Your Neptune Retrograde Horoscope for 2013

Neptune Knows No Boundaries

Neptune, the gorgeous planet that may have an ocean of diamonds beneath its pale blue outer atmosphere is feeling right at home in Pisces. This is a time of romance, dreams, wonderful music and films and mystical experiences. Soulmates appear, and your dreams can be prophetic.

It’s going to appear to retrace its steps in its orbit from June 6 through November 13, 2013. Neptune’s energies flow and surround us, sometimes in a delicious, magical state, while at other times, we can feel overwhelmed by confusion. That’s because Neptune knows no boundaries or separation. It brings awareness of the eternal bonds we share with others.

Did someone special appear or disappear during the first week of February or since that time? Neptune is on its way back to its location during that time and will arrive there in mid-November. You could return to that time and that love that may have seemed lost. Old wounds can heal. With Saturn and Jupiter forming a wonderful Grand Trine during this period, those confusing circumstances from earlier this year can finally find clarity and love can flow. Are you ready to heal old wounds? Let a love path reading help guide your healing. Talk with Psychic Justine ext. 5402 to get started.


Activities behind the scenes in your life and ancient memories are emphasized during this Neptune retrograde cycle. Career, home life and parents offer opportunities. Dreams are prophetic, and karmic relationships arise. What might seem to be a sad ending will bring a wonderful new beginning, particularly during the summer months.


Dreams that seemed lost could come true during the Neptune retrograde period. Friends bring important news, and relationships take a more solid form. In fact, you could actually get that commitment from someone special. Use your most loving communications to help assure this result from July through September.


There has been amazing inspiration, along with confusion around your career and partnerships. You are a master of defining everything around you in ways that allow others to understand, but nothing has been quite as it seems. The summer and autumn of 2013 will free you to enjoy more financial flow from surprising places, and your soulmate will finally begin to see who you really are.


The challenges in life haven’t been easy for you over the past few years, but the summer of 2013 brings wonderful relief. You’ll enjoy your creative ideas taking form during the summer and autumn of 2013, and travel could be especially fulfilling and enlightening.


The intensity you’ve been experiencing in sexuality and the occasional power struggle will reach a crescendo during the summer and fall of 2013. Communication is the answer to how you’ll be able to enjoy the passion while finding peace and harmony within.


Partnership issues have brought a combination of magic and confusion to your life during 2013. You’ll find that your dreams can come true in all of your relationships during the summer and fall of 2013, especially during your birthday period of late August and September.


You’ve been feeling somewhat “incomplete” in your relationships and your workplace lately, but hold on. You’ll find so much being resolved and real growth in both these areas during the summer and fall of 2013. Past studies can be applied to your public image, and you could enjoy a promotion this year.


Your creative life has been nothing less than inspired during 2013, yet the work involved in sharing your efforts with the world has been nearly overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you never get a break, even though you have a certain sense of fulfillment. You’ll be thrilled with the flow and breakthroughs during the summer and fall of 2013. Get a detailed forecast for this summer and fall from astrologer Psychic William ext. 5131.


Demands at home, or with a partner or parent have given you a sense of satisfaction in 2013. Then again, they’ve been overwhelming. You’ll receive real benefits from all of your efforts during the summer and fall of 2013. There could well be an inheritance or a financial gift from a partner to make you feel appreciated.


Any incomplete communications during 2013 will rise again for your attention, but this is great news. As you resolve these issues, you’ll find a wonderful, new, loving and positive partnership or group of people with shared interests. Then you’ll really gain traction for your goals.

“Decide what you will do each week to move toward your goal.” – Psychic Blythe ext. 5339


Your finances have been strange during 2013. While there has been confusion around where needed funds would come from, you somehow knew that surprise gifts or jobs would take care of the situation. There will be an even better flow from unusual sources during summer and fall of this year, and you’ll have good career news.


At last! Your home situation will be resolved during the summer and fall of 2013, and your creative juices will be flowing beautifully once this concern is removed. Travel and studies will bring perfect inspiration, so seize those opportunities.

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