Numbers: Messages From the Universe

If you’ve ever gone through a period where the same number shows up again and again everywhere you look, then you know just how crazy people can get trying to understand a message from the universe. Yet interpreting these messages can be pretty straightforward once you’ve decided what method to use.

But there’s the rub. Do you use numerology, or Tarot, or Angel Numbers, or personal associations… or what?

If you already use one or more divination tools, chances are that your spirit guides and angels already know that, and will use that system to get messages to you. If the numbers trigger a memory, that’s your clue. If neither, then search the internet and pick the system that attracts you.


One of the more obvious ways to interpret a number that’s pestering you is numerology. Let’s take the famous 11:11 as an example. 11 is a Master Number, associated with visionary abilities, and most often 11:11 seems to mean that some magic and powerful moment is imminent, or that you should stay alert for visions and messages. Doubled numbers are the Universe’s way of adding emphasis.

But what if the number which haunts you is something like 143? You can easily use the numerology information on this website to figure it out yourself, like this: First, add 1+4+3 = 8. Then, looking at interpretations of each number, you can see that 1 represents the individual and new beginnings; 4 means solid structures and systems; 3 means communications skills and charm; and 8 means high-level accomplishment. Put them together, and you could conclude your guides were suggesting that you strike out on your own, build your own life structures that reflect who you truly are, start communicating about what you’ve built, and watch success happen!


Tarot is another excellent system, even if you still use a book to interpret the cards. It’s simplest to just use the 22 Major Arcana cards.

Say you keep getting the number 608. Six equates to the Lovers card, which, in addition to romance, is also about choosing a path, or making an important choice. Zero is the Fool, representing either complete lack of awareness, or that moment when you step out of your past and into an uncertain future. Eight is the Strength card, and usually shows a woman gently taming a lion. Together, they might mean that it’s time for you to choose a new future, even though you’re scared or friends say you’re crazy, because you’ll find the calm strength to tame your fears and find harmony if you’ll just take that first scary step.

Don’t let the fact that you’re dealing with numbers and symbols intimidate you. Just look at the interpretations for the system you decide to use, and allow the meanings to percolate. They’ll become clear within a couple of days, after your conscious and unconscious minds have had a little time to work on it. It’s called using your intuition!

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4 thoughts on “Numbers: Messages From the Universe

  1. misskrystal

    number 7-I was born in the 7th month my mom is the 7th child….it always comes up.
    thanks verbena. this was a fun one.
    miss krystal

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Verbena,
    Very informative…..I know nothing about numerology, so this is something new learned. I do believe in the synchronicity thing with numbers….many times they are a sign.

    Happy Birthday by the way…..from one Virgo to another.

    I ‘ve been thinking about writing articles again…. maybe……..we’ll see , ( or not ) ,because I have a progressive eye sight vision problem that really slows me down on the pc & typing….

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. velvetoversteel

    I have the number 6 in many, many set things in my life at the moment. And I’m looking for love.. so how incredibly interesting! I will have to learn about some of these tools. I’d love to know the meanins or clues behind the numbers that keep coming up in my life.

    I understand that interpretation allows us to see the meaning in our own life at the current time. That is key! 🙂

    I am learning so much from you, Verbena! Thank you!
    Coreen @ VOS


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