Pluto in Capricorn

What if you could know in advance about profound changes headed your way that will transform your life? Would you take some steps to prepare for them? Well, powerful Pluto is making a major shift, so we thought we’d offer a preview of what’s ahead.
After predominantly spending 13 years in Sagittarius, Pluto starts its 16-year transit through Capricorn in November 2008, which is sure to rattle our comfort zones to some degree. Pluto can cause quite a bit of upheaval. Its purpose is to destroy outmoded ways of doing things. And since Capricorn rules the status quo, government, oversight and big business – actually, the foundation of our society – it means this influence will shake up the foundation of how we live.

We’ve already seen some decades-old institutions crumble (or need government bailouts), which is just the tip of the Pluto iceberg. The way to make friends with Pluto on a personal level is to eliminate what’s not working in your life, whether it’s an attitude, material possession or a relationship that’s wrong for you. Then you’ll be freer to fulfill your true destiny.

So how do you prepare for this cosmic shift? First, we’ll take a look at how Pluto works. Then we’ll get more specific about how Pluto in Capricorn will influence each sign.

Self-knowledge is the key
If you’re aware of where you need to be in life, and what changes you need to make to get there, Pluto can heighten that awareness by purging your life of attitudes, material possessions and people holding you back from fulfilling your destiny. Pluto is seldom gentle, so get ready to face up to reality and let go of what you don’t need. On the other hand, if you’re in the dark about your direction because you don’t examine your inner life, Pluto will cast off your blinders by making you face the real you.

Charts matter
Just how it will do that depends on where Capricorn resides in your chart, and if Pluto is aspecting (influencing) your Sun, Moon or planets. For instance, if Pluto enters your Capricorn-ruled 7th house of marriage, your union will undergo a transformation that will either deepen your connection to your mate or, if you need to part ways, dissolve the marriage altogether. If you’re single, Pluto will transform your attitudes about marriage so you can attract your true partner. The same can happen if Pluto aspects your Venus. It’s all about eliminating the junk so you can be more authentic and live your true path.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Earth signs will have their personal power and spiritual life transformed and empowered by Pluto in Capricorn. For Taurus, Pluto will transform your ability to see the bigger picture of your life, so you can live your true destiny. It will also empower your faith and your ability to manifest your aspirations. For Virgo, Pluto will empower your creativity by helping you focus on projects close to your heart. Speaking of heart, Pluto will also eliminate negative attitudes (and people) pertaining to your love life so you can manifest a deeper love connection. And if you have children, your connection to your kids will be transformed as well. For Capricorn, Pluto will have a profound affect on how you see yourself and your role in the world. The urge to transform your appearance – and how you appear to others – will be intense. Most important, your personal power will be strengthened so you can live your destiny more fully.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Water signs will have their relationships and communications transformed and empowered by Pluto in Capricorn. For Cancer, Pluto will transform your attitudes about marriage, and how you use your personal power in relationships. If you’re in a union, Pluto will transform how you relate to each other and deepen your tie – or help you cut the connection if you’re wrong for each other. Watch out for power struggles along the way. For Scorpio, Pluto will heighten your influence through words by transforming how you communicate. Your words will have power, so be careful how you use them. Pluto will also transform your relationships to your siblings and perhaps your neighbors as well. For Pisces, Pluto will transform your friendships, eliminating negative people and bringing in influential friends who can assist you. Participating in group activities will challenge – and eventually heighten – your personal power. Pluto will also transform your ideals.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Air signs will have their inner life transformed and empowered during Pluto in Capricorn, a great time for meditation and therapy. For Gemini, Pluto will transform your sex life by helping you tear down emotional walls you’ve erected to keep you safe. Being vulnerable enough to embrace true intimacy will be the challenge. For Aquarius, Pluto will bring past emotional issues to light and help you heal the past. Meditation, dream analysis and past-life regresion can bring profound insights. For Libra, Pluto will transform your relationships with family members and help you eliminate negative family patterns learned in childhood. You may also get the urge to remodel or redecorate your home.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Fire signs will have their career and finances transformed and empowered by Pluto in Capricorn. For Aries, Pluto will transform your career goals and heighten your influence at work. The challenge will be finding a balance between taking control of your projects and cooperating with others. For Leo, Pluto will transform your daily work routine, empowering your work by making you more creative and efficient. Pluto can also transform your health by helping you devise a diet and exercise makeover. For Sagittarius, Pluto will transform your relationship with money by eliminating negative attitudes about prosperity. Embracing an attitude of deserving abundance will empower your earning ability.

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