Your LOVECAST®: Stormy Interactions

Your Love Horoscope

A wild mix of influences from Monday through Thursday can produce some stormy interactions, particularly on New Year’s Eve. Lunacy is in the air, so be especially mindful while driving. Interestingly, the highly energized New Moon in Capricorn occurs on New Year’s Day, which can awaken and energize your resolutions for the coming year. A gentler vibe sweetens romance during the weekend. Best days for socializing: Saturday night and Sunday. Happy New Year! Here’s your Love Horoscope!

Aries Love Horoscope

You may feel like a volcano ready to erupt at the start of the week, so take some time to get centered before socializing. If you’re paired, expect a stimulating tête-à-tête with your sweetie. The New Moon offers a career opportunity/shift within the next few weeks. Your heightened intuition guides you toward love during the weekend.

Taurus Love Horoscope

A friend or lover will see you as the bastion of sanity during a stressful week, according to your Love Horoscope. It’s not like you don’t feel the intense vibes, but you’re better able to stay grounded during the turmoil. You may meet someone special during an educational or spiritual activity after the New Moon. A group gathering can bring romance this weekend.

Gemini Love Horoscope

A conflict with a lover can prompt a change of perspective about your love life. What’s more, the New Moon illuminating your sexuality may prompt you to purge an emotional issue, attitude or habit that hinders intimacy. A financial opportunity is in the works as well. Romance may come through your work or a public event this weekend.

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Cancer Love Horoscope

You may need a serene time-out if intense emotions, either yours or someone else’s, unhinge you. Or, maybe it’s time to clear the air by speaking up. The New Moon can prompt a desire to make some changes in a relationship, but try not to take action until the weekend, when you’ll gain a greater perspective about love.

Leo Love Horoscope

Your fired-up intellect empowers your words and ideas now. As such, you may need to strike a balance between expressing your opinions and keeping silent in the name of harmony. The New Moon inspires you to get organized and improve your health. An infusion of fantasy or artistry will heighten passion during the weekend.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Your love life may swing to extremes this week, which can be stimulating or even enlightening, but also trigger a whopping control issue, according to your Love Horoscope. It’s probably best just to go with the flow. Fortunately, the weekend can bring a delightful tryst, while the New Moon accelerates romance and awakens your creativity in the coming weeks.

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Libra Love Horoscope

Your normally harmonious nature is getting walloped by Mars (the planet of anger) in your sign, at least until Friday. This means that being tactful, cooperative and compromising may be all but impossible, especially with your partner and family. Journaling and exercise will help. Fortunately, the New Moon brings a fresh perspective about your home life.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

An overreaction to a work or money issue is likely. On the upside, the New Moon can provide you with a moneymaking idea (and other good ideas) in the coming weeks. Also, utilizing your brainpower by taking a class will energize you. Romance is sweet during the weekend, when love can be found during a party or performance.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

In a carryover from last week, social encounters can get squirrelly, and you’ll likely have little patience with a group project or troublesome friend. If a money issue is involved, the problem will likely be resolved just after the New Moon, which energizes your earning power. A cozy rendezvous at your abode can bring delight this weekend.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

A chaotic start to the week will begin to make sense around the time of the New Moon in your sign on Wednesday. It’s time to get in touch with what you want in your personal life. Surrounding yourself with spiritual or creative friends will uplift you on Saturday. A friendly gathering can bring romance on Saturday night or Sunday.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

You may be tempted to go to extremes in expressing an ideal or belief, which can unhinge a relationship. The New Moon heightens your intuitive powers and illuminates your past, according to your Love Horoscope. Toward the weekend, feelings may seem heavy on Friday, but expressing your imagination through your words and style will draw admirers on Saturday and Sunday.

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Pisces Love Horoscope

Those emotional boundaries I mentioned in last week’s Love Horoscope will help you deal with the intense emotional energy swirling around you. Still, a conflict may illuminate an emotional issue that needs healing. The New Moon can bring romance and other opportunities through a friend, group or community event. Your mystique and artistry inspire romance during the weekend.

7 thoughts on “Your LOVECAST®: Stormy Interactions

  1. Bella

    4 Michelle , I 4 got 2 say I don’t know who’s who lol but usually with typical rebellious Pisces & if UR a are true typical N nature form a Pisces , their – UR always are always out 2 prove how strong – very independent you are @ sometimes 1 might not mean 2 come on so strong however it might seem that 1 might tend 2 go over board a bit 2 prove 1s own point of view = can cause a Pisces – Capricorn power struggle causing the 2 , 2 butt heads lol lol + which might translate 2 needy ness by or N a CaPRICORNS mind / our ways of thinking .. I know it’s not fair !!! I know from my own personal experience this is how I saw it interpreted it , which N all honesty all i was doing was being honest however I was still called a cold hearted B—-H very cold hearted around my heart which is clearly a damnable LIE bc I am truly – clearly not .. NO I’m just blunt & 2 MY point , it hurts 2 talk these days however I always DO speak my mind = I do say what i do mean 2 say & yes N very simple terms / & ASAP “” = I don’t know who’s who with y’all but FYI / this is gosh darn VIP 2 ALL CaPRICORNS “” #1 say what you need 2 say & ASAP ONLY – & N plain – simple terms 2 with us “” BCZ most of us CaPRICORNS yes we are very few OF words I don’t know why but most CaPRICORNS are very reserved folks we don’t talk a lot & if it’s a man ITS A never lol 🙁 🙁 IF I might add !!! FYI I never did apologizes either 2 them either , but I told them it wasn’t my intent 2 be that way with hem however it just came across that way 2 them only with them being a typical Pisces they took me all wrong BCZ of my own Capricorn DNA mixtures – then mixed N with a typical Pisces mess lol well lol lets just say it didn’t mix well lol lol who was probably right well IT was neither 1 of us was that’s who lol 2 BE honest with you lol lol 😉 … “” I am what I ISA is “” be blessed lol lol 😉

