Numerology: Your Expression Number

What’s in a Name?

In numerology, it is believed that your name is not an accident. Rather, your name is a vibrational manifestation of your presence and your personal expression.

Your Expression Number is determined by the name you were given at birth. If you were adopted, or you have legally changed your name through marriage or for other reasons, that new name is another layer to who you are, but your birth name is the foundation.

Your Expression Number identifies your talents and abilities. It tells you where you excel and where you might still have some work to do in this lifetime, and it’s one of the main numbers a numerologist would look at when doing a basic numerology chart.

The Numerical Value of Letters

This alpha-numerical key that will help you decipher your name’s code:


Finding Your Expression Number

Take your first, middle and last names and write them on individual lines on a page. Next, write the number that corresponds to each letter underneath using the key above.

Add each line—first separately, as in first name, and then middle name, and then last name. Reduce each individual number down to a single digit (see the examples below) unless it is a Master Number (11, 22 or 33). Once you have a number for each name, add them up (reducing the total number to a single digit)—with the exception of the Master Numbers. When figuring out your Expression Number, you would not reduce any Master Numbers to a single number.

Example No. 1, First Name – Michaela Lee Smith

49381531= 34 reduce to 3+4= 7
355= 13 reduce to 1 + 3 = 4
14928= 24 reduce to 2+4= 6

Now add 7 + 4 + 6 = 17, reduce to 1+7 = 8

Michaela Lee Smith’s Expression Number is 8.

Once you’ve found your Expression Number, read the brief explanation below highlighting the positive side of your Expression Number’s meaning:

Expression Number 1:

You are independent, an innovative thinker and a pioneer. This is the number of self-made millionaires, political and world leaders and masters of inventors.

Expression Number 2:

You’re a sensitive personality. You often act as second in command, being the mastermind behind the scenes who makes Expression 1-type people look good. You rally groups together with ease.

Expression Number 3:

You are creative, bubbly and expressive. One could imagine you on the stage showing your artistic, creative talents and making people smile.

Expression Number 4:

You’re the analytic type. You excel at working in a structured field with set guidelines such as in law or accounting. Even if artistic, you bring form and structure to your work.

Expression Number 5:

Fun, frolicking and freedom could be your three favorite words. You may not want to hear it, but adding just a bit of structure to your life could lead you to success. Achieve the success you want and find out what’s blocking you with a numerology reading from Psychic Catherine ext. 5116.

Expression Number 6:

You are caring and selfless (almost to a fault), putting the needs of others before your own. You do well as a counselor or teacher since you’re so good at bringing ideas and groups together.

Expression Number 7:

You’re the truth seeker—always looking for answers to everything that interests you. You love research, analysis, philosophy and many other subjects. Meditate to quiet your mind.

Expression Number 8:

You are a go-getter, and you usually get what you want. You have the ability to yield real power and position, but to reach the pinnacle of all you can achieve you must find balance.

Psychic readings reveal hidden strengths and talents that can lead  to a new job.” – Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146

Expression Number 9:

You are an optimist who likes to see the good in everyone. You’d do well as an environmentalist, counselor, teacher—you are great helping people tap into their unused brain resources.

Expression Number 11: (Also read 2.):

You are a sensitive soul who holds more power than even you realize. Through your subconscious awareness, you can work through leading with raw emotion to find balance.

Expression Number 22: (Also read 4.):

You are a leader and pioneer who lives without the walls or boundaries that hold others back. Your gift is your ability to inspire others, but you have to realize your gift to bring it to life.

Expression Number 33: (Also read 6.):

You are known as a “Master Teacher.” In both the practical and spiritual realms you understanding is immense and your wisdom is honored by helping others. You have the ability to teach those who seek your wisdom.

19 thoughts on “Numerology: Your Expression Number

  1. LJ

    Thank you to all that responded – Yes, Anna, in my studies I’ve come to notice that too – looking at my own astrology – numerology and other disciplines to see the connections – it’s very revealing.
    to Eric Simiyu TEMBA – there is no “10” in numerology – if you’re a 10 then you are a #1 – it’s the lowest single digit number (besides the master numbers) – read #1 and see if it works for you –
    Thanks everyone – I wish I could answer you all individually – I say, if you have answers you’re looking for, it’s definitely worth the time to invest in a professional reading … it will be so worth it and you’ll be glad you did it.

  2. Anna

    Thank you. Mine was spot on. Scary but amazing. So weird how your name, DOB, zodiac sign, etc… all coincide and relate to each other & actually match who I am. Thank you.

  3. Amarindar Singh

    My number is 1 and now its might be a hopefull sign for me. Now I would work more hard than before and then i’ll see the effect of these lines. could you tell me something more about it as i am looking forward to start a new work…
    I will be very thankfull of you…

  4. mjtyme

    Wow that was amazing. It really fit what i am all about. Now i know i still have work to do in my life. Meaningful work in the entertainment field. Thanks a Million.

  5. maria elena antonio ferrer

    i want to talk a pshyque and especially ms rose ariadne but it is very expensive to connect do u have a skype yahoo messenger and viber account so that we can talk and ask me very important questions? thanks and God Bless to you all guys!!

  6. jen

    my first name when reduced is 8 , my middle name is 33 and my last name is 22….how do i read my expression number? do i belong to 8 and 33 and 22 ??? pls enlighten me, thanks.


    Originally my parents gave me name as BHIMDEV But my second name was given as RAVINDRA
    and have been using that for all my life. I have been through lots of difficulties and ups and downs in my life. My full name is RAVINDRA(BHIMDEV) PRALHAD SHIRVALKAR. So what is my primnumber and destiny number. Pls help me understand. Thanks

  8. kerry

    WOW, thank you for your amazing information, It appears my Birth/Life path number is 33,
    my Expression/Destiny number is 11, & my Heart’s Desire number is 22.
    Its funny that, I always believed myself to be a jack of all trades and master of none 🙂
    But thank you, as I am embarking on my true life path finally/hopefully, you have aided my efforts with your encouragement through numerology.
    Your information blows me away.

    Thankyou and Warmest Regards

  9. LJ

    Hello to All:
    Quinn, thank you for your metta waves you know I love a good vibe feeling. Your support is awesome and appreciated – and I can’t wait to the weekend forecast.
    Milka: You can easily find your expression number by using the key above but you need to take into account your middle name (if you have one) and your last name. Why not get a full numerology reading done, then all of your questions will be answered.
    To Marie and Marie (two people or one) I don’t know your lucky lottery numbers, but I will say that the luckiest day of the year was on June 19 when Jupiter and the Sun joined forces … the energy may still be strong, if you want to run to the lottery store and take your chances. If you feel it, it’s worth it. Good luck to you (both?)

  10. G.Bhuvaneshwari

    I’m working in a Developers & Promoters company. Will I be able to fulfill my dreams? I have one male baby (2.5) Years his name is Diganth. My dream is diganth. Gime me some sujjestion

  11. marie

    can a reading supply me with hopefully lottery numbers that I may be able to win my states lottery????thnx marie!!!!plz w/bck!

  12. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    love the new charts for figuring out your numbers/letters.
    this is something that the blog readers should print out so they can do other peoples number scopes – always good to know who you are dealing with!

    thank you LJ for your wisdom on numbers. just express yourself. 😉

    metta waves ~~~~


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