Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast for 2013

2013 Mercury Retrograde Forecast by Sign

This year there are three Mercury retrogrades, and they all happen in water signs. The first Mercury retrograde of 2013 is in Pisces, and it begins on February 23, lasting through March 17. Use this time to stop and review what’s going on in your life, and then move forward again once Mercury goes direct.

Mercury retrogrades, and most notably the days surrounding the beginning and end of them, also advise against unplanned, last-minute travel plans, as there could be delays or lost luggage; buying expensive or computerized gadgets as you might have to return them; and warns you to pay extra attention to mechanical property, such as your car. Don’t just gas and go. Check the tires, oil, wipers, et cetera first. Mercury rules commerce and communication, so your words may not come across the way you’d like or you may convey the wrong message altogether.


Make sure you confirm all of your appointments and travel arrangements if any. There’s a chance for miscommunication and misplaced information. Preparedness keeps stress levels down.


It may be tough to make decisions or come to any reasonable conclusions. Any discussions with friends about upcoming projects or vacations will go smoother if you wait until the retrograde is over.


Double check work assignments and make sure you’re clear on the mission. If you’re working on a creative dream, use the retrograde to double-check work you’ve already done; you’ll feel better.


Any long distance travel plans? Make sure your flights are confirmed or your car is in good shape for the trip before the retrograde starts. You may also explore your need for higher education.


It’s a good time to go over your finances and maybe you tax information. Check facts, figures and make sure you have your receipts in order and all of your expenses accounted for.


Your most important relationships will feel this retrograde. Make sure there are no misunderstandings, and if there are, go back and clear them up. This is priority while your ruling planet retrogrades.


When Mercury retrogrades, your business relationships and partnerships will come to the forefront. Go over agreements and solidify work friendships with a show of fairness and appreciation.

“Your love life will reflect your astrological gifts, or those that you need to work on! If you know your exact time and place of birth when calling for a reading, your psychic can help you in understanding your map!” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346


Don’t take anything for granted and don’t take unnecessary risks during the Mercury retrograde. You may want to leave your credit cards at home if you go out. Just take what you need.


During the retrograde, put in a little extra effort and keep your emotional environment stable. Talk things over with those close to you. Even if you think they know what you’re thinking, don’t assume so.

“Astrology reveals your aspirations and goals, talents, hopes and wishes, as well as your challenges en route to your goals.” – Psychic Sonja ext. 5071


Someone from your past may make a reemergence. Trust your gut on how it makes you feel, good or bad. Someone who was once on the same page as you may actually now be into a whole new chapter.


Even if you find the deal of a lifetime, ask yourself if you really need it. Big purchases are never advised during Mercury retrogrades. Make all purchases with careful consideration.

Want to know when the next unplanned anything is going to happen? Talk with astrologer Psychic Winter ext. 9002 to get the details!


Mars and Mercury act at odds when it comes to making plans for yourself. Plan now and act later when the retrograde has ended.

11 thoughts on “Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast for 2013

  1. dawn matlock

    I recently had a reading with Joyce…..I must say she is good……born a Catholic was thought this reading is tabo…. Well I must say that there is more than heaven and hell…..reading the bible did the Christ child born under a star? But any ways, I have a gift its in dreams….so go figure? I will give one ………MY GIRLFRIEND DIED…..week later she was walking toward my driveway….I was so happy to see her….but I said to her ……barbara you are dead….she told me … I’m not…can I call my daughter? I said sure….she started to dial her number and she give me the phone,,,,there was lot of music at her house…and could not hear her daughter ……..The next morning I called her daughter and told what I dreamt….she started to scream and told me that she had the same dream….meaning that she picked up the phone and there was lot of music and could not hear her mother,,,,,Well her boyfriend packed his bags and never came back…..and I know that her mother did not like her boyfriend…

  2. LJ Innes

    Dear Psychic Sue: Being a water sign myself, I can relate – Saturn actually plays a big part in water astrology this year in a good way. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well – but may I suggest a daily chakra meditation – it gives you a yummy inside/outside “good feeling” and you can concentrate a little longer on the areas ruled your ailments. When we’re not feeling well, a chakra balancing can give you that “aahhh” feeling all over – and feeling just a little better can go a long way. try it and tell me what you think. All the best to you.

  3. LJ Innes

    Hi Quinn – thanks for that great explanation and response – you are my idol when it comes to astrology and many other ways. Your peaceful, knowledgeable persona always comes out so well in words.
    Hi everyone else: My bad – I’ll explain the retros in another articles but for those that want to know: There are three retrogrades this year – as Quinn mentioned, they are all in water signs – the first in Pisces Feb 28 thru March 17; the second is June 26 thr July 20 in Cancer; and the third is October 21 thru November 10 in Scorpio. What they mean for you is specific to your sign. More on all that later … suffice it to say it will be an watery world in retrogrades. Think fluidity, intuitiveness, and re-thinking of emotionally charged subjects in your life.
    Thanks you guys for your readership and your support
    Love and Starlight

  4. Ivy

    I’m curious how this will help me, I am a pisces and my boyfriend is a cancer, we both are water signs, and at the moment I don’t know if this will help our relationship when we are having major problems.

  5. joyce

    HI, i love astrology and the tarot cards , i would love to get all of the help and information i can about the 2 subjects. that would make me very happy. t u so much . sincrely, joyce

  6. quinn ext. 5484

    wonderful info LJ – thank you…

    stephen – you asked about mercury retros for each month. that is not how this planet works, it is retrograde only 3-4 times a year. each time it is retro it is in one of the elements. this time as LJ said it is in water…
    mercury being the ruler of Virgo and Gemini both mutable signs, and being in the water signs this year gives a fluid movement to each retrograde session.
    communiations are the biggest aspect of mecury energy. in water it is like doing the back stroke swimming any direction you want only you are swimming backwards. so perhaps it is harder to see where you are going.
    before you start your swim pinpoint where you want to go and from time to time check behind you to make sure you are still going in the direction you want.
    if you are going back to an ex, renewing a contract, dealing with re-latives, it might seem very slow to get there. being able to float helps as you take a breath to gain your energy to keep swimming. if you dont know how to swim or float – call one of your favorite psychics we can especially during this time of mercury retrogrades help to put things in prospective.
    buddha bless,

  7. Jesse

    2 possible things:

    1. started a deal back in Januray 2013 and contracts could be submitted to me during this retrograde period to sign. Can I sign or do I wait?

    Could be offered new employment during this period, for which I applied several weeks ago – can I accept or do I stall untel this period is over?

    Thank You.

  8. Stephen Tannoh

    Please kindly give me details of all Mercury Retrogrades periods in each month of
    the year 2013.
    Yours in need. Thank for the kind gesture.




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