Your New Moon Forecast for September 2013

Practice Makes Perfect!

The Moon rules our emotions. Our emotions drive us to action. Each New Moon, then, marks a chance to wipe the slate clean and start on a new path—from the inside out. On September 5, this month’s New Moon occurs in steadfast Earth Sign Virgo, encouraging us all to plant our feet firmly and get down to work!

Here are three ways to maximize this influence!

Get Regimented

Virgo is all about routine. And while that may sound boring, our routines are what allow our lives to run smoothly. Now is the perfect time to implement a new routine. Whether that’s fitness and health or professional or social, the stars favor your commitments. Know what you want to achieve and take active, regular steps toward it in measurable ways. Virgo encourages slow, steady progress from a nuts and bolts approach.

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Find Enjoyment in the Small Stuff

Fastidious and sometimes unrelenting, Virgo has the ultimate eye for detail. While this can seem taxing, what it actually imbues us with is an appreciation for the little things. As you set about to simplifying, putting routines to work and leaning heavily upon order, there’s no better time to savor (instead of sweating) the small stuff. That favorite food, that moment to breathe, the way the flowers look in front of your house—whatever gives you the tiniest bit of pleasure, stop and enjoy it!

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Open Yourself up to Change

While it may seem like Virgo represents the opposite of flexibility, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A mutable sign, Virgo helps us grow by accepting that the only constant in life is change. We must always restructure ourselves and our lives to accommodate the energies at work. If you’re open to whatever new and exciting possibilities this summer has brought and are shifting gears to welcome and cultivate them, be sure to put that out there. Gear your routines towards what feels good now—not what you’ve been aiming for in the past.

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