The Astrology of Relationships

Did you know that each of your relationships has a personality, even a consciousness and separate existence all its own, quite apart from the personalities of the people involved? And sometimes that personality can be very different, even challenging. Even large organizations have this kind of separate consciousness or being.

There are two ways to learn more about this fascinating subject: astrology and psychic readings. Some psychics perceive this separate relationship personality or consciousness as what’s called an “overlighting angel.” Some see it as a spirit guide that serves the relationship, rather than the individuals.

What You Need

Astrology, on the other hand, maps the detailed nature of this separate being by using a process called “midpoints,” which will be explained in a moment.

Although you can learn a lot about a relationship from simply having the birth month, day and year of the people involved, you can get far more accurate and detailed insights if you have not only the birth date, but also the correct birth time and place for each person.

This additional information allows you to calculate the Moon, which describes the emotions and beliefs of a relationship, and the Ascendant (Rising Sign) and house placements of the planets, which in turn tell you a lot about the interests, focus and purpose of the relationship.


A midpoint is, quite literally, the geometric point in the 360-degree circle of the zodiac which falls between two of the same planets.

However, it’s not as simple as saying to yourself, “well, that person is an Aquarius, and I’m a Virgo, so the sign between our Suns must be Scorpio, and we must have a Scorpio relationship.” If, say, you were born on August 26, your Sun would be in the early degrees of Virgo. If your Aquarius was born January 31, then your composite Sun would, indeed, be in Scorpio. But if your Aquarian’s birth was, say, February 16, then the composite Sun could be in Sagittarius. This would be a very different sort of relationship, adventurous rather than emotionally intense.

Just the Basics

But let’s assume, for the moment, that you are interested in someone, or you’re struggling with a particular relationship, and aren’t able to find out birth details beyond date and year (you must have at least these two bits of information).

With just a birth day, month and year, you can, in almost every case, figure out the composite position of each planet, so you would know with some confidence about the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto of the relationship, but not the Moon, Ascendant or Nodes.

Now What?

The more you know about the various astrological signs and the nature of each of the planets, the easier it is for you to understand the gold mine you now have at your fingertips! Here are some hints.

The ascendant not only describes the “personality” of a relationship, it also makes the all-important determination of what houses the planets occupy and, thus, where and how the relationship is most focused.

The Sun sign of your relationship describes its basic nature and interests. If you have a Virgo or Capricorn relationship, it’s likely to be businesslike and efficient. In a Gemini relationship, you’ve found someone who’s really fun to talk to. And so on.

The Moon describes the emotional nature and perceptions of the relationship. Venus shows shared values and the way the relationship experiences caring, while Mars indicates shared activities and interests, and where ego can help or hinder. Jupiter points to luck, opportunity and positive thinking. Saturn indicates structure, duties and restrictions.

The astrological signs of the Nodes, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto aren’t usually as important, because unless there’s a big age difference, they’ll usually remain the same. However, their house placement, which requires birth time and place for everyone, can indicate important destiny or karmic information.

This gives you what you need to not only make the most of your relationship, but also to successfully steer it past potential problems!

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  2. Sunset Check

    It’s fascinating how the planetary alignments can have such a strong effect on some people, including myself! I known when it’s a full moon I can always feel a bit of electricity in the air…

  3. thelovelyducklingthelovelyduckling

    Thank you, Verbena!

    How I love the simplicity with which you explain astrology. By explaining the concepts in their most basic way, you have given me insight beyond what I already had…obviously, it isn’t much! 😉

    Many Thanks,

    Duck 🙂

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