Your Weekly Money Horoscope for July 8 – 14, 2013

Money Matters and Cardinal Energy

This week there’s a New Moon in Cancer on the 8th, but Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Aries) are at a hard angle to the Moon, making some things difficult. Cardinal energy may prompt you to start a creative project, especially when Mars enters Cancer on Saturday, but Mercury is still retrograde, so think but don’t act yet.

And a Splash of Emotion

Saturn goes direct in Scorpio also on the 8th linked to Neptune and Jupiter. Mars enters Cancer on the 13th. Water signs make emotional spending very tempting. Don’t make a purchase yet. Instead, wait for Mercury (also in water) to go direct.


As a cardinal sign you should definitely stick to your budget. The good news is Saturn goes direct in your house of other people’s money, so your partner may see a raise.


Set the stage for your financial success. All of the planets in water signs pave the way for introductions to important contacts. Charm them with your down-to-earth style.

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Jupiter and the Cancer New Moon in your earned income house are good luck for you and your money horoscope. Mars joins the click on Saturday to give energy to your endeavors.


Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mars and the New Moon all give you ideas about expanding your money-making abilities. Mars makes you anxious to start, but wait for Mercury.


The New Moon in your 12th house may spark some work-related problems, but that’s more to do with personalities than actualities. Just avoid disagreements and keep your eye on the bottom line.


All of the planets in water signs are working to make you the leader of the pack at work or in a working group. Don’t worry so much about the money because it will follow shortly.

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Even though the New Moon is sort of a no-Moon, it still shines the spotlight on you at work. Set your intentions on getting that promotion. The job and paycheck are waiting for you.


Karmic Saturn turns direct in your sign and all the planets in water give you support. With Venus in your career house, you’ll want to celebrate this money horoscope.


Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are all cheering you from the sidelines. A loan or sale goes through or your partner gets a raise. With the New Moon and Uranus anything’s possible.

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Pluto is retrograde in your sign so to say “No news is good news,” is a huge plus. The New Moon in Cancer makes life a little lighter, but you still need to mind the budget.


You have Jupiter and the New Moon in your house of daily work and Mars goes direct in the same house on Saturday. This means that money made through creative work endeavors should flow to you now.


You have the support of Venus in your daily work house this week, so you could see money from creative projects or future money from charming the right so-and-sos this week.

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