Minka Kelly, Derek Jeter Split

Sun Cancer / Moon Scorpio Minka Kelly has split with Sun Cancer / Moon Libra Derek Jeter… a shocking move, although no surprise if you’ve ever watched two Cancers try to interact with each other. Emotional overload and crossed signals galore!

E! Online reports:

We’ve all heard by now, Minka Kelly is going, going, gone from Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter’s life. Not to say we like it.

We really thought these two could make it for the long haul—after all, she just seems so, normal, compared to some of the women he’s dated in the past. Hello 1998… Mariah Carey?

Plus, she’s down-to-earth and successful and he’s a gifted athlete who’s always professional, so they just seemed like the perfect match. Sigh.

Well, anyway, there are no cheating rumors (as of now), no bitter words, no nasty public battle going down between these two. So what exactly did happen between the former lovebirds?

Here’s a timeline of their romance and things seem to have just ended so abruptly. Perhaps the Charlie’s Angel star, 31, gave her man, 37, a marriage ultimatum? See for yourselves…

September 2007: Minka is spotted in New York City out on a date with John Mayer and it’s discovered the duo are dating on the regular. Jeter has meanwhile just broken up with Jessica Biel, whom he was spotted with on a beach in Puerto Rico in early 2007 before they split.

December 2007: Minka and Mayer call it quits after quietly dating for a few months.

March 2008: Minka gives an interview to Men’s Health possibly foreshadowing what may have gone wrong with her and her baseball honey. “A man has to be passionate about something,” she told the mag. “He has to be focused and genuine. He has to have drive. I really believe that about our careers are our first loves.

What do you think… why did Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly split?

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