The Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at Elongation

The Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at Elongation

An Astrological Double Whammy

January gets off to a roaring start with both a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 and Venus at elongation on January 6. These heavyweight planetary events bring intensity to the start of 2019.

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The New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, covering up the Sun. Solar Eclipses only happen at the New Moon because that’s when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. There are between two and five Partial Solar Eclipses per year. Historically, Solar Eclipses were seen as omens of destruction, disaster, and the downfall of rulers. With the life-giving light of the Sun obscured, it’s as if you’re operating with a partially full tank. Hence, you’ll lack the vigor to take life at your usual pace. And your activities will lack the energy needed to thrive. Even though the New Moon is all about new beginnings, under the shadow of an eclipse, your activities aren’t likely to get off to a good start. Therefore, it’s a good time to put the brakes on and save your energy.

Venus at Elongation

Venus at elongation means that Venus is at its furthest distance from the Sun. You could say that Venus has gone rogue, doing her own thing and ignoring the rules of the game. Considering that Venus reaches elongation in the sign of Scorpio where her energy is at its weakest and the planet acts the least Venus-like, you’re in for a wild ride. What this means is that certain liberties may be taken in love and relationships. People may also exhibit their most selfish behavior. Jealousy, obsession, and romantic intrigue could peak, so caution is advised.

And while the Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at Elongation operate independently of each other, it’s an energetic double whammy because they occur almost simultaneously. Here’s what each Sun sign can expect:


A very private and intimate faux pas could go public if risque behavior gets out of hand, thanks to the Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at elongation. Make sure that your desire doesn’t make you do something you’ll later regret.


Full-on obsession could create problems in a relationship, thanks to the Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at elongation. Your actions may be surprising and out of character. In order to correct course, you’ll need to step out of pursuit mode and consider the bigger picture.


A lack of support for a work assignment could tempt you to defy the team and do things your way. Assistance will be available, although it might not be what you were expecting.


There’s no limit to what you’ll do to attract attention. Be careful that you don’t take romantic fun and games too far. Relationships are fragile and require tenderness and care at this time.


What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom, especially if something crazy is going on. In addition, posting on social media will attract unwanted attention and create stress for all involved, thanks to the Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at elongation.


Disappointment in a romance could inspire you to gossip about it or reveal confidential information. It might feel good to vent, but the consequences could be disastrous. Are you willing to take that risk?


Lack of boundaries about money can lead to an upset in a relationship or could wreck your solo budget, thanks to the Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at elongation. The hole you’re trying to fill won’t be conquered by cash or possessions. Your heart needs something more.


You may not be as sneaky or as savvy as you think, so it’s best to avoid engaging in risky behavior. Take a seat and think this one through before you damage your reputation.


An affair or risque romance might be thrilling, but is it really worth the risk? Even if no one finds out, there’s still a price to pay for compromising your values. Are you willing to pay that price?


Be careful not to overstep boundaries with a friend. In the event that stronger feelings develop, you’ll need to be especially careful not to act before the time is right. Can you control yourself until then?


Insecurity could inspire wildly inappropriate words or behavior. Therefore, it might be better to take a seat until your confidence returns. No one needs to see or hear you in this state.


You might be out of your element when it comes to a romance, thanks to the Partial Solar Eclipse and Venus at elongation. You two aren’t playing by the same rules. However, if you want a future together, you need to get real about what’s happening here and now.

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