Your Saturn Horoscope for July 2013

Great Potential for Results

Saturn trine Neptune on July 19 brings hard work to fruition. Coupled with Jupiter trine Neptune two days earlier, this could be the break you’ve been waiting for… if you’ve been working hard enough.

Read on to find out what Saturn has in store for you this month!


Opportunities for success abound if you pay attention to the signs and be careful where you step. Patience is uncharted territory for you, but by taking things slowly, you’ll reap the rewards.


Someone may surprise you. Or better yet, you’ll surprise yourself. For while you may continue to feel frustration surrounding your relationships (personal and professional), your measured approach is paving the way for positive change.


Congratulations, Gemini. You’re finally feeling like yourself again—confident and brave. Is it the product of all your recent hard work despite the obstacles, or is it what enabled you to undertake the work in the first place? You decide.


You’ve been seeing results for some time now, crab. The good news is that period continues provided you stick to your guns and your morals. The key here is that they’re yours, not society’s or what anyone else expects of you.


For the first time since this Saturn cycle began last year, you have an outward opportunity to create relationship shifts if you’ve done the inner work the ringed one has been asking for. Seize the white flag when a loved one waves it.


Support rains down just when you need it. Express your appreciation and you’ll see a connection deepen. Be mindful of joint finances, but don’t give up hope for a positive outcome. Everyone—and everything—is shifting right now!


Provided you’ve been consistent, you’ll see a financial breakthrough. It may be smaller than you’d like, but it’s significant and you will be able to benefit. This is progress. Don’t stop now.


The potential for a breakthrough is very real for you right now, stinger. Stay the course—even when it shifts due to your accomplishments. There’s still a ways to go to the final destination, but you’re likely to be taking a positive turn!

“Whether you want a job, a house, a friend, a mate, lead with your strengths.” – Psychic Reed ext. 5105


The loose ends of your life are starting to be tied up. This has not been easy, but you’re beginning to see where it has been fruitful. The transformation is taking hold and while there’s still a ways to go, you feel yourself growing.


Yay! All that networking Saturn has been pushing comes to fruition this month, goat, with an offer or opportunity for expansion. Be cautious, but optimistic. The stars are shining down on you, urging your success.


You may be brought to boiling point. Whether the events unfold positively or negatively depends on your reaction. Remember, tragedy can beget transformation for better or for worse.


The spiritual growth you’ve sought is beginning to take hold. Transformation of self—and the planet at large—is possible with focus. And for the first time in a while, you can see the Sun on the horizon. Keep going!

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5 thoughts on “Your Saturn Horoscope for July 2013

  1. c.wright.thru.u.

    infinite Divine blessings to you and ALL.
    ever-increasing love, light, well-being, wholeness, gratitude, appreciation, success, abundance, freedom, ascension to you and ALL.

  2. suzy de bus

    Tamara is by far the greatest; and I haven’t had a reason to call her, and don’t want to bother her, but I miss talking to her

  3. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    Saturn energy is so often viewed as limitations, obstacles and restrictions but I have always preferred to perceive it as stabilizing and clarifying… it allows us the opportunity to slow down and take a careful look and apply a well thought out approach.

    Great article!


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