DreamCast: Find Hope in Hard Times

Mary from Little River, South Carolina writes:

I dreamed that an Indian maiden dressed in a white flowing dress and headband with feathers came through my front door as if dancing on bare feet. I cannot get her out of my mind. What can this mean? I am going through some hard times, and do have Cherokee Indian in my family ancestry.

Hello Mary,

My first impression of your Indian maiden is that she is here to uplift you and give you hope. She may symbolize your Cherokee ancestry or she may be your spirit guide. I suspect she is both. Dancing suggests joy, while being barefoot may symbolize your connection to the earth (you indicated you’re a Capricorn, which is an Earth sign). Perhaps if you reacquaint yourself with the beliefs and traditions of your ancestors, you’ll find some much needed strength, wisdom and inspiration.

I looked up your chart and discovered that your natal Saturn, the planet of hardship and accomplishment, afflicts both your Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer. That’s a heavy load to bear. What’s more, transiting Saturn has been triggering this configuration. No wonder you’re going through hard times! Fortunately, transiting Saturn is currently moving away from your planets, so you should begin to feel less constricted. What’s more, transiting Uranus has been hovering around your natal Jupiter in Pisces, and will be again at the beginning of 2012. You’re undergoing a powerful spiritual awakening, which I think ties in with your dream. It’s time to get in touch with the dancing maiden inside you!

Sweet dreams,


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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Find Hope in Hard Times

  1. S E

    I too am going though hard times. Recently I have had visions of a maiden looking out over a cliff over looking a valleyher long hair was blowing in the wind and she was pointing south beside her was an eagle or a falcon. another sign i have been giving is horses runnung and an old indian looking at me out of a waterfall. I too have cherokee blood. I went to Arizona and passed though a store very full of people in sedona and there in a pile of pictures for sale was the same maiden i had seen in my vision i didnt get a chance to buy the picture. before I left a native american store was closing down and I looked around didnt see much. The store manager put a navaho wedding vase in my hands with horses running i did buy this one. I feel as though I am at a fork in the road and dont know which way to go, I have taken the wrong road many times. I know the spirits are telling me something, What do you suggest?

  2. donna

    I believe the part that you need reacquaint yourself with the beliefs and traditions of your ancestors. I am Cherokee also and if I didn’t have this beliefs I would never had made it through some trying time in my life. It will give you the strength to get you through. Burn some sage or cedar give thanks to the creator and all living things. He put the living things here to help you. You will make it through sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but you do. I believe


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