Neptune in Capricorn: Your Role in 2012 is to Make the Impossible Real

Born With Neptune in Capricorn—1984-1997

Neptune in Capricorn is where dreams come into form. If you were born from 1984 to 1997, you embody the period when people were learning to develop a personal space to project to the entire world through their personal computers, even though they probably didn’t realize it. Their likeness, hopes and dreams were no longer limited to the people they met in person. They would join celebrities in being able to project their image and thoughts to the entire world. You were born amidst, and you live, this very tangible magic!

So now you’re coming of age. You went through all of the high-powered, high-speed tech changes we have experienced, and now it is time for you to reach into the magic you have been so comfortable with in a very solid form. Now it’s time to use your freeform imagination to create something powerful and compelling for the world. You are just the person to do it at this time!

Your natural grounding amidst the floating, ever-changing reality of humanity has served you well. Now is the time to swim into the watery depths of our dreams and fears and find a concrete way to dissolve the illusion around fear and to mold the clay that comes from earthy and watery collaboration.

While gentle emotion may not seem fit to the very public world of networking, making us far too vulnerable, this is the time to learn from the artists who bare their souls publicly and somehow survive. Watch them and see what they say about their art, as this is your journey in 2012. Believe it or not, you are ready for such an expansion in your life. Dive in and see what happens.

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17 thoughts on “Neptune in Capricorn: Your Role in 2012 is to Make the Impossible Real

  1. bonnie

    I was born in 1967, so, what does this year mean? I know that, as a Capricorn, I am very powerful, lucky, beautiful, highly intelligent, gifted, kind, spiritual, a strong, strong woman, brave, fearless, helper and healer… wow! I can go on and on how wonderful we Capricorns are… but most of all, I want to share, we’re pretty intelligent and loving. Nameste. Bonnie

  2. virgo

    I am terribly sorry there Carol mccorkle but by being married to an Air sign of which to me is an Air sign of (mental) you must be kidding you can do a hell of a lot better in 2013 by mqarrying another Earth sign like yourself ( material ) as you would find far better empathy and understanding and communication but for you you must learn too let go of your past and look forward to a far better future as you do not have any open communication what so ever as he thinks what you think in comparison and to me you can do a hell of a lot better as there is nothing worse than sex and money relationships as there is no trust within your grasps and i feel very sorry for you to put up with this Libran person within your life as your best compatability signs are a Capricorn like yourself or a Taurus or a virgo as they are your best compatible Earth Signs as you would find far better empathy and understanding within these souls, oh well the best of british as i have been married now to a Capricorn woman now for 15 years and have two wonderful Taurean boys to back us up and i could not wish for anything better oh well there Mrs Carol mccorkle the best of british and have a wonderful and most happy and prosperous new year.

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  4. carol mccorkle

    i am jan 12 l942………………..married to a libra………..tell me about my past and future

    what and why are the reasons we fit beautifully.

  5. carol mccorkle

    i am jan 12 l942………………tell me more……………am married to libra…………..what can

    you tell me about my past and future……………………t h a n k s…………..

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  7. Cherri

    I agree, you start out with, “Born with Neptune in Capricorn- 1984-1997”. I was born in 1956, what about us. What is my role in 2012.

  8. Krishna Vasudevan

    Hello Debbie,

    Your forecast starts off with “If you were born from 1984 to 1997 …”. Huh? What about the rest of us?


  9. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Debbie,
    How beautiful, I agree with you on so many levels, this is where we become enlightened on a deep high spiritual realm, we become the person we have longed to be for so long.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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