Neptune in Aquarius: Your Role in 2012 is to Define What is Truth

Born with Neptune in Aquarius—1998-2011

While everyone has something important to contribute during the major transition occurring around 2012, the teens and children born between 1998 and 2011 were born during the time of the development of cyber entities and personalities and of the great child sorcerer Harry Potter becoming a part of our lives. Your child or teen may not be battling evil sorcerers, but their intuitive instincts and creative abilities are a bit beyond the comprehension of you as parents—they are a new “kind of being.”

One of the main forms of guidance parents can give these amazing kids is helping them define the “truth.” This may not be as easy as it sounds, as these children tap into a magical world of creativity that could blur reality as we know it with reality as they see it, and it is a different world for them. Work with them to build a bridge between their reality and yours, and you will likely have a view of the future—a wonderful tool in 2012.

Coming into their teens, these children bring the newest forms of thinking. 2012 is a time when the oldest group of these children will be reaching teen life. This period is known for children beginning to stretch their wings and testing the world outside the family. There is much more emphasis on peer-age relationships and with this group, their perceptions cause them to communicate on a different level—a fast-moving language will become mixed with confusing emotions, which is normal for teens, but more intense with this group.

These children “resonate” with all of the energies around them and they will find emotional, sympathetic links with others that are difficult to understand, but very profound to them. They will be people/group-oriented in their approach to life, and will find artistic forms of expression never known before. These young people will give all of us the opportunity to be able to touch the future through them. All we have to do is be open to them and their ideas, and the new age we are approaching will be shown to us.

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  1. sukhdeep

    i dont want to know the truth about myself, as i know very well., thing is i just want to success because of some reason as i dont belong from such a high family so plzzz let me know what should i do according to you.

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    I wish to make great improvement in my life.i also wish to have good relationship or partner in the United States or Canada.


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