Sun Sign Compatibility

Wanda’s Question:

I met this guy. He is a Sagittarius. I am a Virgo. I know there is an attraction here. The problem is he feels uneasy around me. I catch him starring at me. If we are alone together he won’t keep still. I know he was in a bad relationship about five years ago and he has family and money issues. Will we ever get together?

Psychic Liam’s response:

Greetings, Wanda. The answer to your question really relies on what you mean by “get together.” I’m sensing that you feel you’ve got most of this situation figured out. However, I fear you have a few very serious blind spots. Allow me to provide some clarification from a gentleman’s point of view.

Sun signs are very valuable data in ascertaining general patterns and programs. They are also handy in determining compatibility issues and obstacles. For a Virgo and Sag, I’m afraid you’re going to have tons of trouble even getting things started. Blending Earth with Fire is never easy. On the bright side, there are many nuances and variables in any astrological chart all lending their subtle vibrations to a couples’ unique relationship traits. So, if astrology is your bag and insight is needed, I’d highly suggest having one of our expert astrologers here at CP draw up some charts to help you gain further clarity on such matters.

As for what I see, I feel this fellow is attracted to you. He fantasizes about the two of you in all sort of tawdry and frantic sexual situations … But in reality, he hasn’t much of a sex life, and the reason for this is that he’s not looking for a relationship. The way he sees it, anytime he has sex with a woman, she expects to move into his home and rearrange his living room within a week. Your statement that he had a bad relationship puts that situation mildly!

Since it ended rather ugly, he’s enjoyed his personal freedom a great deal. It’s not that he never wants a relationship again. But it isn’t likely to happen for him any time soon. He needs to learn how to seek out sexual partners who are on his wavelength of independence and move away from the circles where the agenda is sex for the sake of securing a partner. It’s not a difficult adjustment and I believe he’s already started to move in that direction already.

Which brings us to you …Yes, he does want you. However, you make him very nervous, as he senses that you have an agenda in pretty much everything you do and say. It might not be overt, but a man like this one has radar so sharp, he can pick up a woman on the make three counties over!

Now, there’s nothing at all wrong with having an agenda … most people do. But you tend to telegraph yours too strongly where this fellow is concerned. I recommend you tone it down, but really, this guy is so highly wired that I doubt it would make much difference. I’d say to go ahead and seduce him first, and then lead him in the direction you want … But I don’t believe he’ll sleep with you. It’s not because he doesn’t want to, it’s because he’s afraid of you.

My honest advice is that you let this thing go now and save yourself a lot of headaches. Seek out a man that’s a bit more weak-willed than this one. You thrive on taking control in and out of the bedroom and you need the chance to let your dominant sexual nature flourish. Crack the whip, darling, and you’ll find your own zone of pleasure rapidly expanding.

There are many men out there who like to be hunted and caught. Find yourself some prey that’s not so skittish and build a partner-oriented relationship you can thrive on. Above all, learn to play again. I feel you’ve started taking the dating/relationship game far too seriously and you’ve forgotten how to let go and have fun. Change that. Leave this one to his bachelorhood.You go find someone who is fun to play with.


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One thought on “Sun Sign Compatibility

  1. Allan

    I am a Pisces man , lived with Gemini wife for more than 30 years where she was very troubling person, beside hot in sexual life, i was so curious of her infidelity with many men, for the sake of my child , i tried to sort out many things with her, but no way,

    what to do please advise me


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