Your Saturn Forecast for September 10 – October 9, 2013

Look to the Horizon!

Even though Saturn (the planetary taskmaster) emerged from a retrograde in July, it has remained in the shadow zone, where it will stay until October 14. This is why progress has been hard to come by. This month, however, the rumblings of progress can be heard, even if actual motion is still a little ways off.

Read on to find out what Saturn has in store for you this month!


Your awareness is increased, so it’s a time to trust your intuition. Action is not yet necessary, but if you pay attention now, you’ll be able to understand nuances in a whole new way by the time it is necessary.


Saturn currently favors new associations. You’ve been struggling a lot with how you relate to others, but the clouds are parting and you’ll find yourself connecting with new people or with familiar people in new ways.

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Using your talents to manifest abundance is key. You’re in a phase where all your hard work (if properly placed) is about to pay off, provided you remain authentic in your actions and interactions.


Oh, workaholic Cancer. The time has come to set aside the doldrums and details in favor of a look at the bigger picture. Imagine your ideal life. This is what you should be striving for.

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Spiritual pursuits are favored as you have the opportunity to finally embrace the impetus for change that’s been knocking on your subconscious. What has been flitting around in the abstract could become real now.


Your ability to assess yourself realistically is at a high. Turn that razor-sharp perception on yourself and you may find you’ve grown and changed quite a bit. If not, you’ll see where there’s work to do!


Change is slow, but steady. And with the appearance of heretofore unseen opportunities, you’re beginning to see a way out and will forge ahead. Career shifts are favored as are new jobs in your current field.


While your mind (and heart) are alight with speculative possibilities, you’re smart enough to ground them in reality. It’s about time for the onslaught to slow so you can enjoy the spoils professionally and romantically.


Things are coming to a close. It’s a perfect time to tie up any loose ends that have been haunting you, however distantly. Ignore them now and they’ll continue to come up until you address them.


Saturn is on your side, Capricorn—helping you to advance professionally and increase your understanding of your own needs. This may also lead to a new or deepened romantic relationship.


What do you value, Aquarius? That’s the question to ask yourself this month as you begin to see possibilities heretofore thought impossible. A restructure is needed, but you’re still in the incubation phase.


Increase your knowledge base as it relates to your goals. By doing so, you set yourself up for favorable odds. Hold onto the vision you have for the future and it will come to pass.

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6 thoughts on “Your Saturn Forecast for September 10 – October 9, 2013

  1. D.Gordon

    I for one do not believe that mediums are able to for see love relationships in anyone’s life. I’ve had many reading by different mediums regarding love relationship in connecting with a mate, none have ever come true. If a reading is showing the medium that there is no further mate in the reading, this should be let know and not give false hopes and have anyone sitting around waiting and hope that their reading will come true……because the medium choose to not be clear or honest with their information.

  2. Sherry

    Saturn is not a bad planet. It only smacks us if we don’t do what we are supposed to do. I’ve had more blessings come to me with Saturn conjunct my Natal Sun than at any other time. Nothing bestows treasure like Saturn can. But for sure, we will have earned these blessings. None of the planets gives us a free ride through life. That is Saturn’s legacy. Learn it well, everyone.

  3. Bella

    ROMANCE FOR US CAPRICORNS HUHHHHH !!! Okay sounds 2 good 2 be true lol lol …. are YOU SURE its talking about US CAPRICORNS BCZ OUR LOVE LIFES HAVE BEEN. IN THE CRAPPER A LOT / excuse me BUT 4 most of this year lol lol .. thank you bella … 🙂


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