Your Saturn Horoscope for May 2013

Subtle Transitions

The changes may be subtle, but they’re happening if you’re allowing Saturn’s lessons to sink in.

Read on to find out what Saturn has in store for you this month!


You’re still shifting gears and adjusting to a new paradigm. Perhaps you’re still setting it up. Whatever the case, leaving the old way behind feels right to you. You may feel lonely or lacking for the loss of old support systems. You’re not.


Let’s face it, Taurus, you’re the bull for a reason. However, being stubborn will not serve you well whilst Saturn tries to shape you. Compromise is the order of the day and if you try it, you may find flexibility freeing.

Are you stiff, strict and stubborn? Learn how to be more flexible with advice from astrologer Psychic Lucrecia ext. 9326.


The more you grow internally, the more you benefit externally. It’s hard when in process (just ask Scorpio, who has it the hardest at the moment!), but if you stick to the process and commit to personal development, the world will reward you.


You may feel as if something is holding you back this month, Crab, like you’re so close, but just can’t seem to get over the finish. Thank Saturn. The good news is, with consistency and commitment your path will soon clear.


If those old issues are still hovering around, Leo, you haven’t yet learned your lessons. Growth is found when you accept responsibility for your own role in your current situation, even if it wasn’t intentional.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t beat yourself up. There’s a lot being asked of you these days and all in an effort to bring out your plentiful communication skills. Express yourself and your point of view in all you do.

“Communication is the key to confidence.  Know yourself, find your voice, speak up and be decisive.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435


If you’re putting your lessons to good use, you’re making headway, Libra. If you’re remaining trapped in old patterns that should have long been abandoned, you’re not. It’s that simple.


You must learn to put yourself first. It’s no easy task, but if you aren’t caring for yourself, everything else (the very building blocks of your life) starts to crumble. Saturn implores you to accept this.


You get great fulfillment from helping others however, you must accept that you’re doing so without expectation of recognition. Now is not the time for accolades; it’s the time to be useful.


Do you feel as if you’re surrounded with possibilities? Like you’ve fought the battle and earned your right to the spoils? You have, Capricorn, and you have Saturn to thank. Enjoy what’s coming your way slowly but surely.

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People are beginning to see you differently. The question is, how do you see yourself? Great changes begin with setting goals that are in line with your own highest good and deepest desires. Start there and prosper.


Patience and consistency go a long way toward forming your future. Your talents are expanding and Saturn supports this while traversing your fellow water sign. What areas interest you deep down? Learn all about them.

8 thoughts on “Your Saturn Horoscope for May 2013

  1. martha

    for the last few days i feel like i dont belong and like just because i changed the old me im left out of things will i go back to the right path and i also felt like i helped others when they have fallen but if i fall nobody is there to help out so i ask is there anyone who can make me feel better like me being in a relationship or something

  2. jomarie corpuz javier

    If you are not interested, please no more I had enough. My brain ifs weskening, because I need to know if my love life will bloom again with the king that I have chosen. If not, need to find someone who will be there for me for the rest of my life. Living with no saddness and loneliness. My life has to back on track. If this game icontinues I can not be there for anyone, but be on my own. Im still in love. But I just dont know for how long. This a.m. is the only chance, jeremy manutai you have until 330am using and opening the front door unlocked I will be on the couch waiting for you. <3


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