Mercury Retrograde Strikes

Don’t let Mercury Retrograde zap you. From May 6 – 31, 2009, that old pesky Mercury is at it again, so be prepared for some chaos in communications as the planet backtracks into Taurus over the next three weeks.

During this time, look for communications and paperwork involving legalities, business partnerships, marriage contracts, negotiations and mediation to be especially affected. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to double-check your plans and read contracts thoroughly before signing them. On the other hand, it encourages resolving old issues and completing projects that were placed on hold.

To get a better idea of how this influence is likely to affect you, read your Sun sign and Ascendant below.

Taurus: Retrograde Mercury encourages some soul-searching about your personal life. Old desires and regrets (and perhaps a former lover, too) may come back to haunt you now. It’s time to make your peace with your choices about romance and marriage – and have the courage to tell your partner what you need in your relationship.

Gemini: If your employer shortchanges your paycheck, or if your mechanic completely underestimates a car repair, which is now costing you your firstborn child, it’s because retrograde Mercury is currently residing in your financial sector. So carefully look over anything involving your pocketbook. However, it’s a great time to analyze and revamp your spending habits.

Cancer: You may feel as if you’re speaking in tongues because nobody seems to understand you. Be patient and repeat yourself (several times if necessary) until they get it. Also, planning a trip will be tricky during retrograde Mercury, which can produce plane-ticket turmoil and other nasty surprises connected to travel, so double-check your plans before setting out.

Leo: If a rumor starts circulating in your family that you’re selling off your possessions and moving to Greenland, feel free to blame retrograde Mercury, which is currently residing in your family sector. And if you’re planning on doing some home improvements, don’t start your projects until June 1.

Virgo: Don’t chastise your kid or lover if they say something that seems misleading or just plain false. You’ve probably just stepped into the vaporous fog of retrograde Mercury. Conversely, it’s a good time to revive an unfinished creative project or analyze some ideas you’d like to get off the ground. Just don’t start anything until June 1.

Libra: Retrograde Mercury can throw your work into chaos from mixed-up coworkers and paperwork that lands in the Twilight Zone. Be sure to follow through on important projects to see that all the information gets to the right people and places. Also under fire are health-related communications, such as with your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer.

Scorpio: A past relationship issue may raise its head when your significant other brings up something you thought was handled long ago. Take a breath and try to resolve it once and for all. If you have a business partner, watch out for miscommunications that can mess up your projects. And delay the launch of new projects until June 1.

Sagittarius: It’s all about sex, death and taxes during retrograde Mercury. On an emotional level, it encourages discussing your sexual needs, resolving blocks to intimacy and exploring your beliefs about the afterlife. On a practical level, however, take care of communications and paperwork involving banks, credit-card companies and the IRS.

Capricorn: On the downside, retrograde Mercury can cause misfires in communications and paperwork involving education, foreign travel and faith-based activities. On the positive side, it can awaken your intuition and provide guidance about your future. Also, analyzing and discussing your spiritual beliefs can bring insights that lead to a stronger spiritual life.

Aquarius: If a long-buried career goal is suddenly reanimated, or a half-completed project suddenly resurfaces, you’ll know it’s retrograde Mercury at work. Backtracking over old stuff pertaining to your career can help you tie up loose ends so you can move forward. Just watch out for miscommunications with your boss or colleagues.

Pisces: Discussing your inner life with friends can prompt some startling insights, so do some soul-searching about your dreams and goals. However, more practical communications involving friends, groups and community activities can be sprinkled with mix-ups. Have everything in writing so you’ll be covered if a snafu throws your plans off track.

Aries: Retrograde Mercury can send you time-traveling into the past. The urge to reminisce about your conquests and failures is your way of coming to terms with your history. It’s a great time for introspection, meditation and therapy, which will increase your emotional clarity. And heed your intuition, too, which is especially strong now.

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