New Moon in Sagittarius

It’s time for some merriment as the New Moon in sassy Sagittarius on the December 16, 2009 brings out your zest for life. How does it it affect your outlook later this month?

Sag is a fun-loving fire sign that’s always seeking the next adventure. This energy can heighten your optimism by expanding your vision of what life can be. It inspires the belief that the Universe has your highest good in mind. Sag can also prompt you to widen your horizons by learning something new. What’s more, Venus in Sagittarius will be dancing with the Archer until Christmas Day, giving romance a dose of adventure and optimism as well.

Read your Sun and ascendant signs below to see what gifts the New Moon can bring to your life.

Aries: Seeking out new places and people is the theme of the New Moon, which amplifies your need to expand your horizons. Participating in a cultural event, going on a trip or taking class will help fulfill this desire. Getting in touch with your spiritual life, whatever that means to you, will enable you intuit your future path.

Taurus: The New Moon energizes your need for an intimate encounter, but first you may need to analyze and eliminate old emotional patterns that hold you back from fulfillment in love – and other areas. Throwing out material stuff you don’t need will bring a new sense of freedom as well. Consider paying off or consolidating some debt, too.

Gemini: Interactions with your significant other are energized by the New Moon, so plan some activities that will inspire and energize your relationship. If you’re solo, someone compatible may enter your life, or at least you’ll have a better idea of the kind of partner you want, which will help you manifest someone special.

Cancer: You’re especially intuitive about where your professional life is headed, so keep your eyes open for opportunities to expand your work. Participating in a charity project or lending a helping hand to someone you love will bring satisfaction, too. The New Moon will also help you revamp your diet and exercise routine if you’ve been slacking in those areas.

Leo: Romance accelerates as your fun-loving side makes your irresistible. It’s time to get in touch with your heart and express your love. Close friends who inspire you will bring joy, too. Opportunities can be found through parties and entertainment. The New Moon also fires up your artistry, so access your inner muse and get creative!

Virgo: The New Moon inspires you to build a home that mirrors who you are. Creating a beautiful ambiance and throwing a party for friends (or just for two!) will show off your sense of style and energize you emotionally. Spending time with family members and working out any differences that arise will uplift you as well.

Libra: Whether it’s a heartfelt talk with your sweetie or a brilliant idea that advances your career, the New Moon heightens your brainpower and exceptional way with words. Networking can bring personal and professional opportunities, including an online romance. The travel bug says a trip may in the stars for you, so hit the road for some fun!

Scorpio: The New Moon focuses on your values and money making talents. It’s time to get your priorities straight, analyze your spending habits and keep your eyes open for any financial opportunities headed your way. Believing in your abilities and having faith that the Universe provides abundance will empower your ability to attract prosperity.

Sagittarius: Your ability to realize your dreams gets a blast of energy from the New Moon in your sign! Archers are often scattered creatures, however, so to reap the blessings headed your way, you’ll need to get in touch with your inner guidance and get clear about what you want. Remember, what you focus on is what you’ll attract.

Capricorn: The New Moon prompts a deepening of your spiritual life and helps you resolve he past so you can move forward. Now is the time to let go of resentments and tie up loose ends. Meditation, spiritual discussions and just taking some time alone will heighten your clarity so you can perceive your direction and make better choices.

Aquarius: The New Moon turns you into a social butterfly by bringing fun, fascinating and helpful people into your life. Activities with old friends are energized as well. Opportunities can be found through networking, community endeavors and group activities. Participating in a project that helps the underprivileged will bring satisfaction.

Pisces: Your career gets a boost from the New Moon, which brings a new cycle of energy to your work. Now is not the time to hide your gifts – the spotlight is on you! Networking with colleagues, promoting your projects and sharing your expertise will bring opportunities to advance your career, so get out there and shine.

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  1. Randy

    I still don’t see the conection. May be just as well because I don’t think I am the kind for long term love relationships I was single for eight yrs. my last devorce single now a yr. I think I will wait to be happy y myself don’t even like the thought of devorce so I don’t believe in the magc three.


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