Has the Cosmos Cracked?

2011 has certainly shown us that of all the things it COULD be, it isn’t static! Just a few weeks into this amazing year, we’ve learned that the Earth poles are shifting and birds are falling from the skies for “no apparent reason.” And now we learn that even the standard “Western” horoscope has been hiding an entirely different sign and could change everything! As if learning that Pluto isn’t a planet wasn’t enough for our brave, intelligent astrologers, now they have a new challenge.

In the words of my beloved writer and all-round brilliant curmudgeon, Dorothy Parker, “What fresh hell is this?”

I’m not an astrologer—however, I can appreciate the tremendous efforts and talent that is necessary to create a single natal chart. The precision of tracking the earth and all the other planets in our solar system is truly stunning!

The “new” sign is actually one that was recorded right along with the other twelve signs from the very beginning of this ancient art of divination. The decision to drop the challengingly named sign of Ophiuchus appears to have happened several centuries ago and, apparently, it had less to do with the tongue twisting name then it did with the aversion to my favorite number: thirteen. From the research I’ve been able to explore, Ophiuchus could put a whole new wheel on the wagon of natal news.

The irony is that I’ve never had a single trait connected to my “old” sun sign. I had spent hundreds on detailed natal charts done by some of the most highly respected astrologers around, and there was very little that seemed to pertain to my basic character. When people try to guess my sun sign, no one ever gets it right! Ironically, the sign most often applied to me is the very sign that the “new” horoscope would put me in.

The one thing that hasn’t changed about the Western horoscope is that, regardless of what your sign might be, the system for the determination of your forecast hasn’t changed. To quote Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Or, as I say, “You can put your boots in the oven, but it don’t make ’em biscuits!”)

Don’t despair. The man who stirred this particular pot of astrological panic is an astronomer, not an astrologer. He simply did a bit more research that ended up making good fodder for the media machines. A good astrologer is not swayed by this information. In fact, it appears that this particular bit of scientific information has been around since the days of Copernicus. It’s hardly new or earth shattering. And, apparently, it changes nothing.

So, unless you still have your old horoscope emblem jewelry from your disco days, and put a great deal of emphasis on one particular symbol, I would advise you to disregard this latest diatribe in the science vs. divination squabble. (And if you are still wearing your old Scorpio necklace, maybe you should trade it in along with your mood ring and polyester jumpsuit and start your ascent into the 21st century!)

In the meantime, embrace your own thoughts and explore yourself and your own motives and desires. Strive to be unswayed by anything that would fly in the face of your personal truth, no matter what it might be. For just as all divination tools are here to help us discover more things about ourselves and the world around us, the best way to find peace and balance is getting to know yourself as fully as possible. In so doing, your own psychic awareness sharpens and illuminates your personal path in all directions.

When you come across a challenge that is so close to your heart you can’t quite see around it, you can be sure that one of us here at California Psychics will be there for you… and we’ll continue to help you find your way in this ever changing world, no matter how much or how often it changes!

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2 thoughts on “Has the Cosmos Cracked?

  1. abigailx9570

    What a great article! which shows that wonderful sense of humor and compassion that you are so famous for ~ Congratulations on the Promotion too !

    Many Blessing


  2. lucy

    Hi Jesse: I wondered where that new information actually came from. Understanding it came from the science of astronomy makes so much sense. And, your humor evoked reason in me. Thank you for that! Lucy


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