  2. Nikki

    To Reem El, I am female virgo in my late 30’s. I have several family members ans friends who are virgos too so I know. We are simple yet complicated if dealing with someone who is not a communicator. We can be inreovertes at times but tend to get restless. So being social is equally important. We aremore comfortable sharing aocial moments with people we are comfortable with. Being a good friend is important. Typically very pratical but likes the finer things in life.. cars, fashion, art. We are more confident when accomplishing persanal goals and even more so when a thay special someone is reassuring us of their love and admiration of us. Which by the way doesn’t hv to be sexual all the time. Just simply making sure we’re ok, taking initiative to assist us or verbalizing concern for what’s on our minds. We are constantly thinking and can become indecisive or even insecure if not apprecited by someone. This our most negative trait as is usually accompanied with criticism of ourselves mostly bur others as well. But really the criticism is mostly due to us wanting things or people to be right. I’m currently going through some rather trying times in my love life and its has consummed my whole state of mind. Lonely, confused, feelings of attracting men I don’t like or men I do like but who want a superficial casual affair. Virgos knw they’re not perfect but also knw they’re worth. But it ses we syruggle to find true love and happiness in relation. If u truley like a virgo,ake sure u know how they feel abt u. They’ll b honest. Then give it time, show them you are willing to go the distance. LEARN them.. they’ll want to anything for u and with u.

  3. Bella

    4 Michelle yes Water signs usually does work well with us CaPRICORNS , however & i do mean ASAP PLEASE dump his ass ASAP – = leave him his ass RIGHT where he IS @ too which is NO where , no offense but he’s not gonna change his ways , which == HE IS not N a committed relationship with you AT this current time either == ASAP plz leave his ass – N the past PLEASE let him go ASAP & as N yesterday 2 , otherwise trust me your only gonna cause ONLY yourself “”ONLY”” more heartache … 4 N the long run trust me ON that 1 plz … Yes it might hurt but get over it why BCZ it’s a brand ——– NEW YEAR full of all hopes – promises 2 , – so yes = why BCZ I know Your gonna be okay without his ass FYI … Be blessed be safe & I wish you a very happy 🙂 new year 2 you – 2 yours .. 🙂

    psps & OMG if he’s a male Capricorn OMG & I don’t mean 2 hurt yr feeling however unless UR very secure person N your own self IF he’s a — MALE Capricorn plz run like hell ASAP … My ex was 1 yes I loved him very much but 2 hell with all his BS lol so guess what lol I I went – got me excuse me he found me but he’s a NICE — MALE Scorpio 10 + years 2 my JR 2 , umm humm my friend .. Lol after I finish up with all my drs BS I just might presume his gorgeous BUTT 2 lol lol .. yes my friend dump yours – his ass ASAP , better yet plz leave his ass N the dust where it’s @ which IS no FN where !!! “” it ISA what it is “” & ummm humm 2 lol lol 😉 Happy new year !!!! 🙂

  4. michelle chermak

    I was just woundering about pisces & Capricorn do you really think we could make it work I try but he says he is in love with me but sometimes I dought it because one moment where together all the time and then the next moment I don’t here from him for weeks and then he will call me out of the blue and want to see me for a night and then he disappers again for about a week I need to know if he is just playing me or if he does love me and is just scared to show it because of his last three breack-ups divorces and my last two

  5. Bella

    Thank you 4 my love 4 cast , yeah it’s graded that way 2 … Happy New Year 2 all PLZ be blessed – safe out there !!!! 🙂

    Hey NYC dr S said no she don’t won’t me 2 do NO flying age we talked about it I guess I missed that memo & but that don’t mean NATA !!! No – I have made up my mind yet however my deciding factor might be – my baby boy has a cold he got some meds @ the vet 2 take .. FYI I got a rabbit now 2 , either way he or I can’t FLY – travel & dr S pointed out she told be NO flying 6 weeks ago 2 & especially my recent bleeding BCZ of jcb BS along with all with my previous bleeding she said NO !!! I don’t know YET let me think about it , she said I can – GO – come later on N 8 days unit then NO BCZ I’m under the -my strict 2 -6 week post OP BS crap !!! She said , NO But I replied 2 dr S mans lol it’s New Years N Times Square lol lol i don’t know man lol ?? FYI I tried like hell 2 get come 2 NYC 4 an all expensive $$$ paid holiday lol she accused me of bribery 2 said this – that was extortion 2 I replied bribery yes but N NO legal – legally no extortion – legal laws being broken = a HOTT water though 4 me if I get caught lol lol I’m sure I wasn’t helping my case lol lol .. However she still said NO 🙁 lol lol 🙂 We will see !!! Ask Kiki what else she said 2 lol drs S wasn’t amused , I replied ummm Hummm it’s being – taking with under – advisement we see & I march 2 my own beat – I always have + it’s my bday 2 New Years Eve N NYC OMG. I know lol lol … 😉 😉 Don’t know YET !!! 🙂


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