New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini on June 12, 2010 can ignite your inner genius, poet, flirt or explorer during the next two weeks. That’s because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, communications and travel. What’s more, Mercury is in Gemini through the 24th, which will heighten your brainpower as well. Discover how to benefit from these influences by reading your Sun and ascendant signs below:

Aries: The New Moon energizes your way with words, making it an excellent time for promoting your ideas and projects. You’ll undoubtedly feel restless to learn something new or explore a new locale. Look for opportunities while traveling. Journaling your thoughts and feelings will bring insights about your inner life and outer direction.

Taurus: Because the New Moon boosts your earning power, it’s important that you explore any moneymaking ideas that come to you during the next two weeks. Networking with people who are financially savvy can open a financial door as well. Also, getting in touch with your values will strengthen your sense of purpose.

Gemini: The New Moon heightens your charisma and launches a new cycle of opportunities in your personal life. It’s time to share your thoughts and feelings with those around you, which will bring opportunities to realize your goals. The urge to expand your knowledge can inspire you to explore new ideas, places and social connections.

Cancer: Your unconscious is being awakened by the New Moon, which will intensify your intuition, dreams and insights, all of which can help clarify your direction. Resolving and releasing the past will increase your emotional freedom. Taking some quiet time each day to get in touch with your inner life will bring a sense of inner peace.

Leo: Widening your social circle by meeting new people is the focus on the New Moon during the next two weeks. Networking with friends, participating in group activities and getting involved in your community will bring opportunities. It’s also time to get clear about your aspirations, which will make it easier to manifest them.

Virgo: The New Moon heralds a new cycle of energy in your career. Promoting your ideas and making new contacts will help launch a new path — or expand the work you’ve already started. Getting out into the public and sharing your knowledge and expertise will enhance your reputation and, in turn, bring career opportunities.

Libra: The New Moon encourages you to envision the bigger picture of your goals. It’s time to expand your vision of the future by getting in touch with your life’s purpose. Participating in spiritual activities will awaken your connection to Source, while increasing your knowledge through a class or trip will open your mind to possibilities.

Scorpio: Increasing sexual fulfillment through the release of negative emotions is the focus of the New Moon. Verbalizing your sexual needs and desires will energize your sex life, but first you’ll need to break through and heal any emotional blocks you may have that keep you “safe” from the potential pain of opening your heart.

Sagittarius: The New Moon is all about partnership. If you’re paired, focusing on shared activities will strengthen your relationship. This twosome energy will also help you work through any issues that arise. If you’re solo, the New Moon can open a door — in your heart and/or in your outer world — through which a compatible partner may enter.

Capricorn: Your work projects and health regimen get a boost from the New Moon. Networking with colleagues and verbalizing your ideas will bring opportunities to expand your work or find a new job. It’s also an excellent time to reassess and revamp your diet and exercise routine. Volunteering your skills to those in need will bring personal satisfaction.

Aquarius: Romantic possibilities await you during the New Moon period, when your charisma is fired up. If you’re already paired, now is the time to let your inner romantic out to play by sharing activities, projects and interests with your sweetie that are fun, energizing and entertaining. Creative projects and activities with children can also bring fulfillment.

Pisces: Your feelings get a dose of intellectual power during the New Moon, making it easier to express yourself. Combining your sensitivity with your brainpower will bring personal opportunities. It’s also time to improve/beautify your home environment so it reflects your true self. Using your imagination to host a party will bring satisfaction.

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