthy exceptions. Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Tiger Woods and Owen Wilson are examples of famous men whose sensitivity is still alive and well. So what makes these guys so special? Let’s take a look at their charts to see.

The Neptune connection
Neptune is the planet of empathy and intuition. It attunes us to the needs of others. It inspires us to help the underprivileged. In its negative form, it’s the planet of denial and disillusionment. Most important, Neptune is our direct connection to Spirit. If Neptune is a major force in your chart, you’ll be somewhat “Neptunian” in nature. That is, hypersensitive, intuitive, sympathetic and easily disillusioned. This is particularly evident when it’s the Sun or Moon being influenced by Neptune. So it isn’t surprising that the main commonality in the charts of these sensitive men is a powerful Neptune.

Sensitive leader: Barack Obama
Being a Leo, President Barack Obama is a natural leader with plenty of charisma. His emotional nature is described by a Moon in earthy, practical Taurus or quick-thinking, versatile Gemini, depending on his time of birth. With his Venus in Cancer, his love style is nurturing and receptive. But it’s Neptune square in his Sun and Mercury that gives him a sensitive spirit. Watery Neptune douses some of the fire of his Sun sign, so Obama is less ego-driven than many Leos. The Sun-Neptune influence also indicates the lack of a father (the Sun) while growing up – Obama’s father left the family when he was age two. Neptune dissolves boundaries, and this blurring of boundaries shows up in Obama’s mixed racial heritage – Obama’s father was African while his mother was white. In his early years, confusion about his self-image caused him to dive into Neptune’s darker waters through drugs and alcohol as a way to escape. Fortunately, he found his strength through his faith. All in all, this sensitive Leo is a spiritual seeker who leads with his heart.

Sensitive humanitarian: Jimmy Carter
Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President Jimmy Carter is a typical Libra. Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libra rules equality, fairness and peace. Carter’s work as a diplomat, monitor of international relations and advocate of human rights are true manifestations of his Sun sign. Additionally, his Moon and Saturn in Scorpio give him the determination to transform a war-ridden world into a place of peace. Like Obama, Carter has a strong Neptune. A square between Neptune and Moon in Scorpio directs the passion and power of Scorpio into the desire to help the underprivileged. Neptune also conjuncts Carter’s Venus, which heightens his sensitivity in relationships. In typical Neptune fashion, the soul of this diplomat is in sync with the wounded of the world.

Sensitive sports hero: Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods may be a superstar in the world of golf, but he is also an excellent example of a sensitive Neptunian who is using his influence to help others. Striving to be a good role model, which he says is more important than golf, he established The Tiger Woods Foundation and the Tiger Woods Learning Center to serve disadvantaged kids. Additionally, he is a devout Buddhist and credits his faith with keeping his less admirable qualities, like stubbornness and impatience, at bay. Walking the straight and narrow is associated with Capricorn, which is Wood’s Sun sign. Moreover, his Moon conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius is the mark of a visionary and teacher (Sagittarius) to those in need (Neptune). This influence is undoubtedly what prompted him to build a learning center. Woods is accessing the highest energy of Neptune.

Sensitive actor: Owen Wilson
The wounded artist, healer and lover all fall under the domain of Neptune. Actor/screenwriter Owen Wilson is apparently one of Neptune’s wounded. The star of such films as Shanghai Noon, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited was rushed to the hospital recently after a reported suicide attempt. Needless to say, Wilson has a powerful Neptune in his chart. A zero-degree conjunction between Neptune and Sun in Scorpio heightens the emotionalism of Wilson’s Scorpio nature. This extremely close blending of Neptune and the Sun is a double-edged sword. It gives Wilson great sensitivity, but also makes him easily hurt from being so vulnerable. Neptune can display the dark side of its energy by bringing out one’s self-destructive tendencies. This is the Neptune challenge for Wilson, which is intensified by the dark side of his Scorpio Sun, Mercury and Neptune (and possibly the Moon as well, depending on his time of birth). Wilson will overcome this challenge if he can tap into the transformative power of Scorpio and the spiritual inspiration of Neptune.

A strong Neptune influence gives us the ability to connect directly with our higher power. But first we must see past the seductive illusions Neptune throws our way – the striving for wealth, glamour, fame and power above all else – to what is true for us. By embracing our spiritual nature and seeking our truth, we can access the positive side of Neptune and realize our soul’s destiny.

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