New Moon Forecast for May 2012

What Dual Gemini New Moons Mean for You!

Investigation and information gathering are the orders of the month! With both May 20 and June 19 bringing New Moons in genius Gemini, this Lunar cycle gives us all not one, but two opportunities to harness the powerful energy of twins. This is a time for innovation, when brilliance is on display—but don’t lose track of your emotions in the process and be ready for the unexpected. It’s a decidedly intellectual influence that will force us to think… and things could get confusing at times.

Solar Eclipse on May 20

The New Moon in Gemini and bi-annual Solar Eclipse brings with it long-awaited breakthroughs, and the start of a fresh lunar cycle that will last until February 2012 (courtesy of the Moon’s reset to zero degrees Gemini). It also warns of unanticipated moves or events that throw everything into question. People have talked of earthquakes and floods, but you should take these warnings on a more personal level—upheaval is in the stars, figuratively if not literally. Change is in the stars and it could shake your foundations.

If you’ve been mulling something over for some time, your plan will become clearer now, but it’s not yet time to act. Rather, begin taking steps to make it a reality, starting with practical research that takes recent paradigm shifts into account. The facts and opinions you collect now will help put you into a stronger place when the time to act comes, likely with Leo in a few months. For now, just remember Mercury’s energy is at the fore, and we all know how mercurial she can be! There are positive aspects to this influence (you’ll be sharp, alert and capable), too.

“An astrologer can see from several aspects in a chart compatibility between love and marriage partners.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

New Moon in Gemini on June 19

While less overtly powerful than her predecessor (there is, after all, no eclipse involved), the second New Moon in Gemini offers you a chance to reassess, and a second opportunity to put your feelers out. You will really be able to feel the alignment between your desires and your commitment now, and any lingering questions should find answers. The overall energy of Gemini is one of constant change, which can be intimidating or scary even, but encompasses the nature of life itself.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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11 thoughts on “New Moon Forecast for May 2012

  1. Randy

    Hey Julie
    I don’t know if your facts and time is in order I loved the reading. Here’s what I’m saying the power of this starts on the 20th and goes until Feb. The closer you get to Feb is the stronger it gets. It also says something about changes just be aware of this and reread very close I’m a guy, But one time long ago I threw all the eges in the basket and I was left holding only memories of what i thought would be. I pray this doesn’t happen to you. They say it is better to love and lost than to never love at all. I heard these words after the fact. I’ll sincerly pray about this with you. Your friend in the walk of life becareful.

  2. Patricia

    I am assuming that you mean February 2013, not February 2012 as stated under Solar Eclipse on May 20.

  3. Juan

    Will I ever get over this last relationship breakup I had in Apr 12. Will I ever find the woman I am suppose to be with. This last relationship took me out completely where I almost lost it all.

  4. Patsy

    I hope that you have simply made an error but in the second paragragh you state that ‘a fresh lunar cycle that will last until February 2012’. If this is a true forecast for May 2012, should that not be February 2013?

  5. Helen A. Walker

    Thank you , but I am not a gemini,. I am a libra. I would like to know what is in store for me. Thank you.
    I am contiplating a move to another place. Where and when I do not know.
    I am sure I will know where and when the time is right. Thank you.

  6. julie d. hoggatt

    I am a twin, been in double scorpio, and i believe something is going to happen soon i can feel it . thank you for your in put. my boyfriend is a leo. juie d. hoggatt

  7. Clova Wolfe

    The fresh lunar cycle mentioned above should last until February 2013, which is in the future not 2012, which is in the past.


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