Moon Conjunct Mars

Moon conjunct Mars in Libra starts the day off with heightened energy, and perhaps some irritations, too. Moon in Libra normally favors relationship activities such as heart-to-heart talks and shared projects. It also emphasizes compromise, legal agreements, equality and peace. However, the Mars influence adds some strife to the mix, which heats up issues pertaining to Libra. Perhaps a relationship problem will suddenly become prickly, causing an argument with your partner. Or maybe you’ll feel your boss is treating you unfairly by favoring your coworker’s idea. Mars can prompt you to lash out if you’re angry.

The best way to handle this fiery influence is to be patient and really hear the other person’s point of view. Then you won’t jump to conclusions and blurt out something foolish. Fortunately, Mars will back off as the day progresses, making it easier to share your feelings in a harmonious way.

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