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Most of my “Psychic Workouts” are designed to access the powers of your mind, but equally important are the powers drawn from energy in nature. One of the most powerful and beautiful aspects of nature is found in the night sky — the moon. The sheer beauty observed in a clear night sky is astounding. For thousands of years, the moon, stars, and planets had significant influence over Earth and our livelihood.

Most traditional magick took place by the light of the moon, drawing upon the different energies that the moon radiates depending upon the phase of the moon’s cycle. You too can reconnect with your shadow side and learn to coincide with the moon’s energies to assist you in your undertakings.

In order to begin working with the energies of the moon, you need to understand her cycles. For starters, the moon travels through its cycle every 28 days, making approximately 13 moon (or lunar) cycles in a calendar year. There are four primary phases of the moon. New Moon (Dark Moon), Waxing Moon (Waxing Gibbous, First Quarter), Full Moon, and Waning Moon (Waning Crescent, Third Quarter).

New Moon
The appearance of the absence of the moon in the sky is referred to as the phase, New Moon, or Dark Moon. As this phase marks the period of “new,” this is the time to begin new projects, begin seeking a new job, or launch a new business. This phase is the onset of growth for the moon, and your ideas and endeavors will begin to grow as well.

Waxing Moon
Three days following the new moon, the waxing moon unfolds, and you will begin to see a thin sliver form in the sky. (Round, on the right side of the crescent.) As the moon continues to grow, it will reveal the familiar crescent moon shape that is often associated with celestial graphics and artistic renderings of the moon. When you become consciously attuned to this phase, focus on goals to expand and increase aspects of your life like the romance in your relationship, the money in your bank account, or increasing health awareness.

Full Moon
You may have heard that more babies are born on a Full Moon, an increase in injuries occur, and crime rates soar. Statistically there is truth to this, but the belief behind the explanation lies in the moon’s gravitational pull and the energetic effects that it has on us. As the moon reaches the point of its fullest, you may experience a feeling of restlessness, overwhelm, and increased tension. Projects appear to be stacking up and in immediate need of completion. Use this full moon energy to tackle projects that have been sitting on the back-burner, or those dreaded projects which you can no longer procrastinate. The extra push behind the Full Moon’s energy will aid in successful or “full” completion. The roundness of the full moon is also associated with the divine feminine womb and the corresponding phase for fertility and conception.

Waning Moon
After the moon has achieved its full phase, (approximately 14 days after the New Moon), the cycle reverses and the moon begins decreasing in size. Once again, the sliver begins forming in the sky, however the direction is reversed, as the waning moon now appears round on the left side. The crescent slowly begins to grow darker, until completing the cycle. This is a time of clearing and preparation of a new foundation, to which seeds of desire can be planted in the following new moon phase. Is it time to end a relationship, remove negativity in the workplace, or shed a few pounds? Use the waning phase of the moon to gracefully dissolve unwanted aspects of your life just as the moon gracefully dissolves in the night’s sky.

The moon’s energy can be compared to the idea “as above, so below.” That events occurring in the heavens, affect occurrences here on Earth. What do you want to increase or remove in your life? Let the moon be your guide.

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