Romantic Escapes by Sign

Are you a world adventurer or do you prefer to cozy up in a little romantic getaway not far from home? Of all the places you can go, let your astrological sign be your guide. See how to choose an ideal vacation spot whether you travel the world’s highways and byways by car, boat, train or plane – or even via your favorite armchair with an exotic travel book.

Of all the places you can go for a little R & R (romance and relaxation) with your love, why not follow the stars? Travel is seductive and a truly refreshing way to put some sexy back into your relationship. Find out which destinations are most alluring – from a Ram’s tasteful desires to The Twin’s need to be in two places at once. There really is nothing sexier than a change of scenery to get in the mood to express yourself between the sheets in a temporary lair away from home.Make your next getaway everything you and your astrological lover ever dreamed of.

Bon voyage!

Capricorn loves the glitz and the glamour of traveling to elegant, tasteful locations and lodging in the most stately of grand hotels. Give them cities with lots of culture, museums and good shopping like Montreal, New York, Paris, London or Hong Kong. Pick a place where all of their needs will be met easily and comfortably so that your Capricorn will be packing a smile throughout the entire trip. There won’t be any off-the-beaten track adventures or wild nights out when on tour with a stable, income generating Cap, but do expect to nestle in for some first rate, five-star lovemaking.

The rainforests of Central or South America, or (closer to home) the more temperate rainforests of Olympic National Park in Washington state will appeal to the water-bearer’s interest in all things eco-green. Whale watching on the Pacific Coast with a group of like-minded travelers, or a boat tour of Iceland‘s captivating fiords are the kinds of uniquely interesting adventures that quirky Aquarians crave. Wherever you go on land, find spots where you and your Aquarius can dine, chat and rest among the locals. When you’re finally tucked in for the evenings, the stimulating days will inspire provocative nights – no doubt!

Pisces will go along for any ride as long as the destination is tranquil, serene and gives this sensitive sign a chance to express themselves. A sunny cruise along the Mediterranean with stops to see local art and scenery, a winding drive along California‘s picturesque craggy Northern Coast, a yoga retreat near a watery shore, or a snorkeling trip to one of Hawaii‘s quiet spots are the kind of dreamily romantic trips that soothe a Pisces soul. Relax them further with a starlit late night soak in an outdoor Jacuzzi and your little fish will unwind right into your arms for the night.

Destination hopping, from city to city, or from activity to activity, appeals to the romantic sense of adventure in your Aries. A seven day “hit and run tour” of New England‘s original colonies by car, (Aries will do most of the driving, of course) checking off as many historical sights as you can drive by in a day is the Ram’s idea of a perfect sightseeing vacation. Heli-skiing or hiking in the mountains of British Columbia or Colorado, river rafting anywhere the water’s rapid, or exploring the wine and champagne highways of France by ten-speed are getaways that stir an Aries heart and soul and arouse even more sport after dark.

From camping to taking in the Seven Wonders, wherever a Taurus goes to get away, they prefer to walk in beauty and rest in it as well. Santa Fe, New Mexico with it’s art, music, great dining, interesting architecture and relaxing spas has just the right mix of laidback culture and creature comforts that this sign is just plain “bullish” for. Exploring castles in Europe, or the great summer homes of America’s historical “royalty” in Newport, Rhode Island, San Luis Obispo are the kinds of sexy getaways that inspire the greatness of their sensual affection.

Gemini’s prefer to travel the shortest possible distance to excitement, even though they are happiest when, in effect, they can be in two places at once. An ideal scenario: waking up in a hotel in the heart of London to enjoy a breakfast of tea and crumpets, then taking a short train ride back in time to explore the Roman city of Bath, then heading back to the city for a night of clubbing. Cities with loads of culture like Tokyo and Hong Kong, or quiet destinations like Cabo San Lucas that come to a different life after dark, give Gemini the opportunity to stimulate both the mind and senses – the ultimate foreplay for this sign!

Crabs are happy anywhere near the water, or on the water, as long as they pack the kids or someone they love along with them. They long to explore family roots in their hometown or an ancestor’s country of origin. Antique hunting in Provence is perfect. New York City, Maui, Spain’s Costa del Sol and Australia are just some of the destinations that can provide an intimate adventure. No matter who is along for the ride, they need to book some romantic alone time with their partner to seal the whole romantic deal.

With a taste for the dramatic and the good life, Leos will find absolute pleasure and adventure in show-off cities like Monaco, London, Washington DC or Vegas. A luxe safari camp in Africa‘s lion country is sure to appeal to their wild side. They prefer castle-like accommodations in a city where they can sleep among kings, queens or other esteemed dignitaries. The excitement and elegance will open a jungle of lusty urges for lively Leos. Be prepared!

The perfect trip for this lover of intellectual and practical pursuits is one where they can relax, enjoy and let go because someone else had the responsibility for all of the exotic details. A spa in Switzerland with its first class food and pursuits of physical luxury is an ideal destination. A dose of exotic culture in India, an exciting cruise along the Nile, or the neatness of a classy American city like San Francisco or Boston where the concierge has mapped out the best shopping, restaurants and museums, will allow Virgos to de-stress and rejuvenate with their lover after hours.

A seductive trip that appeals to Libra’s love of nature, music and romance is what puts any Libra on the road to bliss. A destination that’s artsy like Vienna, with its divine music festivals and old world charm as well as Paris and London, where culture is key, call to their sensibilities. Aspen, Colorado with its mountain high views, hidden treasures like the Maroon Bells, its summer music festival, good eats and small city fun, is the kind of trip that’s sure to put their loving feelings in balance – day or night.

When a Scorpio says they want to get away, they mean it. Go for a desert island or a private beach with a snorkel and bikini – and no communication devices (read: cell phone) for absolute heaven. Destinations that are hot, muggy and near the water will appeal. Florida, from Miami to the Keyes with its sweaty, sexy vibe, hopping night life and lots of water based activities, will put this traveler in the mood for love. More exotic locales like Morocco or Bangkok satisfy their craving for a mysterious adventure.

Sag’s are the adventure travelers of the zodiac, who can have fun almost anywhere they can explore nature and have lots of pleasurable, irresponsible fun. Try a tour of Napa Valley where you can cycle around the area’s small towns of St. Helena and Calistoga, go hot air ballooning over the mountains and wine tasting at valley vineyards. A mud bath and massage at the day’s end will leave your Sag ready for a bedroom romp in a cozy country inn by nightfall. Australia, New Zealand and the Canadian Rockies (including Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper) will also captivate their adventurous spirit.

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