Marriage Astrology: Who Will You Marry?

Your Perfect Partner

The question of who you’ll marry is a complicated one. Since you have free will, you can’t rely on astrology to foretell your future. What you can use the stars for, however, is determining who might make a suitable mate. Since there’s more involved in compatibility than Sun Sign, here’s an introductory guide to people whose qualities might please you!


Fellow fire signs Sagittarius and Leo go a long way to keep you interested, Aries. It’s the boundless energy you all possess that makes you easy matches. Which sign is best for you depends on whether you prefer dramatic flair (Leo) or adventurous spirit (Sag).


Capricorn will make you feel safe,  and safety is key for you, Bull—but they can also be workaholics. Virgo will satisfy your lusty appetites, but you may feel overly criticized. Either one can be a perfect partner if you approach with these traits in mind.

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Aquarius is a gifted conversationalist—something you are too and greatly admire. They can, however, be commitment-phobic when otherwise preoccupied. Libra is witty, stylish and loves being in love. The catch is to keep them entertained. Choose: eccentric (Aquarius) or fickle (Libra).

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Scorpio will inspire you in ways no other sign can—sexually, emotionally and spiritually, while making you think. Pisces will do the same but in a dreamier (and needier) way. Do you want to be cared for or do the care-taking?  For you, maternal Cancer, there is value in both.


You may find yourself in for a power struggle with Aries, but if you can get over that, the Ram can make an inspired partner. Sagittarius will also light your fire, but their adrenaline-junkie nature may mean they don’t make enough time for you!


Taurus will inspire you sensually, but you may find them lazy and will have to avoid constant critiques. Capricorn will respond to your eye for detail, but conversely, may spend too much time working. Either relationship can be sensational, provided you go easy on each other.


Chatty Gemini will woo you with wit and tales of travel. Exciting Aquarius will inspire your inner philanthropist. Both will find you charming and perhaps even intoxicating. The question is, who keeps you committed? Only you will know.

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It will likely take a Water Sign to understand you, Scorpio. The trouble comes in knowing which one. Cancer is an inspired, romantic choice—if they’re not too wounded. Pisces will become addicted to your probing mind, but you don’t want to be anyone’s crutch. Balance, as always, is the answer.


While Leo’s self-obsession can be grating, if you fall for a lion, you’ll want to shower them with the adoration they desire, so it’s a great fit. Meanwhile, though Aries may want to tell you what to do, if you can learn to see some submission as an exciting adventure, it’ll probably fan the flames for the long haul!


Virgo will help you be a better person. Taurus will inspire your artistic side. Both will ground you in a world of sensual pleasure. Be honest, kind and not too serious and either of these signs will work for life.


Keeping you committed and connected is no easy task, Aquarius. Odds are good you’ll prize a person whose ideas interest you above anything else. Geminis, then, are big thinkers who will always keep you guessing. Librans, however, are fair-minded and seek justice—two ideals you find important and attractive.


You think a lot, fishes. So does Scorpio. For this reason, you may find yourself magnetically drawn to the stinger. The problem is that their dark side, however nominal, may engulf you. On the other hand, Cancer is as emotional as you are, but they can be super sensitive and need as much care as you do. Co-dependence can ensue if you’re not careful. If you are self-aware and independent, then either will make you happy.

23 thoughts on “Marriage Astrology: Who Will You Marry?

  1. Shanmuga Valli

    25-7-1993 this is my date of birth and after crash happing in my life now I was in serious relationship with one boy really I we wanna Marry together so Will you please tell me we will married in our future or not

  2. zikra

    will my partner be a foreigner ? will his family love me?
    Date of Birth : Sep 11 , 1993 08:10:00 hrs.
    Place of Birth : Colombo , Sri Lanka
    name-fathima zikra

  3. kabeer


    my dob is 2/04/1984, time of birth is 20:02 , place of birth bombay, maharashtra, india.

    my GF dob 23/06/1987,time of birth 16:50,place of birth bombay, maharashtra, india.

    I want to marry her but she seems to be indecisive , I want to know whether I will marry her or not? since I;m very much serious about her.Thanks for the answer in advanced.

  4. Katrena

    When will I marry and to who
    date of birth September 16 1994
    sun Virgo
    Moon Aquarius
    raising Libra
    time of birth 8:48 P.M
    Me born in Minneapolis Minnesota USA
    the guy who I love is named
    he 28
    date of birth February 13 1986
    born In Alabama Moved too North Dakota then back too Alabama

  5. chiag

    i want to know that who will be my partner name is it love marriage or arranged & when i will get marriage date & my dob is 27/02/1988

  6. sukanya

    My date of birth is june16 1994 birth in visakhapatnam time morning 6 tele me when i get marred love or arrange marrage

  7. asma

    my dob is 21/05/1984, time of birth is 10:30am, place of birth is sadaseopet, andhra pradesh, india.

    please tell me when will i get married? will it be a love or arranged marriage? will he be a stranger or friend or relative?

  8. asma

    my dob is 21/05/1984, time of birth is 10:30am, place of birth is sadaseopet, andhra pradesh, india.
    please tell me when will i get married? will it be a love or arranged marriage? will he be a stranger or friend or relative?

  9. sanjay khemka

    i wants to know that when will i get marry ???????
    My Date of birth is 08th may 1987. time is 10.34 pm, kolkata, india.

  10. roshin

    who will be partner,when will we meet?when will get marry?whether i will get a good husband with goodcharacter? arranged or love marriage? i am catholic from kerala india,my DOB-08/08/1990,TIME -17.30(24 HOURS)

  11. saif ali

    i want to know that what will be my patner name is mehak can be my life patner my age is 06.05.1992

  12. Corey

    Thanks so much S.K.Smith for the hot & insightful much needed heads-up info. I keep on reading aswell as seeing in my Aries life how much i find myself sooo attracted to the wild, bright, beautiful light of the Archers. Never thought the much predicted high pride Leo would attract me, but theres One right now that finds me interesting. And i like her so far. “thank God” does my heart sing as i’ve been starving to meet The One. And then theres this Pisces too 🙂 …
    I wish for us ALL to have the best success in Love. relationships that our hearts yearn.

  13. Chuck

    I know a libra n a Gemini and they get along terribly, the only thing they have in common is kids. I’m a Virgo n was marriedto a Sagittariusfor 35 years and we got along great prior to her passing away. I have strong feelings toward a libra but then again I’m a Virgo libra
    cusp. This libra and I have had quit a romance although she is still in a commitment with someone she doesn’t love. Free will must have a lot to do with it because when we get along it’s great. I’m a much older man but it doesn’t seem to bother her. It’s been 3 years next month.

  14. shea

    There are so many other factors. Moon, Venus, Mars. The same Sun signs are only one aspect. If you are interested in the truth about Astrology, get a personal birth chart. Your chart will reveal the sign/s that are most compatible.


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